Lieutenant Commander Lael Rosek: System Reboot

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Lael Rosek

Oct 23, 2020, 1:31:14 AM10/23/20

((Main Engineering, Deck 11, USS Chin’toka, En route to the Valcarian Empire))

{{Time Index: Stardate 239710.21}}

She was about to get back to her work when her commbadge chirped. With a sigh, she sat up and tapped it. 

Rosek: =/\=Rosek.=/\=


The familiar voice of Amuro McKnight rang through, swearing she heard a hint of frustration in his voice. But given her own stress, it could just as easily been her own she heard.


McKnight: =/\= Ma'am, I'm on deck 11 and the grav plating is off =/\=


Her brow furrowed. Deck 11. She glanced around the engine room, not seeing anyone floating. It had to be a localized malfunction.


Rosek: =/\= We’re not floating here.=/\=


McKnight: =/\= If you don't mind, I'd rather not float back =/\=


Rosek: ::chuckles:: =/\= All right.  If you’ll give me a more specific location, I can send someone to check it out. =/\=


She grabbed a nearby PADD and made a note of the information, then pulled it up on a schematic, marking it. From what he was describing, he was near a gap between two generators. The first of the two had been giving them trouble in one way or another, but was thankfully still functioning.


Rosek: =/\= We’ll get someone on that, Lieutenant. Hang tight. =/\=


McKnight: =/\= what? =/\=

Rosek: ::grins:: =/\= No pun intended, of course. Rosek out. =/\=

Glancing around the room, she found Brandie finishing up the diagnostic on the core itself. Thanks to his hard work, it was purring like a newborn kitten.

Rosek: ::yells:: Brandie!

The man turned in her direction, arching his eyebrows.

Brandie: Yeah, boss?

Rosek: Somewhere on this deck, there’s an artificial gravity malfunction. I’m going to check it out. ::kicks the disabled console:: Since you’re Mr. Magic Hands today, see if you can get this bucket of bolts functioning before I get back.

Brandie: ::grins:: Yes, ma’am!

She chuckled at the man’s eagerness and rose with her toolkit in hand, headed to the location Amuro had described.

((Amuro’s Location, Deck 11, USS Chin’toka, En Route to the Valcarian Empire))

{{Mini Time Jump}}

She felt more than a bit silly walk around with only grav boots on, but she hated those EVA suits with a passion and wasn’t about to wear one if she could avoid it. Besides, life support was fine. As she turned the corner, she found the man she was looking for and grinned.

Rosek: How’s the view from up there, Lieutenant?

McKnight: Up is relative in space, commander. 

Smirking, she set her tool kit down and started looking for the nearest console to determine the source of the malfunction.

Rosek: Don’t worry. I’ll have you down in a jiffy.

McKnight: Well, I'm not going anywhere, ma'am. Take your time. It's not like I need to go to the head.


She chuckled and shook her head. Having grown up around enough men, it wasn’t shocking to her like it was to some. She imagined a comment like that would have set her mother to sputtering about the nerve of him to even bring up bodily functions in a round-about way.


Rosek: I hope you don’t have a weak bladder. ::pauses:: If you don’t mind me asking, what were you doing in this particular section of the ship?


McKnight: I was having a good jog. Also getting the layout of the ship is a good idea. It's bigger than the Atlantis but not the biggest ship I've been stationed on.


She nodded. She’d served aboard a Galaxy-class at one point--the Astraeus. So most ships after that had seemed somewhat small. But she’d learned not to let the tin can feeling get to her. She valued what she did more than where she did it. That was the sacrifice she made for her chosen career.


Rosek: The Astraeus was huge by comparison. ::smiles:: I suppose I got spoiled with the large office and large quarters.


Opening the panel, she scanned the components to see if any had gone bad and found nothing. It wasn’t surprising with the ship in its infancy. Nothing should be broken if it had been installed properly. With that taken care of, she switched the tricorder’s mode to analyze the algorithms that controlled the amount of gravity. 


Rosek: oO Ha! Got you! Oo


Having located the malfunctioning bit of coding, she did a hard shutdown, careful to restrict it to this section so others on the deck didn’t experience its effects. That done, she began to reprogram the correct algorithm from the instructions she found on her PADD. 


McKnight: The largest ship I've ever served on was the Athena. Odyssey class.


Rosek: ::brow furrows thoughtfully:: Hmm. Don’t think I’ve ever been aboard one of those. Well...except in Academy simulations. ::glances in Amuro’s direction with a smile:: My second year Engineering instructor really put us through our paces. He believed in learning on the job. So instead of pop quizzes, we’d get surprise simulations. He’d throw us in the holodeck and have us work it out for ourselves.


McKnight: Response


Rosek: ::grins:: Most in my class hated him for it, yeah. ::smirks:: Not me. I never turn down a challenge. Once he caught on, he made it his personal mission to come up with a scenario even I couldn’t solve.


McKnight: Response


She turned her attention back to the console, entering the final pieces of the coding before pressing the final button. It would take a few minutes for the algorithm to run and to do its job, but hopefully, it would do the trick.


Rosek: ::grins:: Actually, he wrote one of the letters of recommendation that got me posted to the Victory when I graduated. Intrepid-class.


McKnight: Response


Chief Engineer
USS Chin'toka, NCC-97187
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