Lt Commander Serala: Hearing Issues

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Dec 13, 2020, 6:55:19 PM12/13/20
to USS Chin'toka

(( Bridge, Deck 3 - Primary Hull, USS Chin’toka ))

Zarax: =/\= Ensign Zarax here, Commander. Go ahead. =/\=

Mei’konda: =/\= Captain Mei’konda, Ensign.  Report on the runabout and the exploraation team? =/\=

Zarax: =/\= I have not had any contact in quite some time, sir. All is secure at the base site, though. =/\=

Azorius: Captain, the Commander sounds nervous, as if something is happening that they do not wish to bother you with. Perhaps some reassurance is in order?

Serala watched the Captain as he gave it a quick thought. She was finding his subtle body language interesting. And informative. It would go a long way toward figuring out what he needed from her if she could determine such things in advance just by little things like the tilt of the head or the stroking of his beard.

Mei’konda: Indeed.  Well, let’s fiind out. 

Serala: I hope it’s nothing serious.

Azorius / Rosek: Responses

Mei’konda: =/\= Indeed, Ensign Zarax.  Are you suure?  Have you had any word from the exploraation team? =/\=

Zarax: =/\= None, sir. But they went underground, so I wasn’t sure we’d get anything just yet. =/\=

Mei’konda: =/\= Very well, then.  If they reaach fifteen minutes overdue, then I want a security detachment from the runabout going in after them. I’ll haave Engineering beam down small communications relays if you need them.  I don’t waant another team being out of contact with the ship. =/\=

Zarax: =/\= Acknowledged, Captain.=/\=

Mei’konda: =/\= Very well, then. Chin’toka out. =/\=

Zarax: =/\= Holana out. =/\=

Serala noted the other Rekarian entering the bridge and take the Engineering station. Commander Rosek turned to her and began to speak.

Rosek: Sir, ma’am. With your permission I’d like to return to Engineering to debrief Lieutenant Lephi regarding the device.

Mei’konda: Mmh. Unfortunaately, she is likely still in Sickbay. You’d best check there first, Commander.

Rosek: :: arches her eyebrows :: Oh. Is she all right?

Mei’konda: She will be. The deviice in question emitted a powerful sonic pulse while she was nearby and in an enclosed spaace. It damaged her ears, as well as Commander Raga’s. Most of the team is receiving treaatment now.

oO Toryn’s hearing? Now that is concerning. Oo

Both Ferengi and Al-Leyans had sensitive hearing and it seemed that the explosion had taken quite the toll on her friend. She’d have to check on him later and see how he was doing.


Rosek: Understood, sir. ::to Serala:: By your leave, ma’am?

Serala: Not really required, Commander. The Captain has the bridge now, but thank you for your help earlier.

Rosek left the bridge and Serala turned back to the Captain.

Mei’konda: So, any theories as to what’s got them so occupied down there, Commander? You know this crew better than I do. Is Commander Kiax prone to reportiing in late?

Serala was about to answer, but the turbolift had opened once more and Toryn emerged and almost immediately answered the question for her.

Raga: Not likely, even if they had made a discovery I’m sure they’d send word one way or another with comms being an issue. 

Mei’konda: Mmh. Troubliing. We’d better have Ensign Zarax start moviing into the caverns in order to establiish contact. Your thoughts, Commander Serala?

Serala: I concur, Captain. Esa is probably one of the most responsible people I have ever met.

Mei’konda: Please contact him. Coordinate with Lieutenaant McKnight on how we can best help from up here. And how are you feeling, Mr. Raga?

Raga: Sore, but otherwise good. My hearing has improved as well, which is more than I can say for our young Ferengi engineer. 

Serala: Oh? That bad, Commander? 

Azorius / McKnight: Responses

Raga: ::He looked first at the Counselor, then to the Captain and herself:: I’m sure she wouldn’t wish it broadcast to the crew yet. I’ll include the injury in my report. But, you may wish to check with Doc Journs. 

Mei’konda: Agreed. Dependiing on how her recovery goes, she seems like the sort of person who would appreciiate visits. When we’re all off duty, of course.

Serala nodded, making a mental note to do just that.

Azorius / McKnight: Responses

Raga: By all means Ensign, enjoy the seat. It’s a pleasure to meet you. I’m Lieutenant Commander Toryn Raga. Second Officer and leader of our SOR Team. 

Azorius: Response

Raga: Strategic Operation Response Team. 

Lt. Commander Serala
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