Lieutenant Commander Lael Rosek: He Who Is Faithful in A Very Little Thing

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Lael Rosek

Oct 20, 2020, 7:15:12 PM10/20/20

((Chief Engineer's Office, Deck 14, USS Chin’toka, Orbiting Sol III))

{{Time Index: Day 28 of Shore Leave - Morning}}


Lephi: Well, whatever it is you're doing out here, I'm just glad to be a part of your team.


She cleared her throat and again set the mug on her desk, this time reaching for a PADD. Entering a series of commands, she pulled up a blank document and added Lephi to it as well.


Rosek: Well. That’s enough of that. About this party. I was thinking that we could add a few non-Engineering officers to the guest list. What are your thoughts on that?


She noticed the minute change in Lephi’s expression and it occurred to her that Lephi might have taken her chance of subject the wrong way. Feelings weren’t her thing, but she’d had to learn to deal with them both as an individual and as a department head. She couldn’t adequately lead if she wasn’t aware of and able to console those in her department when they were going through a difficult time.


Still, talking about feelings was uncomfortable for her and she didn’t talk about them much if she could avoid it, even with Chythar.


Lephi: A few wouldn't be too bad, but given the small space I think it would be prudent to keep the guest list relatively small.


Rosek: Of course. ::smirks:: We don’t want to push our luck by testing Engineering’s maximum occupancy limit and the warp core’s ability to take things being thrown at it.


Lephi: It would probably be good to invite the science department, and maybe the bridge crew in general, if they have the time of course.


She paused, thoughtful. It definitely wouldn’t hurt to build a rapport with the science department. She’d found over the years that a great many Engineering tasks required the expertise of scientists in one way of the other.


Rosek: ::nods:: I would agree.


Lephi: That should pretty well bring us to capacity, no? I'll work on putting the invites together. Nothing flashy, given the circumstances. 


Rosek: ::grins:: One step at a time, Lieutenant. We’ll need to get our thoughts down on a PADD and get Commander Serala’s approval first.


Lephi: Perhaps we could see if Serala would like to speak at the event, maybe honoring the Captain?


She chuckled softly, certain she didn’t want to approach Serala with that topic at this precise moment. Though the woman was clearly very well in control of her feelings, Lael didn’t want to test the limits of the acting CO’s benevolence so soon after Captain Thoran’s passing. Still, it was a thought. Perhaps if they phrased the request carefully. Yes. It was going to require a bit of thought.


Rosek: ::makes a note on the PADD:: What are your thoughts on a traditional christening?


Lephi: ::Perplexed look:: I'm afraid I'm not overly familiar with the term traditional christening.


Rosek: ::smiles:: Back in the early days on Earth, crews took it very literally. They’d smash a bottle of champagne against the side of the newly-commissioned vessel and naming the ship out loud. It was thought to bring good luck.


Lephi: ::horrified gasp:: They'd just waste good champagne like that? Think of the latinum they could earn with it instead! Certainly they could buy good luck for cheaper, no? I hope that tradition died out quickly.


She smirked, never really having cared much for the cost of things. At least not until she’d had to start limiting the number of replicator rations she used at one time. With Maddy around, she couldn’t waste them the way she once had. Most of hers were used for things the young girl needed. She’d used her 4H background to grow a few fresh essentials. Of course, she’d needed to bribe a crewman in the science labs to reserve space for her plants. 


She paused. Once things were a bit more settled, she might reach out to a crewman in hydroponics for that here. She’d transferred her hybrid plant experiment over, but it wasn’t doing well in the conditions her quarters provided. If it was to have any hope of survival, it would need a proper environment.   


Rosek: ::smirks:: The tradition has held up in some circles. I remember when I built my first boat as a kid. Me and my brother snuck an expensive bottle of champagne from my Aunt’s cabinet to christen her with. ::laughs:: My Aunt was furious. I worked for a solid month cleaning out the horse stalls. ::smirks:: It wasn’t much punishment for me, though. Dulled sense of smell, so it didn’t really bother me.


Lephi: I'm not sure I would have been so nonchalant about that punishment, it sounds truly horrid. I know money isn't really a problem in the Federation, but I still object to wasting bars of latinum worth of champagne. Perhaps we could use Synthehol for a similar effect?


A nostalgic smile crossed her lips, recalling the impetuous days of her youth. Up until high school, most of the trouble she’d gotten into were minor offenses like that. She’d been an adventurous child if a little bit impulsive.


Rosek: Hey, this is your show. ::grins:: Just a suggestion, is all.


Lephi: My show so that I'm the one that has to do all the PADDwork you mean ::chuckles:: 


Rosek: ::smirks:: Oh, the duties of an Assistant Chief. 


