Lt Commander Serala: Misunderstandings Can Result in Unintended Offenses

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(( Representative Tych’s Manor, Eladar IV [Feladon]  ))

She followed the two men, signalling her people to follow along. She had to admit that eight armed guards could pose a problem to them if they decided to act against her and the team, but between her and Amuro, they were well trained in combat and could no doubt hold their own. And Esa Kiax could do quite well for herself as well. She wasn’t sure yet about the Counselor’s skills, but he’d at least gone through basic combat training. The odds weren’t good for her team, but they weren’t as bad as some might think either.

They reached the interior of the structure and were led to a room that appeared to be a study of some kind. There were plenty of seats for all of them. One look at the decor and Serala was already impressed by these people. She took one of the indicated seats and made herself comfortable.

Azorius: Your love of art and sculpture does you a great service, Representative Tych, it's lovely.

Kiax: Indeed, your gardens are equally as astounding.

Tych: Thank you. This is an historical property, but I’ve done my best to keep it well maintained.

McKnight: Indeed. The condition of this place is impressive for its age.

Zadok: Response

Serala took one of the seats at the table as she began to speak.

Serala: Well, I suppose the first thing to do is to more fully explain who we are and how we came to be here.

There was a subtle change in the man’s demeanor and he gave her a nod as he squared his shoulders.

Tych: Yes, please.  I would certainly appreciate it.

Zadok: Response

Serala looked over at Esa as she spoke and noticed she was sweating pretty good. Serala preferred warmer climates, and thus was feeling quite comfortable, but obviously that was not so with Esa. Serala fleetingly wondered if it was due to her Trill physiology.

Kiax: As I previously mentioned, we picked up the energy wake of your Spacefold test flight on our ship sensors. Where we're from, we call it a warp drive, though I'd wager the principles are largely the same. One of our guiding principles in Starfleet is to not interfere with the natural development of a pre-warp species, but after your successful test we were able to establish contact with you today, and are at liberty to help guide you in exploring this new chapter of space exploration.

Zadok: Responses

Tych: I see. Well, we’ve gotten this far on our own. It doesn’t seem like we need the guidance all that badly, does it?

Zadok: Responses

There was a pause and Serala was about to respond when the Representative suddenly decided they needed to switch topics.

oO Probably not a bad strategy at the moment. Let him lead the conversation for now. Just remember the Prime Directive and don’t overshare. Oo

Tych: Let’s change subjects. You all look so different. Why is that?

Serala: Well, Representative, we are from a group of worlds called the United Federation of Planets. We have over one-hundred-and-eighty member worlds. We call our service Starfleet.

Azorius: Yes, Starfleet has members from many planets and star systems. As you can see we represent many different species and races. I am Caitiain for example, hence the fur and tail.

McKnight: And I'm actually a hybrid of 3 different species.  Human, Vulcan and Klingon. Two of which are the core member races of the Federation.

Zadok: Response

The representative seemed to take this information in, nodding as he considered what he was hearing.

Kiax: I don't suppose I could trouble you for a glass of water please, Representative? I was quite ill-prepared for how intense your summer is.

Serala took note of the subtle body language that indicated he was not pleased with the request, though the reason for it was escaping her at the moment. However, she did file that little tidbit away in case it might help her later during these talks.

Tych: Indeed. Yes, of course, miss Kiax. General, if you would answer any questions they have while I’m gone. Could I get water for anyone else, while I’m at it?

Zadok: Response

Kiax: Thank you. It is most appreciated.

After the Representative left, the Counselor looked over and softly spoke to the rest of them. She let her acute Romulan hearing aid her as she watched the General’s reaction to yet another silent conversation.

Azorius: Kiax, I believe you may have inadvertently drawn our host’s ire. I would suggest we request less and offer more, they are evidently a proud race.

McKnight: Perhaps they also think we are here to uplift them to the rest of the wider universe. Some might see that as being pretentious and presumptuous.

Serala: :: clearing her throat :: Gentlemen. Each race has their own different customs. We just need to learn theirs so that we don’t inadvertently offend them. For instance, :: turning to the General :: General, what kind of customs and courtesies should we be aware of? It’s not our intention to disrespect you or your people. But misunderstandings can sometimes lead to unintentional offenses.

Zadok: Response

After a few moments, the Representative returned with the tray of water, setting a glass down in front of each of them. Except Esa. Her’s he had set on the table and based on the irritated look on his face, she had to assume that there was a reason behind that action. Obviously, they had already done the very thing she was just discussing.

He returned to his seat at the head of the table and looked over at Serala.

Tych: Now then. You claim you’re here to guide us. If that’s the case, what have you brought for us? Technology? Information on the universe around the Feladar system? I’m eager to return your friendship… and any knowledge you’ve brought with you, however I can.

Azorius: Friendship is a key goal of course. My speciality aboard our ship is Xenoanthropology. The study of alien cultures, their customs, their way of life. I am eager to learn more about you and your people, Representative.

Serala took note of the eagerness in the Counselor’s voice and forced herself not to smile. It was indeed quite exciting, but for now, she needed to maintain an air of neutrality.

Serala: Well, let’s establish one thing up front, Representative, so that there are no misunderstandings. We have a law, which we call our Prime Directive. It is, in fact, our highest law. And it states that we may not interfere with the natural development of any society. You have reached a stage that we are now able to reach out and welcome you into a wider universe, but we are prevented from sharing technology. 

Tych: Response

Serala: Information is another thing. We certainly have no objections to educating your people as to the galaxy at large, but providing any information which could lead to unnatural development could also be problematic. Information such as might lead to technological advancements that you might not yet be ready to discover.

Tych: Response

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Kiax / McKnight / Azorius: Response

Serala: There is one more thing we would like, if you will permit us. We have a science team on standby who are eager to transport down to do some research. Biological, geological, that sort of thing. We would like to bring them down if we may.

Tych/Zadok: Response

Any: Responses

The Representative’s response was to be expected. Serala could imagine herself in his position. And she wasn’t even sure he had authority to make this kind of decision for his people. But he was the only one who knew about them and he would have to be the one to say yes or no.

Serala: Well, sir. Maybe I can do some things to help alleviate your concerns. We have a mode of travel that does not require the use of a shuttle. It has a limited distance, though by your standards I am sure you would still consider that quite impressive. But we can have the team come down in a remote location where they can do their research without raising any kinds of alarms. All we would need is your blessing and a location.

Tych / Zadok: Response

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