Lt. McKnight: An Appointment

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Apr 1, 2021, 8:12:40 PMApr 1

(( SORT Complex, Deck 11, USS Chin’toka ))

(( Time Index: 0745 ))

Writing up reports is part of the job. After the last mission, the Deputy Team Leader had a bit to go through being the only SORT member that participated in the away mission. His interactions with the locals were as well as expected for his first First Contact mission. At least the people didn't try to rob them or attack them and they got to stop an invasion from another "alien" race coming for their resources, though whether or not the Federation would do the same thing, be it with softer tactics, is above his pay grade. He continued to type on his station until the main door to the SORT Complex opened as.their ship's pilot walked in, giving Amuro a moment to pause his work to greet the man.

McKnight: Commander Peters. Good morning. How are you doing?

Amuro stood up to greet the pilot before sitting back down.

Peters: I’m doing well, Lieutenant. Yourself?

Lifting up a padd, Amuro almost wanted to sigh.

McKnight: Reports are a pain in the ass but it's a burden of joy I've come to accept. ::He placed his padd down and decided to distract himself from work by changing subjects.:: And how are you handling the bracer? You seemed to have a good feel for it.

He was referring to how Peters had used the bracer to send coded messages to him.

Peters: Indeed. Found it came in handy as I pulled up the Morse code alphabet last mission to transmit the messages to you. 

McKnight: Good to see it's working out for you. I'll pull up the user data when I what can I help you with today, sir?

Peters: I was looking for Lt. Commander Logan, actually. You haven’t seen him by chance?

Amuro raised an eyebrow. One only needed to ask the computer and there is nowhere on the ship you can hide not for lack of trying for some. Logan should be here helping him with the reports.

McKnight: No, he is not here. He hasn't reported in, ::He spoke very plainly.::


McKnight: Commander Logan is not what you would call a...morning person. ::There was slight hint of disdain from his tone.::


McKnight: I'll call him. One moment. =/\= Kurt, it's Amuro. =/\=

No doubt Amuro's casual attitude toward Logan might be off putting to Peters, another officer of the same rank as Logan.

Logan: =/\= =/\=

McKnight: =/\= Where are you? =/\=

Logan: =/\= =/\= McKnight: =/\= Well you have an...appointment with our Lt. Cmdr Peters. He's waiting for you here at SORT.=/\= ::He made sure to address Peters properly to emphasis the importance of the call:: Logan: =/\= =/\=

After the call was cut off, Amuro returned his attention to their pilot.

McKnight: Sometimes I feel more like his secretary than the number 2 around here. Peters:

Lieutenant Amuro McKnight

Deputy Team Leader SORT

USS Chin'toka


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