She’d always loathed the PADDwork. She’d much rather have her head stuck inside a conduit fixing something than reviewing someone’s report on how they fixed something. It just wasn’t the same as experiencing it for herself. She’d been more than happy to delegate some of the PADDwork to Lephi, who seemed to enjoy it. That was just fine with her.


Lephi: I can secure the Synthehol for the party quite easily. I believe I still have some in my personal collection, so nobody would have to use any replicator rations for it.


Rosek: ::shakes her head:: Don’t worry about it. I’m sure I could get Headquarters to spring for it. I have a contact there who owes me a few favors.


She made a note on a PADD so she wouldn’t forget.


Lephi: Sir, if I may, might we consider having this party perhaps in the afternoon? That should allow the invited guests enough wiggle room to attend and it would allow the biggest portion of our own engineering staff to attend as well.


Rosek: ::pauses:: If you want my honest opinion? We have a bit before we leave orbit. We haven’t even been assigned a new commanding officer. Besides, with all Commander Serala has on her plate at the moment, I think we should give her more than a few hours’ notice.


Lephi: Oh no sir, I certainly wasn't meaning this afternoon. I simply mean that on the day we do have this gathering, we should do it in the afternoon. Although, if you wanted to, I could absolutely pull this thing off this afternoon. Just say the word. 


Clearly, Lael needed another cup of coffee. She could have sworn she’d heard the woman say this afternoon. Perhaps the increased dose of neural suppressants was messing with her focus more than she thought.


Rosek: ::smiles:: Not that I don’t appreciate the enthusiasm. But some things it’s best not to rush. ::pauses:: If that’s everything, go ahead and reach out to Commander Serala to arrange the meeting.


Lephi: ::apprehensively:: You want me to reach out to Commander Serala? I'm not even sure she'd give me the time of day with everything going on.


Rosek: ::smirks:: Initiative goes a long way around here. How does that Ferengi saying go? You’ve got the lobes to be a fine Chief someday. Take every opportunity to show it.


She fought laughter at the Ferengi woman’s reaction, not wanting to embarrass her any further. She knew some of Lephi’s history already, though she suspected there was much more. The limited amount she knew about Ferengi culture told her that it was highly unusual for a Ferengi woman to step outside of her native culture into something as gender equalized as Starfleet. Lael respected the woman immensely for the risk she’d taken. Lephi was clearly very good at what she did and Lael was fortunate to have her around.


Lephi: I'd be happy to try, sir. Just remember though that sometimes the only thing more dangerous than a question, is an answer.


Rosek: ::grins:: Do or do not. There is no try. ::claps her on the shoulder:: You’ll do fine, Lieutenant. I promise you that Serala is more than fair. She’ll hear you out.


Lephi: I'm just going to compile the report on this PADD ::gestures to the PADD in front of her on the table:: and then I'll head up and try to get some face to face time with her.


Rosek: ::pauses:: Perhaps a comm call instead? To make sure she’s available and that you don’t waste your time.


More than likely, Serala would be in the Ready Room. But there was also just as good of a chance that she’d be on a call with the Admiralty or someone equally important. There was a fine line between initiative and being over-eager.


Lephi: Good point, some advanced notice would be good. 


As Lephi tapped her commbadge to make the call, Lael returned her attention to her monitor both to give the woman a modicum of privacy and to not make her nervous. Hell, Lael still got nervous sometimes when talking to superior officers at times and she’d been a superior officer to everyone on the Astraeus but Mei.


Lephi: =/\= Lephi to Commander Serala =/\=


Serala: =/\= Response =/\=


Lephi: =/\= Commander, I wonder if you might have some time to sit down with Commander Rosek and myself to discuss the christening that Captain Thoran had approved? =/\=


She felt the sudden shift in Lephi’s mood and had to raise her mental shields a little bit to keep from being overwhelmed by it. Despite what the woman said, it was clear she was still conflicted. She only hoped the young Lieutenant took her advice and went to see the ship’s counselor. The whole crew was likely to need a session at some point. Mika would have his hands full.


Serala: =/\= Response =/\=


Lephi: =/\= Acknowledged =/\=


Lephi got to work on the plan while Lael read and filed reports as well as sorting through requisition requests. She wanted the jay-gee to do as much work as possible on her own, while Lael was available to answer questions and brainstorm ideas. She was confident that Lephi would pull together a solid presentation for their acting CO. As the saying went, “He who is faithful in a very little thing is faithful also in much; and he who is unrighteous in a little thing is unrighteous also in much.”


((OOC: Wrapping this scene in preparation for the mission. :) ))



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