Lt Commander Serala: Into the Unknown, pt. 2

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(( Conference Room, Deck 3 - Primary Hull, USS Chin’toka ))

Serala hadn’t remained on the bridge for long. She had left Lieutenant Commander Peters in charge and had come in here to get things ready. She had ordered a couple of insulated pitchers of cool water and glasses in case anyone needed a drink. Captain Thoran usually prepared some sort of snack for these things, but Serala didn’t really see the need. But she did want to make sure they had water if they wanted it, or needed it.

The doors opened up and the firs of the staff members entered. Amongst them was Ensign Ylsin from the Science Department, whom she had asked to have present at the meeting. His skills should be useful for what they had to do.

Serala: Ah, you are a bit early, but welcome. Come in and have a seat. We’ll get the briefing started shortly.

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((OOC: More than happy to continue this section, but I am going to jump ahead to the briefing. ))

Once everyone had arrived and gotten settled, Serala cleared her throat. This was the first time she would be holding one of these meetings and she wanted it to go smoothly. She’d been to plenty of them, of course, so she had a pretty good idea of how things should go.

Serala: Thank you all for coming. As you know, the Captain has been called away and has left me in charge. Meanwhile, however, our duties have not stopped. Starfleet Command has asked us to go on an exploration mission to a section of space just outside the Expanse, in an area that has been nicknamed the Uncharted Regions.

Raga / Peters: Response

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Serala nodded at each comment before continuing.

Serala: Yes, it should be quite exciting to visit a region that few have ever been to. :: turning to Peters :: Our current course should bring us near the Drovna system. From there, we should be able to cut across Larokon space to Tigelis and then pick up the Homar route, which should enable us to kick it up to warp seven for a while.

Peters: Response

Serala was impressed. He seemed to have studied the system’s flight paths well. She pressed a button and a region of space appeared on the holographic display, overlaid with known borders, namely that of the Beruna and Barahn Provinces of the Caraadian Republic.

Serala: This is our destination. A wedge of space lying between two of the more powerful Houses in the Caraadian Republic.

Raga/Peters: Responses

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Serala: Correct, we will reach the terminus of the route at Tegedaar and proceed from there to Tiraan, then on to our destination. A small sector lying in a wedge between Beruna Province and Barahn Province, but not claimed by either as far as we know.

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Serala: Well, since it’s in uncharted space, we really don’t know what to expect there. That’s part of the reason we are going there. I would say, be prepared for anything. At the very least, we should keep the Science Department pretty busy. That’s where you will come in, Lieutenant Levinson. I would like you to oversee the science portion of the mission. :: turning to Ensign Ylsin :: Ensign, I am assigning you to assist her.

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Serala: Commander Kiax, please make sure our sensors are at full operating capability once we arrive. The trip through the Expanse might play a little havoc with them. :: turning to Rosek :: Same for the engineering systems, Commander.

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Serala: Very well, then. Does anyone have any questions or comments?

Raga/Rosek/Peters/Kiax: Responses

McKnight/Levinson/Lephi/Snow/Azorius: Responses

((OOC: Please feel free to expand on this section))

Once all the questions had been answered, Serala looked around at each of the officers. They were her crew for now, and she had every confidence in their abilities. While this seemed to be a routine mission, Serala had learned from experience that there was really no such thing as routine in the Expanse. Of course, where they were going was technically not in the Expanse, but she was pretty sure the unusual didn’t stop at the borders of the Par’tha Expanse.

Serala: Well, if there is nothing else then, let’s get to work.

Raga/Rosek/Peters/Kiax: Responses

McKnight/Levinson/Lephi/Snow/Azorius: Responses

((OOC: Let the mission begin...))

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