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Nov 14, 2020, 5:23:48 PM11/14/20
to USS Chin'toka

(( Bridge, Deck 3 Primary Hull, USS Chin’toka ))

After Serala had returned to her seat, she tapped the comm panel and opened a channel to Engineering.

Serala: =/\= Serala to Engineering. Commander Rosek. =/\=

Rosek: =/\= Rosek. Go ahead, ma’am. =/\=

Serala: =/\= Commander, when you get a free moment, would you join me on the bridge? I would like to go over a few things with you. =/\=

Rosek: =/\= Of course. I’m on my way. Rosek out =/\=

While she waited for Lael, and as the others set about their various tasks, Ensign Tal’Aura spoke to her.

Tal’Aura: Commander? Any new orders?

She thought that over for a moment.

Serala: Yes, Ensign. Keep our shields raised. We’ll need to lower them when the runabouts depart, but coordinate that with the shuttlebay. We can let them launch and minimize down time of the shields. 

Tal’Aura: Response

Serala: Negative on the weapons. We don’t want to appear aggressive. Our presence was requested, after all. But do be prepared to charge them at a moment’s notice. If there is infighting going on, we might get dragged into their conflict.

Tal’Aura: Response

She shook her head. She liked how he was thinking. Good tactical officer line of thought. However, the mission was diplomacy, not combat.

Serala: I like your way of thinking, Ensign, but let’s avoid that as well. Just be prepared, but for the moment, Yellow Alert is a bit premature.

Tal’Aura: Response

She heard the turbolift slide open and someone stepped out. A brief moment later, Commander Rosek stood in front of her at perfect attention.

Rosek: You wanted to see me, Commander?

Serala smiled. Did she really come across as that strict? Maybe she needed to re-evaluate her command style. The last thing she wanted was to come across as her mother.

Serala: At ease, Commander. You don’t have to come to attention every time I call you to the bridge. Now, I am sure you know Lieutenant Lephi has been assigned to one of the away teams.

Rosek: ::pauses:: I hadn’t heard, no. Something that I hope to remedy once I’ve spoken to Lieutenant Lephi.

Serala: I see. Well, she is in your department, so handle that as you see best. I trust you don’t mind not being assigned to a team?

Rosek: ::grins unamusedly:: Given my track record lately with away teams, I assure you I don’t mind in the least. Good for Lieutenant Lephi, though. She needs the experience more than I do. ::grins:: She’ll make a hell of a chief once she gets her feet under her.

Serala: I agree. I have been quite impressed with her since she came aboard. But I didn’t call you here to discuss her. Since I am going to be left in charge while the others get to have all the fun, I thought I might tap into that vast experience you have.

Rosek: Response

Serala: Not at all. I have every confidence that if a battle breaks out, I can deal with it. But just the fact that you came to attention when I called for you tells me that I need to work on how I come across to others.

Rosek: Response

Serala: That’s good to know. Now, there’s the ultimate issue I wanted to discuss with you. Given that hostilities appear to have begun within the VIR, it’s not inconceivable that one side or the other might try to drag us into it. We cannot let that happen, which means we need to be prepared for a fight, should it come to that.

Rosek: Response

Serala: No, I agree. Combat is to be avoided at all costs. But I have been caught with my proverbial pants down too many times. I want to be prepared.

Rosek: Response

A beeping on her console drew her attention and Serala called up the display.

oO Interesting. Oo

According to the display, sensors were detecting an area of high energy that they hadn’t noticed before. Power readings were enough to indicate a shielded facility of some kind. It was set quite a ways from Keibrom, but the readings didn’t seem to be enough to clue her in to it’s real purpose.

Serala: Mister Callahan, Mister Tal’Aura, what do you two make of this?

Tal’Aura: Response

Callahan: Response

Rosek: Response

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