Lt Commander Serala: First Contact!

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Feb 20, 2021, 11:52:30 PMFeb 20
to USS Chin'toka

(( Shuttle Banshee, en route to Eladar IV ))

Serala: =/\= Very good, Mister Tych. I look forward to it. Serala out. =/\=

A broad grin split her face as she turned to look at the others.

Serala: Well, this is a promising start.

McKnight: Don't jinx it, ma'am. First Contact can be tricky. The last thing we want is an angry mob with guns and torches and then next thing you'll know the locals will be stealing our stuff.

oO Well, that’s pretty pessimistic. Oo

Azorius: Yes, now is when things get serious and potentially dangerous, we should be prepared for anything.

Kiax: While I’m all for the careful approach, Gentlemen, nothing that our friend Representative Tych suggested any kind of hostile intent toward us… It seemed more like general suspicion and disbelief at what we were saying…

McKnight: I wouldn't make naive assumptions like that, Kiax. If I were in the man's shoes, I'd be extremely careful at this sudden communication immediately after a successful test flight of warp technology. They might not be an entirely united planet down there. He could even assume this might be a trick from a rival nation or a rival within his organization out to get him. There is also a military response to such a bold statement we're making.

Serala: Those are true statements, Mister McKnight, but nothing we can’t deal with. To be honest, a military response is one I would not only expect, but would be concerned about if it didn’t happen.

Azorius: Response 

Kiax: Looks like it’s this one, to the north-west of the city… :: pointing to the display in front of Amuro :: Of course it had to be the biggest building in the area for us to land next to.

McKnight: Will we be seen?

Kiax: It doesn’t look like it. Most of the other domiciles have no line of sight on the landing pad, though I can’t say much for the approach.

Serala: Well, I am sure it wasn’t meant for a landing like we’re about to make.

Azorius: Response

Kiax: Kinda makes me wish we had some kind of retro-reflective camouflage technology… Or maybe a cloaking device…

McKnight: Yeah, I'm sure the Romulans will be very happy if we appropriate a cloak. It's not like they can leverage the treaty against us now.

Serala glanced at Amuro, narrowing her eyes, and cleared her throat.

McKnight: We're here. Sensors showing no activity in the immediate area. Looks quiet.

Kiax/Azorius: Responses

McKnight: Detecting multiple life signs in the residence. No weapons or active defenses detected.

Serala: Still, let’s be careful. But, no weapons. Not even concealed. This is a First Contact and we need to be sure not to appear as aggressors.

They landed on a pad near the structure but left the engines running. Serala stood up and took a deep, steadying breath, before taking in everyone’s eyes and giving them all a big grin.

Serala: Well, here we go. Mister McKnight, can we get the hatch opened please?

McKnight: Response

Kiax/Azorius: Response

(( Outside Representative Tych’s Manor, Eladar IV ))

The hatch opened and Serala took the lead, stepping out to look around at the landscape. Coming from the structure, she could make out a pair of figures headed her way. As they approached, she could begin to decipher their features a bit more clearly. One of them appeared to be a lean man with dark hair that was in the process of balding. He stood at around six feet tall and had a shadow of a beard. There were a pair of temple ridges and another running down the center of his nose. A trait shared by the other man, which Serala assumed was a racial feature, much like her own brow ridges.

The other man stood at just under five-and-a-half feet tall and walked with his head held high. He appeared to be just a bit stockier than the other man, but that appeared to be due to a muscular build and not due to body fat. He also sported a short dark beard and a crew cut. Serala assumed this man must be some sort of security, which would make the other man Representative Tych.

Serala: :: addressing the man she assumed was Tych :: Greetings from the United Federation of Planets, Representative Tych. I am Lieutenant Commander Serala. It is a great honor to meet you, gentlemen.

Tych: Response

Zadok: Response

Serala: Allow me to introduce my officers… :: gesturing to the others, one at a time as she called their names :: Lieutenant Commander Kiax, my Chief Operations Officer. :: She decided telling the Representative McKnight’s actual duties might be a bit too off-putting :: Lieutenant Amuro McKnight, who is acting as my security escort. And Counselor Freki Azorius, who is going to act as my diplomatic advisor.

Kiax/McKnight/Azorius: Response

Tych: Response

Zadok: Response

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