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Sep 26, 2022, 1:17:56 AMSep 26
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(( Daaka Ocean - Algae Facility))

Fyen was used to many things in their position, but not to that. Despite that they swam forward to Sarek. They attempted to send a calming wave to the workers.

Fyen: *Apologies, our guest is a little over excited to see the new impressions of Daaka. Please continue your work. *

Some of the Xindi seemed to understand and continued with their work, others were not that understanding, but at least made no scene, only observed the group, the one or other curiously watched instead and at least tried to look like they were doing something important.

Sarek: * Did Sarek do something wrong? *

Efluvian: * No, Sarek. They are simply not used to outsiders swimming in their waters. *

Nimo: * Yes. It's okay. We're not used to sudden changes. *

Fyen turned to the Dolphin.

Fyen: * These are workers of the facility. They take much pride in their work. Interrupting it for a chat would disturb the flow.

Sarek: * Ooooh, workers are busy. Sarek understand. * ::whisper:: * Sarek didn’t mean to bother your work! Sarek hope you have a good day with lots of fish! *

Nimo: oO Algae. Oo * I know they'll appreciate it, Sarek. Thank you. *

Watching the way Sarek reacted to possibly making a mistake and trying to make good on it, stirred a warm emotion towards the little whirlwind dolphin in Fyen, the kind that would make you go 'awwwww'. It was obvious that he took his Ambassandor duties seriously and wanted to represent his house in a good light.

Fyen: * We can look around the facility without disturbing them. A supervisor may be able to answer questions. *

Efluvian: * Indeed. Many senior Xindi were informed of your arrival, and to expect a number of interested questions. *

Sarek: * Oooh, okay! Sarek can wait and talk to Supervisor Zindee! Maybe they let Sarek boop them! *

Efluvian: * You do seem quite enthusiastic about this "Bup" system of yours, young Sarek. Can you elaborate some more about the custom? *

Nimo: * Please. I am curious. *

Sarek: * Sarek don’t know if one has to be booped to give boops, but will have to ask when Sarek goes home! But Sarek do know that boops can be passed on! And boops are fun. But boops only work with living things. Sarek thinks. But Zindee faciltee looks like coral. So, it’s living right? Boops should work! *

Efluvian: * I imagine they should, yes, Young Sarek. *

Nimo: * Based on the explanation provided, I believe I would agree. *

Fyen had never met a dolphin before but meeting Sarek was ... an adventure. They wondered if all dolphins were like that or if he was a special dolphin. Did living on a ship without other aquatic mammals simply lock all the words inside of him and now they had to get out? He spoke much, and fast. The more reticent and leisurely living Xindi would need some time to follow it all.

Sarek:  * Sarek like faciltee, tastes like tuna. Tuna is Sarek’s favorite fish to eat. *

Efluvian: * I would be interested in trying this too-na you mention. It sounds like a delight. *

Nimo: * Agreed.*

Fyen: * I do not believe I have heard of too na before but am open to try it. *

If it tasted like the water here, it would be tasty.

Sarek: * Sarek need air soon. ::He had a thought:: Do Zindee all have to go to surface from homes to breathe or do Zindee have air pockets in home like Sarek has on Cawnee?*

Efluvian: * Air?! ::Efluvian was shocked:: Young Sarek, you do not simply draw your oxygen from the water? *

Nimo: ::concerned:: * Are you in danger? I do not believe any of us were briefed on your need for air! *

Fyen: * We were not. I too assumed you used the water's oxygen. *

Sarek: response

Efluvian: * I am afraid not. Our people do not require air pockets. We simply filter the air from the water. So our homes and facilities are not designed with that in mind. And no one informed us that this would be required. Oh, dear. We are quite deep. *

Nimo: * It would take us quite a while to rise. Maybe if we head to a nearby coral jungle, we could find an air patch created by Frondo weeds? *

He needed air? Oh dear indeed. Fyen looked to Nimo at his suggestion, slowly their body moved to stay on their current position.

Fyen: * I believe I have seen a coral jungle on our way here. We may find what we need there. *

That would give them a direction of where to do.

Sarek: response

Efluvian: * We must depart at once! *

Nimo: * This way! *

Sarek: response

Nimo taking charge brought a smile to Fyen. After all he would be married to the leader of the colony, which meant to shoulder responsibilities. And this kind of thing fell into Nimo's field of interest. He shot ahead, quicker than what they had seen their brother do before towards the coral jungle. Once arriving he dove deeper, they knew he was looking for the weed and so they followed to help. But Nimo found a patch faster than they managed to make out the color of it.

Nimo: * Sarek! Here! Above is a pocket of air. It's abrasive to my skin but might be suitable for you. The carbon dioxide mixing with the oxygen of the frondo weed should suit your purpose until we get to somewhere more natural! *

Sarek: response

As they turned to where Nimo was and swam closer they spotted the airbubble. It was lucky that Nima had that knowledge, and they wanted it too, so they moved closer to have a better look at the weed, to be able to recognize it next time.

Efluvian: response

Nimo: * Just go straight up and watch out for yellow scissor fish. They aren't dangerous but they do pinch when disturbed. *

Sarek: response

Efluvian: response

Fyen followed another air bubble as it raised from the weed, it helped to know what to look out for after all. It was a fascinating process to see the bubble as it formed and leisurely took a stroll upwards.

Nimo/ Sarek/ Efluvian: response

Fyen: * How often does Sarek need air? *

Nimo/ Sarek/ Efluvian: response

Fyen: * If the Frondo Weed's bubble replenishes Sarek's Oxygen for now, we could move through a current towards the surface for more fresh air. *

Nimo/ Sarek/ Efluvian: response

Fyen: * Your en gin ears will surely be able to construct something for you to stay under water for longer periods than this, Sarek. *

Nimo/ Sarek/ Efluvian: response

Fyen Hayna'sen (They/Them)

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