Lieutenant Commander Lael Rosek: Anchors Aweigh

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Lael Rosek

Apr 7, 2021, 9:11:21 PMApr 7

((Holosuite 1, Deck 4, USS Chin’toka))

((Mini Time Jump))

The open skies and the decking of a pirate ship at sea had replaced the boring black and yellow grid of the holodeck, the environmental systems simulating the fresh, cool breeze that would fill the sails and guide them on their course. Slowly, the others started filtering in and a wicked grin crossed her lips. Her crew for the day. The group was dressed in an assortment of garb, all fitting for the war game they were about to engage in.

Rosek: Ye be welcome aboard the Red Kraken. I be Cap’n Rosek. Today we be 'untin' fer treasure an' glory. Ye've been invited to join in this here task as me loyal crew. By the end o' this here day, ye'll 'ave a taste o' a gentlemen o' fortune life that there will likely 'ave you cravin' more. 

Lephi / Snow / Kiax / Any: Response


McKnight: She's really getting into character. The universal translator is barely keeping up. 

She motioned Esa forward and indicated the woman should turn to face the others. Grinning, she laid a hand on the Trill’s shoulder.

Rosek: This here be Commodore Kiax. She'll be commandin’ the Dauntless, protectin' these waters from the likes o' us. In fact, she be under direct orders from the monarchy to arrest an' punish all suspected o' engagin' in piracy. 

Lephi / Snow / Kiax / Any: Response

She allowed everyone a few moments to take that in.


McKnight:  No quarter be given to ye bloody, mangy mongrel!


Chuckling at Amuro’s enthusiasm, she looked around at the others for any indication that she hadn’t been understood. The pirate talk was a bit tricky, but she was finding she enjoyed the challenge. She heard Amuro attempting to explain to Zarax the roles.


Zarax: So, she’s the Federation and we’re the … :: She looked over at LtJG Lephi and changed her statement :: Maquis?


McKnight: No, we're pirates. We're not freedom fighters/terrorists. 


She nodded. Quite right. Pirates of old hadn’t sought to terrorize people, at least for the most part. In fact, they’d preferred to be left to their treasure hunting. Though she supposed overall, the comparison was somewhat close.

Rosek: The rules o' this here game be easy to follow. Losin' the ship doesn't mean losin' the game. Them who reach the treasure before the last one o' us be captured enjoy the spoils o' warrr. Questions?


Serala: So, that means we each get our own ship?


Rosek: ::smiles wanly and shakes her head:: Nope. ::tips her hat:: I be Cap’n Rosek fer a reason, lass.


This game was already going to be a bit challenging to run and they didn’t need to add any extra layers to it. Now she understood a bit of how Mei felt during briefings. A grin crossed her lips and she shook her head. She had asked, after all, if there were any questions. It was a good thing, apparently.


Skyfire: Will we be havin’ any players on the Dauntless besides Commodore Kiax?


Osiris: She won’t be alone. And from the looks of things, there’ll be plenty of bounties to claim.


She chuckled at the thought of the big cat bounding after his prey. If it weren’t for her above-average strength, she might have been a bit nervous. However, she was certain between that and her skill with melee weapons that it wouldn’t be so easy for him. A smirk crossed her lips. This was going to be interesting. 


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Serala: Well, that doesn’t sound too difficult.


Peters: I’m not dressed for a commodore’s aid, but I can join her crew if she’ll have me.


Nodding, Lael turned to Esa with a grin. It seemed that the woman would have more than holographic helpers. That was just fine by her. After all, the whole point wasn’t to win, but to have fun. She’d have to expend extra effort to make certain she kept her competitive nature in check. The last thing she wanted to do was spoil everyone’s good time.


Zarax: Which side did you want to take?


McKnight: Well, I've always been a bit of a rogue. It's a change of pace. Running from the law. Take what you want and damn the consequences.


Lephi / Snow / Kiax / Any: Response


Solana: Aye, so say you little kitty, but I’m bettin’ that that be a far bigger challenge than ye be expectin’. 


Rosek: ::smirks:: Aye, lass. ::winks at Osiris:: But ye be welcome to try.


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Raga: Arr, the lass is bein’ right. But if’n there be any booty to be had, it’ll be mine.


She snickered at “booty” and her gaze flickered to Journs, feeling like she was back in high school. Thankfully, Chythar was likely the only person in the room that knew just what she’d been thinking. She was glad she’d made sure to take her neurosuppressant last night.


Zarax: Um, Amuro, why is everyone talking like a cat is stuck in their throat?


McKnight: It's jus' how we natter. Ye jus' 'ave t' get into the spirit o' things, love.


Rosek: ::grins:: It’s part of the roleplay. ::smirks:: It be kind o' roguish, don't ye think?


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McKnight: Oi, cap'n. Any other rules we needs t' be aware o'? 


Her brow furrowed. She’d had everything detailed on a PADD, but had forgotten it in her quarters and decided not to go back for it. Besides, she was certain that she’d covered the gist of it. Her eyes widened slightly as she recalled one more important detail that would set the tone for the game.


Rosek: Only that if ye be captured, ye be considered dead to yer crew. ::to Kiax:: When the program starts, you and anyone you’re touching will be placed on the deck of the Dauntless.


Kiax / Osiris / Peters: Responses


With that, she placed a hand on Maddy’s shoulder and smiled down at her.


Rosek: Do ye want to do the 'onors, lass?


The precocious little girl offered a wicked grin that warmed Lael’s heart. Maddy had really come out of her shell, this last year especially, and it was humbling to see the joyful glint in her daughter’s eyes. As much as Lael wanted to believe it had been her alone, she hadn’t been. Chythar had helped as had Dassa and her parents. Most of all, God had given Lael the healing she’d needed to become stronger for Maddy. It amazed her everyday thinking about everything that the girl had been through and to see her so alive.


M. Rosek: Aye, Cap’n. ::pauses:: Computer, begin program. 


Kiax, Osiris and Peters were gone from the deck of the Red Kraken, presumably placed on their own vessel. The salty cool ocean air whipped through her hair and Lael smiled. It had been so long since she’d sailed and she hadn’t realized until this moment just how much she’d missed it. The smells and sounds brought back memories of summer days spent on Lake Huron, laid out in the sun on a yacht with Angie Reed, her girlfriend at the time. Angie’s brother, Joel, had taught them both some sailing basics.


Beside her, Maddy blew the antiquated bosun's whistle, the shrill noise drawing Lael from her reverie. Her crew stood before her at attention and a wicked grin crossed her lips.


Skyfire: Response


Rosek: ::shouts:: Raise anchor! Full sails! ::to Zarax and McKnight:: 'elm, set course fer Mackinac Island. There be treasure buried there.


Zarax / McKnight: Responses


Rosek: The rest o' ye, get cleanin' this here ship. I won't 'ave yer filth be soilin' me treasure.


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Rosek: ::to Maddy:: Keep an eye on this mangy bunch, lass. ::winks:: Make sure they don’t miss any spots. 


M. Rosek: ::grins and salutes:: Aye, Cap’n.


She chuckled, patting her daughter on the head. A girl after her own heart. Despite the effort it had taken to pull this together, it was worth it for the smile on her daughter’s face.


Rosek: First Mate Skyfire and Chief Engineer Lephi, with me. ::grins:: The winds mean constant course changes. We’ll need to plot carefully.


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