Lt Commander Serala: The Aftermath, pt. 1

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( Ladonnik Nature Preserve, Eladar IV ))

Serala let Amuro take the lead as they headed into the caves. They delved in pretty deep, led by the directions of General Zadok since their tricorders were still all over the place with their readings. Along the way, several of the General’s troops joined up with them. As they drew nearer, they could hear the sounds of disruptor fire from ahead. Rounding a corner, she saw a Caraadian in a kneeling position, disruptor rifle leveled and ready to fire. A quick glance showed her officers down below, sheltering behind stalagmites. Three more Caraadians also had the high ground and were hiding around a small nook from the ledge, though from her team’s perspective, they had clear shots.

Serala leveled her phaser at the one aiming for Snow’s position.

Serala: Hold it right there! Pull that trigger and I lay you out flat.

Kiax: You’re surrounded - no sudden movements.

Azorious: He’s down. We’re safe for now.

Even from her distance, Serala could make out Levinson’s mumbled comment, if just barely.

Levinson: Just on time...

The trigger man started to press the trigger, but Serala was faster. A bright orange beam struck him true in the chest and he fell, the trigger of his rifle also firing, but missing it’s mark by several feet. He landed on the rocks below and Serala could tell by the impact that the man had not survived the fall.

McKnight: Clear!

Amuro tossed a stun grenade and quickly subdued the remaining Caraadian soldiers. Down below, Lael Rosek had moved over to check the fallen man and confirmed her own analysis.

Rosek: Dead. But he deserved it.

Kiax: Maybe, but at least it was accidental…

Serala was Romulan, but she was also a citizen of the Federation, born and raised. And a Starfleet Officer. No matter what a person had done, she did not believe in Capital Punishment. No one deserved to die, not even for a crime. It was just one of many things she and her mother had fought about several times.

McKnight: Does anyone need medical attention?

Serala led her team down the steep incline path to the area below where they would be better able to join up with the rest of her people.

Azorious: Seems their injuries are mostly superficial thankfully.

Kiax: How’re you holding up, LT’s?

Levinson: Rather well, considering the circumstances, Commander. Thank you.

Snow: Fine, Commander. Thanks.

McKnight: Area secured for now. You alright, Commander?

Rosek: :: shrugs :: I’ve dealt with worse. :: turns to Snow :: How’s Katnar doing?

Snow: Not good, Commander. If we don’t get her help soon she isn’t going to make it. She needs surgery to repair the internal damage.

Serala looked down to see the person the doctor was attending. From what little she could make out, the being looked to roughly resemble a humanoid bat. And she didn’t look to be in good condition to Serala’s untrained eyes.


Serala: Do whatever you need to do, Doctor. She was injured by outside forces. The Prime Directive does not apply here.

Azorious / Zadok: Response

Levinson: :: Inclining her head :: Your timely arrival is certainly appreciated.

Snow: Katnar is stable enough to be moved, yes. So whatever we’re going to do it needs to be done now.. 

Serala could hear the impatience in the doctor’s voice and knew she was worried about her patient.

Katnar’fari: I cannot leave...the caves must be protected. :: She coughed violently and Serala did not like that sound at all :: In case...more Cara deens return..

Qalipu’fari: Response

Amuro stepped away and she could hear him trying to reach the ship. She didn’t expect him to have much luck down here with all the interference, but it was worth a try anyway.

Kiax: We’re probably better equipped back at the shuttle. I understand we’ve only just met, but would it be okay if we helped you back?

Katnar’fari: If...if it means I can live to protect my people...yes… ::coughs :: please.

Qalipu’fari: responses

Snow: We do need something to carry her out on. I don't recommend anyone carrying her themselves as it could cause the knife to move.

Rosek: Responses

Levinson / McKnight: Responses

Azorius / Zadok: Responses

Kiax: Right. I can head back now and grab a stretcher, if that’s any help?

Levinson: I am able to assist you with bringing it over, if you wish.

Snow: That would be greatly appreciated. But please make it quick. She doesn’t have much time.

Serala: :: to Kiax and Levinson :: Go ahead, you two. Get back here as quickly as you can.

Azorius: I’m medically trained, I can assist in the meantime if you wish? Commander, I am at your command.

Katnar’fari: So...tired…

Rosek / McKnight / Qalipu’fari / Any: Responses

Snow: I'm really grateful for what you did, Commander, but I'm even more thankful that you're still here with us. 

Rosek: Response 

Serala turned her attention to the General. He hadn’t said anything since they had fired upon the Caraadians, but rather was quietly observing everything and she had to wonder if he was absorbing what they were doing and the lengths they were going to help these people. Serala herself remained silent as she observed. She wasn’t going to be much help here, but knew they needed a command presence to steady them after an event like this.

McKnight / Qalipu’fari / Kiax / Levinson  / Any: Responses

Azorius: Katnar is doing well, she is stable for now Sir, but this could get worse at a moment’s notice.

Serala: Understood, Counselor. Keep doing whatever needs to be done. The others should be back shortly.

Levinson: Understood. We should get going, then.

Kiax: I couldn’t agree more.

McKnight / Qalipu’fari / Rosek / Snow / Any: Responses

Azorius: You’ll be safe soon, friend. We’ll take good care of you.

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