Lt Commander Serala: The Flight of the Phoenix

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((OOC: Just wanted to clear up any potential confusion. The Uncharted Region is a large area of space and refers to all of the space beyond the borders of the Expanse. The area we are going to only covers a small portion of the Uncharted Region.))

(( Bridge, Deck 3 - Primary Hull, USS Chin’toka, Sector B10, Uncharted Region ))

//Captain’s Log, Stardate 239802.07, Acting Captain Serala reporting.

We have finally arrived in the designated region for our survey mission. So far, we have not detected anything of note. Our journey went about as smooth as possible and I have authorized two different experimental programs which might be of benefit to us. We also availed ourselves of the opportunity to take scans of Tegedaar and Tiraan as we passed by those systems. Little is known to us about them, so hopefully the data we collected will help shed some light there.

The region of space we are in doesn’t seem quite as cluttered with debris and of issues like we had to deal with in the Par’tha Expanse, though it is close enough that some of that does seem to have drifted out here, making it necessary to continue monitoring our maneuvers to avoid any collisions.

The Science Department is hard at work collecting all sorts of data, and Ops is having to work overtime to meet the demands for sensor time from the various sections. I am considering drawing up a schedule, but for now I leave that in Lieutenant Commander Kiax’s capable hands.

We should be done with our survey of this sector and begin moving on to…


Kiax: Response

Serala:  A launch? From where?

Kiax / Peters: Response

Serala: Interesting. Put it on screen.

The screen shimmered and a vessel appeared, streaking through space from a planet in the nearby system.

Serala: What is the name of the system?

Kiax / Peters: Response

Eladar. So that would make the planet Eladar IV since it was the fourth planet out from their star.

Serala: What is it’s speed and course?

Kiax / Peters: Response

Serala: Only warp one?

She stood up and approached the viewer, subconsciously clasping her hands behind her back.

Serala: Speculate. Could we be looking at a test flight of a warp vessel?

Kiax / Peters / Any: Response

Serala: Fascinating. :: turning to face Kiax :: Commander, focus our scans on that ship and the planet. Let’s find out what we can. This might be a situation for First Contact.

She turned back to face Lieutenant Commander Peters.

Serala: Mister Peters, do you best to ensure they don’t detect us. We don’t know if they are aware of other people, but let’s not be the first to let them know they aren’t alone.

Peters: Response

Serala returned to her seat and opened an intraship channel.

Serala: =/\= This is Acting Captain Serala. Commanders Raga, Kiax, and Peters, Lieutenant Levinson, Doctor Snow and Counselor Azorius, report to the Conference Room in one hour. Serala out. =/\=

Raga / Kiax / Peters / Levinson / Snow / Azorius: Responses

Serala sat back and stared at the ship on the screen. Every first year cadet was taught about the Flight of the Phoenix and Zephram Cochrane. It was Federation History 101. Could she be watching something similar play out in front of her eyes? Only this time they were the Vulcans.

oO Ironic that a Romulan - a cousin of Vulcans - should be monitoring a similar event. Oo

(( Timeskip One Hour - Conference Room ))

Serala waited this time. She wanted to have all of them already gathered and settled before she entered. When she walked in, they were indeed all seated and waiting on her. She strode quickly over to her seat and sat down.

Serala: Thank you all for coming. One hour ago, we monitored what appears to have been a test flight of a warp capable ship. This means there is sentient life out here and that it has met the standard for a First Contact situation. I have decided to take us in to Eladar IV and see what we can learn, and possibly lead the First Contact mission.

Raga / Kiax / Peters / Levinson / Snow / Azorius: Responses

Serala: Protocol dictates that the First Contact be made by a Commanding Officer. Now, technically I am not of high enough rank, but I am the Acting CO and it’s my call. :: turning to Kiax :: Commander, what kind of data have we been able to gather in the last hour?

Kiax: Response

Serala listened to the report, half-excited at this prospect, and half-nervous. First Contact was a risky mission. If things were not handled correctly, they could go bad very quickly.

Serala: Thank you. Commander Peters, are we certain that they didn’t detect us at any point?

Peters: Response

Serala: Very good. :: she took in each officer’s face before continuing :: Okay, thoughts?

Raga / Kiax / Peters / Levinson / Snow / Azorius: Responses

Lt. Commander Serala
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