LtCmdr Atan T'Seva, The Nuptials Approach

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Oct 4, 2022, 11:24:57 PMOct 4
(( Daaka - Balanomi's Residence Gardens ))

Heading back to the ship had felt relaxing but also...the waters of Daaka held a peculiar appeal for T'Seva. It was a place where she, of all people, could never belong; while she had grown up amongst the green, yet scarred hills of Bajor, she also had within her the heritage of the desert. So she did not quite understand why she wanted to go back.

After all, she wasn't a Deltan.

On the ship, everything was well and stable. There was no need for a chief tactical officer right now; and she hoped it would stay that way as beaming through the water, even in an emergency, was not possible.

Yet, she felt remarkably confident that it *would* stay that way and, perhaps, slightly bothered by the fact.

And now they were back down there and in another beautiful garden. The entire planet of Daaka was...Eden was the human world and maybe that was what niggled at her at levels she did not want to admit to.

And now she was back down here, no, there was nothing to worry about at all. Rajel was addressing the crew.

Rajel: I hope you are all as excited as I am to be here, to celebrate this event with Balanomi and Nimo.

Davis: Hear hear!

Weddings. T'Seva had odd feelings about weddings, which had become perhaps odder since...since Heeka.

That was also something not to worry about right now or in fact perhaps the exact opposite, except that (thankfully) the woman was still on the ship. She had, of course, spent some time with her. But now...

Any: response

Rajel: We work hard, every day. So I want you all to enjoy your time here. ::She grinned.:: Party, celebrate, mingle and talk with the Xindi. Celebrations will last a little while so you'll have a chance to have fun.

Davis: ::smiling as he speaks:: And as Second Officer, I will see to it that you all exceed Jalana's expectations.

T'Seva laughed at that, although she didn't say anything yet.

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Rajel: Now... socialise, be happy, be merry. But.. don't try to drink or eat unless you beam back to the ship for that. I would prefer you not drown down here alright? Alright. Best behaviour yada yada. Off you go!

Oh, right. No libations. Ah well, Lazarus was already feeling loose and relaxed. The Xindi-Aquatics were fantastic hosts and did a lot to put everyone at ease.

T'Seva laughed some more and then pushed off through the crowd. She saw Lazarus corner Tannhauser.

Who hadn't she talked to in a while? She glanced around. Spears had, understandably, not come back down after his suit scare.

She turned and saw ensign T'iuwen. That definitely counted as somebody she hadn't talked to in a while.

T'Seva: Hello.

T'iuwen: Response

T'Seva: Honestly, I never thought I could find something underwater this appealing.

But it was. It was colorful and gorgeous and...and the perfect break from all of the stress of the ship.

They wouldn't even need shore leave after *this* mission.

T'iuwen: Response

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