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(( Quarters Rajel - Backsim ))

She was just lucky she had a later shift today and could nurse her hangover in the privacy of her own quarters. Wrapping the fluffy robe around herself, Shedet yawned as she strode out in to the main part of her cabin to find a bite to eat and then she froze, her blue eyes staring straight at Jalana who saw that in her peripheral vision. Like nothing was happening she raised her cup of tea to take a sip and carefully placed it down, before she took a bite off her breadroll and put it back on its plate. She took her time before turning her head to look at Shedet who looked around the quarters, a blush creeping onto her face before her eyes rested on where Jalana knew the replicator was.

Shedet: ::blushing hard:: Can I have a phaser, please?

Rajel: Not very nutritious for a breakfast. Have a breadroll and some tea instead.

Shedet: But it'd temporarily take awhile my sheer humiliation of being in your room, Commodore.

She watched Shedet and smirked slightly.

Rajel: Come on, sit and eat, it'll do you good. ::She pushed a glass with water to the plate reserved for Shedet.:: And drink some water.

The Orion scooted closer and sat down to take a breadroll.

Rajel: Did you sleep well?

Shedet: Yes, it was....did I like just barge in to your room or something? Oh, goddess, I really really hope I didn't.

Rajel: No, you came by to give me something and I told you to stay here to sleep. It felt safer.

Shedet: Give you...something?

Jalana got up from her chair and walked up to the desk where she picked up the tiara and moved back to the table where she sat and carefully placed the piece on the table.

Rajel: I had a feeling you might want this back once you wake up. It's not something that should be handed out when barely conscious.

Shedet: It's...It's not mine. I'm not a matron.

Rajel: I see. ::She looked to the tiara, well aware what it meant, and that Shedet now had it, but she wanted to get Shedet to talk about it.:: So if it is not yours, whose is it?

Shedet: It belonged to my matron that I no longer have. Leaving the Syndicate means I've been ostracized from my order.

Rajel: So no more matron. ::She nodded and lathered her breadroll with jam.:: So why did you give it to me?

Shedet: I brought it to you because...I was wondering...well...would you consider becoming my Matron? I can't give up all my culture so easily and I need something.

Jalana had taken a bite and now chewed on her breadroll as Shedet talked. While she had kind of expected that kind of question, because of her awareness of significance of the tiara and Shedet's need to hold on to her culture - which was a given, she shouldn't have to give that up - hearing it still made her hald for a moment in her chewing. She considered the request. After all she was a Starfleet Captain, not a Syndicate Matron. But looking at what a Matron was - a person who took care of her people, offered guidance, help and such - was being a CO that different? It may be a different organisation and different ways but it was not that much of a difference.

Rajel: You know I wouldn't ask you to give that up, it's part of you, we include other cultures not eliminate them.

Shedet: of course...It's asking a lot and you're busy with your own ship---

Rajel: Okay.

She looked to Shedet after interrupting her. She didn't want to give the woman a chance to talk herself into a spiral of self doubt and negative thoughts about herself that were based on her own demons instead of reality.

Rajel: You already are one of mine. If being your matron helps you to get through the detachment and to see that you are part of us, then I don't see why not.

She took the tiara and got up, placing it carefully on a free spot on her shelf, where it would be seen. Then she returned to the table to sit down and gestured to the food.

Rajel: Now eat. It's almost time for work.

((OOC: Checked with John if it's okay to finish it here, since it is a major backsim :) ))

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