Lieutenant Commander Cadfael Peters: Out Of Your Mind, or Out of Mine?

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OOC: All thoughts and dialogue are the opinion of the character.


(( Counselor’s Office, Deck 10, USS Chin’toka )) 


Cadfael was, and was not, looking forward to his counseling session. He had come so far since Duronis II, and had mostly gotten the anger management issues worked out of his system. Until he met Logan, and re-experienced the feelings he thought he had long-since buried. With a heavy sigh, he placed his hand on the door chime and waited for an answer.


Azorius: Come in, please.


As Cadfael made his way in, he sat down with a nod to the counselor but didn’t want to speak until he was certain he’d heard the door close behind him. Idle walls, and all that. 


Peters: Harrington’s raktajino blend, if you would.


Azorius: Of course, sir. I know your order well.


He accepted his drink and held it in his hands for a few moments, silently reflecting on his words prior to speaking. He was almost afraid it would be the start of mandatory anger management classes again, which he had tried so desperately to get out of when he was stationed at Utopia Planetia.


Peters: So...I guess I should explain why I booked an appointment while you were on the surface.


Azorius: I was surprised to have an appointment scheduled so soon, yes, though it is my job and duty to be available for help.


Cadfael cast his mind back to the recent...shenanigans...on the bridge with Logan’s childlike wonder and non-sequiturs during the middle of a very not funny negotiation, and how confused he got at the fact Logan was a lieutenant commander and the level of unfamiliarity with the bridge systems.


(( Flashback -- Bridge, USS Chin’toka ))

(( Time Index: 239803.04 ))


Raga: I know it’s been a while, but be ready in case our guests decide the resources here are worth the risk of starting something.  


Kurt looked between the Al-Leyan and the console.


Logan: Aye aye sir, I shall allow the Computer to familliierize...... me with its workings, that and I have two helpers.


Peters: oO Deities preserve me from his display of incompetence. If he manages to survive whatever they start and I don’t, I’ll come back as a ghost and haunt him for getting me killed. Oo


(( End Flashback )) 


Peters: So, I have an aversion to sudden death, as I’m sure most species do with that whole self preservation thing. However, Logan’s...what’s the word I’m looking for? Nearly child-like wonder, I guess, that he displayed upon being seemingly unfamiliar with bridge systems, let alone his elocution when discussing a direct order, had me wanting to lock him in a danger closet and take over the tactical systems myself.


Azorius:  I see, so you’re struggling with the Commander’s level of skill and that his performance is not how you would expect for someone of his rank?


Peters: I guess even more baffling, to me, at how the blazes he managed to hit lieutenant commander with such… 


He clenched his fist once or twice in anger, but unable to say the word. He didn’t have a word for that. All in all, it was frustrating and anger-inducing. He didn't know if Freki could tell he was angry; let alone whether such a display would be enough to put him right back into those mandatory anger management classes he despised so much.


The Caitian quirked an eyebrow and sippe from his drink before offering a Caitian grin to his patient.


Azorius:  I tell you what. I have a prescription for you.


Peters: I hope medication won’t be necessary.


Azorius: Oh no, not drugs or medicine. A task. As part of your counselling program, I assign you to provide Lieutenant Commander Logan with two weekly training sessions. If you are unsatisfied with his performance, then you shall be the one to fix it. I shall observe when able to ensure you’re taking this in the spirit it is meant, that is, as an educational experience, not an authority waving adventure. Am I understood?


As with most species, Cadfael couldn’t pick up on the facial expressions if their face didn’t seem similar to his own. However, he could tell by the vocal inflection that the Caitian was not kidding about this, despite the fact that spending any amount of time with Logan would probably lead to more infuriation at the man’s display of...whatever it was.


Peters: If I must. Though I will state right now I have zero desire to have any authority over him. I just want him to do his job and take it seriously rather than make inane food references or display no idea how to use the systems he’s asked to.


Azorius: Good good, I think you and Logan will both learn a great deal from the experience.


The helmsman rolled his eyes and had a sip of his drink. He believed somehow that perhaps the feline officer might’ve been out of his mind. However, he was here because he had doubts about Logan’s performance. Perhaps this prescription, however far-fetched or stupid an idea it seemed to Cadfael, was perhaps what was required in order for Logan to display a more serious side.


Peters: When would you like me to begin setting these up?


Azorius: Response


Peters: Any preference what I should start with, or should I perhaps just begin with the systems he didn’t seem familiar with?


Azorius: Response



Lieutenant Commander Cadfael Peters


USS Chin’toka NCC-97187


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