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Lazuli Davis

Oct 2, 2022, 8:55:27 AM10/2/22
(( Daaka - Balanomi's Residence Garden - Timeskip to the next day ))

A day had passed. After getting back to the Conny to both literally and figuratively decompress, Lazarus felt his mood dip a bit. When Ed's suit ruptured, he felt the urgency but also felt fine about it. No one was hurt, after all, but after beaming Ed up, he just kind of... moved on? Once back on the Conny, the weight of the situation was fully impressed upon him. Ed could have died.

It's not that Lazarus felt he did anything wrong. In fact, he did everything right: immediate patch and transport. And then he carried on. He knew himself well enough to know that the last part was often the hard part of him. But not down there...

He caught up with Ed, who was doing alright.

He caught up with Queen, and Admiral. Admiral gave his shins a thorough nuzzling with his rough tusks, an abrasive display of affection.

And he even checked in on the Department. All was well. A crew was installing some new high-energy particle experiment they had taken on at the Starbase.

And in the morning, he and the crew gooped back up and went back down. It was the day of the ceremony. These functions always annoyed Lazarus. So much artificiality. New social rules applied, but not explained in detail. Pretense, pretense everywhere.

But at the same time, he was able to accept that these kinds of events really mattered to other people and he could celebrate that at least.

A few minutes outside of the shuttle, and he felt all his worries melt away. Daaka was beautiful beyond measure, and serene. And the gardens? Exquisite.

Rajel: I hope you are all as excited as I am to be here, to celebrate this event with Balanomi and Nimo.

Davis: Hear hear!

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Rajel: We work hard, every day. So I want you all to enjoy your time here. ::She grinned.:: Party, celebrate, mingle and talk with the Xindi. Celebrations will last a little while so you'll have a chance to have fun.

Davis: ::smiling as he speaks:: And as Second Officer, I will see to it that you all exceed Jalana's expectations.

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Rajel: Now... socialise, be happy, be merry. But.. don't try to drink or eat unless you beam back to the ship for that. I would prefer you not drown down here alright? Alright. Best behaviour yada yada. Off you go!

Oh, right. No libations. Ah well, Lazarus was already feeling loose and relaxed. The Xindi-Aquatics were fantastic hosts and did a lot to put everyone at ease.

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((OOC: Let's have a party, enjoy the time, and remember, somehow your characters would be pretty happy to be here. Your chance to interact with some folks you have not talked with a lot yet, crew and Colonists! Have fun :) ))

The group dispersed, and Lazarus took the opportunity to approach the still-new-ish Ensign, Tannhauser. They hadn't had much time together yet.

Davis: Tannhauser, you're with me. ::Certainly not an order, but he gave it with the air of one.::

Tannhauser: ?

Davis: C'mon, let's mingle. You meet the bride yet?

Tannhauser: ?

Lazarus started walking along the seabed toward the cluster of people around Balanomi.

Davis: I'll introduce you. Besides you and I haven't had much of a chance to chat yet. How's the Conny treating you so far?

Tannhauser: ?

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