Lt Commander Serala: First Contact Jitters

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(( Outside Representative Tych’s Manor, Eladar IV ))

The hatch opened and Serala took the lead, stepping out to look around at the landscape. Coming from the structure, she could make out a pair of figures headed her way. As they approached, she could begin to decipher their features a bit more clearly. One of them appeared to be a lean man with dark hair that was in the process of balding. He stood at around six feet tall and had a shadow of a beard. There were a pair of temple ridges and another running down the center of his nose. A trait shared by the other man, which Serala assumed was a racial feature, much like her own brow ridges.

The other man stood at just under five-and-a-half feet tall and walked with his head held high. He appeared to be just a bit stockier than the other man, but that appeared to be due to a muscular build and not due to body fat. He also sported a short dark beard and a crew cut. Serala assumed this man must be some sort of security, which would make the other man Representative Tych.

Azorius: Atmosphere is normal, no signs of immediate danger at least…

Serala: :: addressing the man she assumed was Tych :: Greetings from the United Federation of Planets, Representative Tych. I am Lieutenant Commander Serala. It is a great honor to meet you, gentlemen.

Tych: Hello.

Serala: Allow me to introduce my officers… :: gesturing to the others, one at a time as she called their names :: Lieutenant Commander Kiax, my Chief Operations Officer. :: She decided telling the Representative McKnight’s actual duties might be a bit too off-putting :: Lieutenant Amuro McKnight, who is acting as my security escort. And Counselor Freki Azorius, who is going to act as my diplomatic advisor.

Kiax: Response

McKnight: Greetings. :: he raised his hand in the Vulcan ta’al ::  Live long and prosper.

It took all of Serala’s self-control not to burst out in laughter. As it was, a slight smile still managed to escape her lips. Every first year cadet studied the Earth’s First Contact with the Vulcans. The joke would be lost on these people, but it wasn’t lost on her.

Azorius: It is my pleasure to make your acquaintances Sirs, I look forward to learning more of your people and your culture.

Tych: Ah. Yes. Excuse me, but… how can we understand each other?  You certainly look the part. But if you are truly aliens, then how is it that you speak the Feladoni language?

Serala was about to reply when the Counselor spoke up. She graciously allowed him to explain. After all, he was trained in Diplomacy. Let him save her some embarrassment if he could.

Azorius: Ah yes, our universal translators. A piece of technology allowing us to hear your words as if they were our own. You are speaking Feladoni, I am speaking Caitian, but we all hear the same.

Serala: Exactly correct, Representative. As you can see, we are made up of a collection of races from various worlds, which necessitated a technology that allows us to understand each other.

Kiax: Response

The Representative seemed apprehensive and unsure, and took a step closer to the other man, who had yet to be identified. She tried to imagine herself in their shoes in order to decipher how they must be thinking right now.

Tych: Well. I am Representative Dagden Tych, overseer of the Spacefold Travel Complex. This is General Elazar Zadok. I realize that you asked me to come alone, but.  As I see you also chose not to come alone, Lieutenant Commander Serala, it seems this was a wise decision on my part.

Zadok: Greetings from Feladon.

Serala: It is good to greet you both, Representative, General. And I quite understand your precautions.

Zadok: I am curious as to what your intentions here are? Are you a military force?

Kiax: Response 

Azorius: We at Starfleet are explorers, Representative, not a military force. We come in peace.

Serala: :: nodding in agreement :: It is true that we do occasionally have to serve in a military function, and we organize ourselves after a military structure. However, our primary mission is to explore new regions of space, new worlds. And to seek out new life and new civilizations.

Tych: Indeed. Well, in that case, may I ask - what is it that you want from us?  It seems highly coincidental that you would arrive here just days after our first successful Spacefold flight.

Serala: We want nothing from you, Representative. All we are interested in is getting to know you and your people. And to inform you about the wider galaxy that you are about to step into. Beyond that, who knows? Maybe a friendship and alliance someday?

Kiax: Response

Azorius: I understand your suspicion, but we seek only to forge friendship with new species we encounter on our journey.

McKnight: :: in Romulan :: Commander, there's a squad of soldiers inside the building. They are armed.

Serala nodded, taking note that the UT had not translated for him, meaning he had desired to convey the information covertly.

Kiax: Response

Zadok: Is there a problem, Lieutenant Commander Serala?

Serala: :: speaking clearly in Federation standard :: Understood, Lieutenant. :: to Zadok :: My officer was conveying the fact that we have detected your forces inside the building. I cannot say I blame you. I would undoubtedly have done the same thing were I in your shoes.

Tych / Kiax / McKnight / Azorius: Responses 

Zadok: Ah I see. They're only purpose was for protection, but if you truly come in peace and friendship, then I can assure you, they're not a threat to you or your people. 

Serala: And so I expected. But thank you for the reassurance. We deliberately came unarmed so that we would not provoke undue concern from you.

At that moment, her commbadge chirped twice. It was a prearranged signal between her and the SOR Team. Most likely Commander Raga.

oO No doubt they have detected the people inside the building. Oo

She tapped her commbadge once in reply. Condition Green. All Clear.

Tych / Zadok: Response

Serala: Nothing to be concerned with. These serve as communications devices with our ship. They were asking for a status report. I was just letting them know there are no concerns here.

Tych / Zadok: Response

Kiax / McKnight / Azorius: Responses

Serala: If I may, Representative, is there someplace we can retire to and continue so that we may discuss this in comfort?

Tych / Zadok: Response

Serala: That would be most welcome, Representative.

She followed the two men, signalling her people to follow along. She had to admit that eight armed guards could pose a problem to them if they decided to act against her and the team, but between her and Amuro, they were well trained in combat and could no doubt hold their own. And Esa Kiax could do quite well for herself as well. She wasn’t sure yet about the Counselor’s skills, but he’d at least gone through basic combat training. The odds weren’t good for her team, but they weren’t as bad as some might think either.

They reached the interior of the structure and were led to a room that appeared to be a study of some kind. There were plenty of seats for all of them. One look at the decor and Serala was already impressed by these people. She took one of the indicated seats and made herself comfortable.

Tych / Zadok: Response

Kiax / McKnight / Azorius: Responses

Serala: Well, I suppose the first thing to do is to more fully explain who we are and how we came to be here.

Tych / Zadok: Response

Kiax / McKnight / Azorius: Responses

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