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Jennifer R. Povey

Oct 2, 2022, 11:47:53 PMOct 2
(( Daaka Waters ))

Mo’kana: There, you see? The brightly colored building with sculptures in the surrounding kelp.

Tannhauser: Response

T'Seva: In that case...

Tannhauser: Response

Foster: Go right ahead. Don’t mind me, I’m enjoying the view.

T'Seva: Is that sculpture intentionally built to provide a habitat for those fish?

Mo’kana: It is! They are call colealoc fish, and we noticed that the coral structures that we use as buildings in Daaka – while perfectly melded with the vast majority of the flora and fauna here, were the perfect nesting and breeding grounds for the colealoc’s most notable predator. To solve this we created safe nesting grounds for them.

T'Seva nodded. The fish were adorable, brightly colored little creatures that darted in and out.

Tannhauser: Response

Foster: And did you specifically engineer them to be artistic

Mo’kana: No, the originals were bulky and unattractive. But we had a local artist by the name of Ji’haya who decided that they would be more accepted by the population if they could be turned into art. And it worked, very well! You will see these sculptures all over the city.

T'Seva: There seems little point having something be ugly when it can be pretty.

This place was perfect. Everything was in balance, everything in harmony, and she found herself smiling under her visor.

Tannhauser: ?

Mo’kana: They are stocked with eggs and ample food each breeding season and then emptied as the fish inside reach maturity. They are far less susceptible to predation once they reach maturity, so this keeps a balance between species.

Foster: I’d love the see the data on the species renewal.

T'Seva: Makes sense. And I would assume that also controls the numbers of what *they* eat.

They might, of course, br grazers, but an overgrowth of phytoplankton wouldn't be good either.

Tannhauser: ?

Mo’kana: I am not a scientist, but I know they publish moon-cycle reports. Including tracking all known species in and outside the city limits.

T'Seva: You care a lot about your world.

Tannhauser: ?

T'Seva floated into the art gallery and looked around. The pictures were interesting, quite different from art on land. The water was part of the art itself, part of the image and pattern of them.

Tannhauser/Mo'kana/Foster: Response

T'Seva: Lovely.

Tannhauser/Mo'kana/Foster: Response

After some time spent viewing the wonderful Xindi art it was time to return to the Constitution to recover from the extended time spent underwater.

Soon, there would be a party.

LtCmdr Atan T'Seva
Chief of Tactical
USS Constitution

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