JP – Cmdr. MacKenzie, Lt. Cmdrs. Adea & Skyfire, Lts. Alieth, Sirin, & Jakobi, Lt. JGs Fergus & Wong – Medical Officers Support Group – Part 1

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Jul 21, 2021, 4:14:45 PM7/21/21

((Ikaia’s Quarters - Room 03-1122 - Deck 3 - USS Veritas))


This plan of Ikaia’s had been in the works for a while. Medical Officers were some of the hardest workers in the fleet and yet, it was such an isolating profession. Sickbay could be a very lonely place when it wanted to be. When he was starting to find himself short staffed, that was when this idea of his was starting to gain traction in his mind - Medical Officers needed a support group. There was no way he was the only one feeling this way. That was when he decided to reach out. Currently, his rules were simple:

  • Teal shirts only. To be discussed with teal shirts only.
  • Upon contact, find yourself a secure space where you can speak freely without threat of a regulation violation.
  • Uniforms optional.
  • Pick your poison


The last one was easy for Ikaia. He had settled on bringing two beers and a small jar of chocolate hazelnut spread to eat during the meeting. But he had sent a care package for Alieth filled with various cinnamon chocolates for her to eat if she chose to do it. He only hoped she had got it in time for the meeting. He knew that she’d probably enjoy them (if she didn’t devour them all at once!)


Ikaia settled down at his desk. It was late enough in the evening in The Shoals where he decided just to toss on some pajamas and only just pull his bangs back instead of his usual bun for this meeting. It fit the more casual vibe. He wore his favourite “I fix stupid” tee shirt for the occasion. 


He loaded everyone up in the group call and with a flick of his fingers, he hit the call button.


Wong: =/\=Hello? Aloha? Is everyone here?=/\=


(( Deck 9, Skyfire & Rosek’s Quarters, USS Chin’toka ))


Dr. Skyfire heard the chirp from the console and settled into the chair in front of his desk. He was wearing a teal polo shirt with the SFMA logo on it, a memento of his days after his mental breakdown on the Montreal. He didn’t know what this was all about, but he had a single glass of Antaran brandy and a few bottles of water alongside just under the desk.


Skyfire: =/\= Present and accounted for. =/\=


(( Shakkar’s Quarters, USS Braveheart )) 


Shakkar had been up to not very much in the days since he departed from Starbase 118, however it seemed his talents had been requested elsewhere. So, with that in mind, he departed for the Braveheart. He’d had his share of good days where nobody came into sickbay with a hangover, and was casually sipping on water wearing a regular black t-shirt.


Shakkar: =/\= Shakkar Jakobi, present. Please, just call me Shakkar. =/\=


(( Fergus’ Quarters, USS Astraeus ))


Greywin’s day had been fairly routine, up until he’d received this mystery summons about a thing. He had been fairly good at keeping out of trouble since he finished up his medical degree, and was rather nervous about being called to participate in a mystery conference call. With a resigned sigh and a couple cups of coffee, he made his way over to his desk and accepted the call, wearing a teal “I work for Starfleet” shirt. 


Fergus: =/\= This is Greywin Fergus, USS Astraeus. You rang? =/\= :: There was a brief pause as he recognized a familiar face or two. :: =/\= Oh, hi, Skyfire! =/\=


(( Secondary sickbay, Deck 18, USS Thor))


It had been a long time since Alieth had settled into her strondhold on the lowest sickbay of the USS Thor, but the place felt appropriate for the call she had received.


Contrary to what would be customary for her, she wasn't dressed in a uniform and a white lab coat, but instead wore a dark tunic that left her arms exposed, more suited to practicing Sus-Manah or some other Vulcan fighting art than anything else.


Placing the padd on the desk in the background after she sent the notification to her krei, Alieth took one of the chocolates, dark and sweet, that her old academy mate had sent her before switching on the computer screen and joining the call.


Alieth: =/\= Alieth here, ready for the meeting =/\= ::


As she sat idly waiting to hear from the rest of the other guests, the Vulcan wondered where Meidra was and why she hadn't answered yet....


(( Meidra’s quarters, Deck Four, USS Resolution))


Meidra had enjoyed a relatively quiet day and had just settled into her quarters to go over the usual transfers of officers leaving or being assigned to Resolution. Changing out of her uniform to wear an old, comfortable Academy Tshirt and white shorts, she reached for the nearest PADD. The counselor had just opened a bottle of something green that her brother had sent to her from somewhere the Federation may or may not approve visits to, taking a long overdue sip. 


The chime of her PADD showed a message from her cousin Alieth saying there was a virtual meeting that she was attending, and thought Meidra would like to be part of for science. Hoping it wasn’t another less than legal street race being set up, the counselor headed to the Observation Deck, drink in hand. 


((Observation Deck One, Deck One, USS Resolution)) 


Genkos settled into one of the large comfy armchairs they had in the Observation Lounge, and stretched his legs out in front of him, crossing them at the ankle. He’d been invited to a rather bizarre seeming seminar, but he wasn’t about to criticise it. He’d seen that Addison and Meidra had also been invited, so had set up a small station in the lounge where the three of them could sit in comfort, and all be on the call together. He waved them over, saw that Meidra already had a glass of something disturbingly green, and gestured to Addison to help herself to the sapphire wine he had brought with him.


