PNPC Lt (jg) Kvash, Let's Go To The Depths

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Jennifer R. Povey

Sep 27, 2022, 7:32:14 PMSep 27
(( Daaka - Water Near Island ))

Xan'tor'zes: And of course I am interested in the life that lives on the very limited surface land mass.

Bai: Response

Kvash: Hopefully. Talking to people is vital. But museums help too. You can learn a lot from what a culture chooses to preserve.

So’Mior: They have opened up the public areas of the city to us, there is a good possibility you can find what you are seeking.

Xan'tor'zes: Indeed. And as contact has been limited, you may learn some surprising new facts that could add to our overall understanding of the Xindi.

Bai: Response

Kvash: I suspect they want to show off their culture and achievements. This is a new colony, and that, if Xindi are like most sentients, is going to make them *more* likely to want to show off.

Of course, she didn't know the Xindi's definition of "new." It wasn't the definition, she was thinking.

So’Mior: If I am not too bold, perhaps I should pair with Lieutenant Xan'tor'zes to investigate the landmasses, while Lieutenant Kvash and Ensign Bai tend to the anthro-cultural explorations?

Kvash: In other words, you are curious about the land. But that makes sense to me. Bai?

Xan'tor'zes: I am certainly happy to have company, as long as it's not pulling you away from something you're much more interested in?

Bai: Response

So’Mior: I can be curious about many things

Kvash: Ah, curiosity. The one Vulcan emotion.

Xan'tor'zes: I do not believe that is a fair characterization of our Vulcan counterparts.

Did the joke fly right over her head and land somewhere in Daaka's ocean? Yup.

Bai/So'Mior: Response

Kvash: So how about we drop off the rock people to look at rocks and then find ourselves a museum? Or perhaps an art gallery?

Xan'tor'zes: I'm not a rock person... I was going to watch the birds... And look for other terrestrial life.

Bai/So'Mior: Response

The descent into the atmosphere was relatively smooth. There were some large white clouds dotting the skyline, and a ring of clouds around a small, angular mountain that jutted out of the ocean. It formed the core of a small island, only a few kilometres across, but clearly verdant. Perfect.

Kvash: I'm not a geologist, but that island is suspiciously conical.

Xan'tor'zes: It would make sense that these islands were formed by volcanic activity. But I will defer to Mister So'Mior's expertise.

Bai/So'Mior: Response

Kvash: Well, it doesn't seem to be an *active* one.

Xan'tor'zes: Looks can be deceiving. At least the transporters only become problematic in the water. The planet's atmosphere does not pose an issue, so if we encounter serious danger, we can beam back quickly.

Kvash: Just make sure we know so we don't send out search parties.

That had happened before, even with Starfleet communications. Searching for somebody who was safe drinking in the Saloon was embarrassing for everyone.

Bai/So'Mior: Response

Xan'tor'zes: I wish the both of you a pleasant time under the waves. If we are not here when you return to the surface, assume we have been eaten by megafauna or run away from a volcanic eruption. ::She hissed, laughing, then looked at So'Mior:: That was a joke. I do not intend to let you be eaten.

Bai/So'Mior: Response

Kvash's laughter followed the two as they headed onto the beach, then she turned back to Bai

Kvash: So, shall we go find an art gallery?

Bai: Response

Kvash: Ooh, that's a good idea.

As the shuttle's ramp closed and it descended towards the colony, she settled down. The limited land was of no interest to her, simply because it was of no interest to this world's gilled sentients.

Bai: Response

Kvash: :: watching the fish through the porthole :: Again, I'm curious what they record, what they preserve. What they don't. What matters to them

Bai: Response

Kvash: I heard that too. I don't know exactly how long the Xindi have been here...

Bai: Response

Kvash: ...that's a Vulcan definition of "new."

Bai: Response

Lt(jg) Kvash
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