Lt Commander Serala: Hard Choices Not Easily Made

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Mar 15, 2021, 10:48:10 PM3/15/21
to USS Chin'toka

(( Shuttle Banshee, near Representative Tych’s Mansion, Eladar IV [Feladon] ))

Serala: Okay. One thing at a time. First. Gentlemen, we are on a mission right now. I am aware that there is a lot of familiarity amongst us, but when we are on duty, I expect proper decorum to be followed. It’s not Kiax, it’s Commander Kiax. It’s not Raga, it’s Commander Raga. When we’re off duty, feel free to call each other as you wish, as long as the senior person has given your permission to use a more familiar term.

She paused long enough for them to acknowledge her before continuing.

McKnight: ...Understood, Commander.

Kiax: Yes Captain.

Azorius: Response?

Serala: Very good. Next, we have to find our people. Commander Kiax, once you have their location pinpointed let me know. If you can’t get a solid location, a general one will do. :: turning to McKnight :: You’re the Deputy SOR Team Leader. Although I came from Security and Tactical, I think you have the skills to help us recover our team. I want to avoid as much violence as possible, and especially killing. If we can talk to these Mekra’fari, I would like to go that route. :: to Azorius :: And that’s where your skills will be most useful, Counselor. I am not the most diplomatically minded person.

McKnight: I'll set phasers to stun, ma'am, but diplomacy is prefered.

Kiax: I suggest we keep weaponry to a minimum. Sidearms only, we don’t want to appear overly aggressive. After all, we’re supposed to be here on a mission of peace and friendliness.

Azorius: Response

Serala: Very good. If we can get a transporter lock, that will make things easier, but it’s looking to me like that’s not going to be possible. So, let’s find them and we can plan from there. And …. :: she looked at each in turn :: No more vocal judgements against these people and their culture. I don’t much like their attitude either, but our job here is to present the best face of the Federation that we can. We’re failing miserably.

Azorius: Response

Kiax: Sorry, Captain.

Serala noticed Esa’s eyes drop in an act of genuine remorse. She understood Esa’s feelings, all of their feelings. She was just as upset by it. But they had a different responsibility right now.

Zarax: =/\= Shuttle John Lewis to Commander Serala. =/\=

Serala tapped her badge to reply.

Serala: =/\= Go ahead, Ensign =/\=

Zarax: =/\= Sir, I am not sure if you are aware, but the ship is locked in battle with a Caraadian warship. =/\=

Serala: =/\= I am aware, Ensign. Was there a reason for your contact? =/\=

Zarax: =/\= Yes, Commander. I have just detected multiple small craft being launched from the other ship. And at least one of them is on a trajectory for the planet. =/\=

oO Fvadt! Oo

Serala: =/\= Acknowledged. Serala out. =/\=

The channel closed and Serala turned to the others.

Serala: Well, seems we have a new problem on our hands. Input?

McKnight: Should we inform the locals that they're about to be invaded?

She could tell by his tone that he was half-joking.

Azorius: Response

Kiax: It might be worth giving the General a heads up. I don’t think the Representative can take much more bad news today…

McKnight: Whatever their intentions are, it cannot be good. They've fired on us already. I recommend we take the Banshee, rally with the John Lewis, quickly scoop up the rest of the away team and make a beeline back to the Chin'toka.

Kiax: As brilliant as that plan sounds, Lieutenant, it simply isn’t feasible. Our fighters can take care of the John Lewis, we need to keep our focus here on the ground. I have the coordinates you provided of the other team’s beam in site, we can be there in a matter of minutes. Once there, we’ll need to use good old fashioned tracking methods to locate the entrance to the subterranean cave network, and from there use tricorders to attempt an exact fix.

Serala: Quite correct, Commander. What do you recommend after that?

Never hurt to have a plan and it helped to get input from the others when formulating those kinds of plans. They might just see something she could miss.

Kiax: If they are prisoners, we should attempt to negotiate their release, and then render our assistance to both species in repelling whatever ground forces the Caraadians are sending our way. No doubt our knowledge of Caraadian weaponry and to an extent their tactics will help give them an advantage in dealing with the problem. Perhaps even deter future attempts to send a hostile force down to this planet.

Azorius: Response

Kiax: Right. Help them out with the local schoolyard bullies, and maybe we’ll be on better footing to form a longer lasting friendship.

McKnight / Azorius: Response

Serala: I agree. This sounds like a worthy plan. Let’s make it…

She was cut off by the chirp of the comm panel and the sound of Toryn’s voice.

Raga: =/\= Chin’toka to Commander Serala. Be advised Caraadian support craft are en route to Eladar Four. They’re landing near your position and we believe their intent is hostile. We took out as many as we could, but Zedaith called in a support ship and we’ve already lost two of our own fighters. =/\= 

Serala: =/\= Acknowledged, Commander. We will attempt to locate them from here. If you could send us the coordinates of where you last detected them, we will deal with them. =/\=

Raga: =/\= Response =/\=

Once the channel closed, she looked at her team.

Serala: Well, it seems we have a choice to make. Go after Commander Rosek and the science team or deal with the Caraadians.

Kiax / McKnight / Azorius: Response

Serala thought it over. There were arguments both for and against both options. As Commander, she needed to decide what had the highest priority. And unfortunately, that was the Feladoni. They were defenseless against the Caraadians. The Prime Directive prevented them from interfering in the natural development of the planet, but this was far from natural development. And the locals did not have the technology to deal with this threat. Commander Rosek and her team would have to hold out as long as they could until Serala could effect their rescue or release.

Serala: :: shaking her head :: Unfortunately, Commander Rosek and the others are going to have to wait. The protection of the Feladoni needs to be our priority right now. :: turning to Kiax :: Commander. Locate the coordinates relayed down by the ship and lay in a course. :: to McKnight :: Lieutenant, get the shuttle ready to go. I am going to invite our Feladoni friends to observe, possibly even participate. This is their planet, after all. They should have a hand in its defense.

Kiax / McKnight: Response

With that, Serala quickly exited the shuttle and made her way back to the manion. She spoke to the guard there and requested to speak to the General.

Serala: It’s most urgent.

Once the guard had entered the structure, she paced impatiently. It didn’t take long, but to Serala it might as well have been hours.

Zadok: Response

Serala: General. Your planet is being invaded. It’s a small force, for now. But we’re going after them. I thought you might want to come along? Maybe even bring a few troops of your own?

Zadok: Response

Serala: Please, General. There’s not much time. We need to move quickly if we’re going to minimize the impact to your world. If Representative Tych wants to come along as an observer, that is fine, but we must hurry.

Zadok: Response

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