When they were suitably comfortable and all drinked up, Genkos joined the meeting with the tap of a finger, and settled back into his own seat, fingers steepled in front of him.


Adea: =/\= Genkos Adea, pleased to meet you all =/\=


MacKenzie: =/\= Addison MacKenzie - great to see some familiar faces! =/\=


Meidra toasted the screen with her drink, before taking a healthy sip. It tasted like chocolate mint. That little brat, her brother knew she could either do chocolate or alcohol without getting drunk, and here she was, in some sort of official looking meeting. Shrugging, she took another sip.


Sirin: =/\=  Meidra Sirin here, thank you for the invitation.=/\=




Wong: Hey! I’m glad to hear from everyone this evening. Heh… I hope I haven’t kept you all up too late! Alieth, did you get that package I sent you? I think it should have made its way from The Shoals by now.


On the other side of the screen, the Vulcan woman held up a box that had obviously been carefully rumaged and showed the sad remains of the chocolates sacrificed for the cause, in the form of perfectly crumpled empty wrappers.


Alieth:  Received and quality tested. The verdict has been: outstanding.


Sirin: If it was anything containing sucrose, it never stood a chance. 


Wong: Ha! Alright!


MacKenzie: The little hobgoblin can’t control herself around sweets!


Addison smirked slightly - she’d always enjoyed trading jabs with her former mentee. It was only in the course of duty that the Vulcan gave her any trouble.


The exchange was greeted with a decidedly Vulcan frown.


Alieth: ::sternly:: I can assure you two, little troublemakers, that I have perfect control over my intake, or lack of ingestion, of substances that alter my brain chemistry, tankyouverymuch.


Sirin: ::coughs into hand:: She devil tattoo.


Wong: Anyways, there’s a reason why I called all of you to this VERY casual mystery meeting. See, I’ve invited you all because our line of work is tough and at times, under appreciated. So I thought that we deserved something of a safe space for us to talk and enjoy each other’s company. Think of it as a support group for medical officers. A teal shirts only sort of place.


MacKenzie: ::nodding firmly:: Fight club. (beat) I suppose the fact that I wear a red collar now doesn’t negate the fact that I’m a surgeon... 


Sirin: And to be fair, you are a remarkable surgeon, Commander.


The Vulcan nodded curtly, glancing at the unsteady pile of padds on one side of her desk. Most of them were not displayed on her colleagues' displays and consisted mainly of Senior Officer files that had not complied with their mandatory check-ups.


Alieth: I cannot agree more, a remarkably necessary group.


Meidra took another drink and pondered this turn of events. She was not really a medical doctor, but had a bit of experience in helping when needed in Sickbay. People did tend to bump their heads a lot on Resolution. She nodded to the others, agreeing with the sentiments.


Sirin: I did assist in brain surgery on our captain, I suppose that counts for something.


Adea: ::his eyebrows knitting together in a frown:: We are allowed to drink though, right?


Meidra choked on her latest sip; if they weren’t, she was already too far gone to care. She wasn’t on duty, so she’d enjoy her green whatever it was without guilt. 


Wong: Getting completely wasted is entirely optional just like the uniforms. Synthahol counts. We can treat our own hangovers anyways!


At that, Genkos let out a laugh which he tried and failed to stifle. Meidra toasted everyone with her gloriously green drink.


MacKenzie: ::wryly:: In that case, glad I’m a red shirt - at least you all won’t be knocking down my door for a hangover cure. 


The Vulcan's retort to her former superior officer was quick to come.


Alieth: I guess that will also save them from a totally unnecessary visit to the Brig, Boss, we all know that's something you dislike terribly.


Sirin: I agree, trips to the Brig are usually unnecessary. ::giggles into drink as Addison gives her an unamused look::


Wong: Given that we’re all in secure locations where nobody else BUT other medical officers can hear us, yes. Talking about patients is entirely permitted under Starfleet regulation…. And well, it’s going to come up anyways.


At this point Genkos briefly stood up and closed the doors to the lounge, and told the computer under no uncertain terms should anyone else be allowed in, under orders of the First and Second Officers. As he sat back down, he shot Meidra and Addison a cheeky grin. He had forgotten that rule, but it was easily amended.




Commander Addison MacKenzie, M.D., Ph.D., FASFS

First Officer

USS Resolution



Lieutenant Meidra Sirin

Counseling Officer

USS Resolution



Lieutenant Commander Genkos Adea MD

Second Officer & Chief Medical Officer

USS Resolution



Lieutenant JG Ikaia Wong

Physician Assistant

USS Veritas



Lt. Alieth

Chief Science Officer

USS Gorkon NCC-82293


Image Collective Facilitator /Art Director



Lieutenant JG Greywin Fergus, MD

Medical Officer

USS Astraeus NCC-70652



Lieutenant Shakkar Jakobi, MD

Medical Officer

USS Braveheart NCC-55241



Lieutenant Commander Chythar Skyfire, MD

Medical Officer

USS Chin’toka NCC-97187


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