Lt Commander Serala: Pride and Prejudice

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(( Representative Tych’s Manor, Eladar IV [Feladon]  ))

So far things had gone about as well as she could have expected. The Representative had been understandably cautious, but nothing she considered concerning. He did seem to be a bit arrogant, but then maybe he had the right to such an attitude. He was in command of the organization that had just succeeded in launching their first ship equipped with a warp drive, what they were calling a spacefold drive, and it had successfully reached warp one. So, maybe he did deserve a bit of arrogance. And so far, he had been fairly amicable with them.

Serala: There is one more thing we would like, if you will permit us. We have a science team on standby who are eager to transport down to do some research. Biological, geological, that sort of thing. We would like to bring them down if we may.

Tych: Indeed?  I think we’re going to have to be very careful about having teams of your… people down on Feladar, Lieutenant Commander.  The shock of it could be highly distressing to the Feladoni. :: there was a snort before he continued :: To say nothing of the Mekra’fari. To say they are nervous and overreactive is an understatement.

Serala lifted her left eyebrow at that. Their scans had indicated the other sentient race was equally as developed as these people. Could their scans have missed something? 

Zadok: I have to agree with Representative Tych here. Not everyone on the planet is accustomed or capable of handling this type of shock.

The Representative’s response was to be expected. Serala could imagine herself in his position. And she wasn’t even sure he had authority to make this kind of decision for his people. But he was the only one who knew about them and he would have to be the one to say yes or no.

Serala: Well, sir. Maybe I can do some things to help alleviate your concerns. We have a mode of travel that does not require the use of a shuttle. It has a limited distance, though by your standards I am sure you would still consider that quite impressive. But we can have the team come down in a remote location where they can do their research without raising any kinds of alarms. All we would need is your blessing and a location.

Azorius: If the science teams are permitted to do their research, I would love to do some of my own also. Perhaps I could speak to some locals?

That probably wasn’t going to be the wisest move. At least, not until the rest of the world had been made aware of their presence. Assuming such a thing happened. It was by no means guaranteed.

Tych: Oh, I don’t think that’s a good idea. Not at all, not for someone who looks like… you. You see, I’m used to dealing with a wide variety of people, due to my position, and I must admit, seeing someone like you still has me tense, Mr. Azorius. The Mekra’fari in particular are likely not capable of withstanding the shock of it. Not unless they are eased very carefully into the idea of… visitors. From another planet.

oO I couldn’t have said it any better. Oo

Serala: I know you’re eager, Ensign, but that will have to wait for another time.

She wanted to be soothing, considering the slight rebuke he’d suffered only a few minutes prior from Commander Kiax. Not that she was out of line, but Serala suspected he would be stinging from it.

Zadok: I have to again agree.

Kiax: :: To Serala :: Might the Mekra’fari prove to be a problem with forging relations between our respective governments, Commander?

Serala was about to reply when McKnight leaned over and spoke.

McKnight: Excuse me, commander. Report from the ship.

Serala looked over as McKnight displayed his tricorder readout to her.

// Caraadian warship, House Barahn the Vritad Lord Nurok Zediath in Command. Possible stealth, all long range sensors missed it, be advised. //

McKnight: Ma'am?

Tych: I do hope everything is alright, Lieutenant Commander.

Serala: :: to McKnight :: Thank you, Lieutenant. :: to Tych :: Nothing for you to worry about, Representative Tych. Just a routine status report from the ship. The burdens of command, you understand.

Tych: Very well, I understand.  In that case, I give you my permission to bring a team down in a remote area, perhaps in our nearby Ladonnik nature preserve. I take it from your ability to detect my own protection in the next hallway that you should have no trouble determining if the area is safe before you send your people down.

Serala: Excellent, Representative! My people will be delighted by this opportunity. :: to Kiax :: Commander, please let the away team know they may transport down. Locate the coordinates and feed it to them.

Kiax: Aye. I’ll let them know, Commander.

Esa rose and headed to the side of the room to contact the shuttle.

McKnight: Responses

Zadok: Response

Tych: I must insist that you stay out of contact with anyone else on this planet just yet.  As I said before… in particular, the Mekra’fari, the other surface dwelling race here.  They are not as evolved as the Feladoni, you see, and have difficulty accepting change.

Serala: I understand, sir. We’ll be as discreet as possible.

Azorius: Perhaps we can ask you to provide someone to escort our team? To help navigate the terrain, avoid poisonous berries, that kind of thing?

Zadok: I could send a couple of my men over to assist your team with the area. Should they have any questions that need answering or in case any of the locals happen to stumble upon them.

Serala smiled at that.

oO Meaning you want to keep an eye on us. Oo

Serala: I quite understand, General. If you think that’s best, I will leave that to your discretion.

From nearby, her keen hearing could hear Kiax relating the instructions to the shuttle crew.

Kiax: =/\= Expect possible contact from local Feladoni military personnel for assistance, should you need it. =/\=

McKnight: Response

Tych: Response

Zadok: :: nods :: As you wish.

Esa had returned to the room and now she spoke up.

Kiax: Our scientists will no doubt be very happy with the opportunity to study your local geology, flora and fauna, Representative. I’m sure they’ll explicitly be mentioning your generosity at allowing them to come here in their reports. Equally so if they inadvertently come into contact with your… Friends… The Mekra’fari.

Serala didn’t miss her inflection. She was fishing, and Serala wondered if she had picked up on something. One thing Serala really regretted was her lack of diplomatic training. But, she was a trained security officer, so had pretty good skills at reading people. She just hadn’t been thinking in those terms. Maybe she should pay more attention to the nuances.

McKnight / Tych: Response

Zadok: I am curious to learn more about your ship. It has defensive capabilities, does it not?

Kiax: I… Uh… I don’t think that…

Azorius: As we said, we are explorers and scientists. Yes, our ship can defend itself but we are not soldiers and our vessel is not a warship. We’re here to seek new life and new civilizations.

Serala: Yes, well spoken, Counselor.

McKnight: Response

Tych: Response

Kiax: Right – perhaps we should focus on exchanging information of a less… Combative… Nature. Perhaps some kind of trade could be in order – our preliminary scans of the system indicated the presence of some elements in the asteroid field that you might find useful. We’re certainly in a position to assist with extraction of these, in exchange for a percentage of the excavated materials, or perhaps access to something you have here on the surface?

Tych: Response

Kiax: Logistics is my specialty, Representative. I’m sure between the two of us we can come to an arrangement that will benefit both ourselves, and both races here on Feladon.

Serala: I agree. Anything we might offer should benefit all the people of his world.

McKnight / Tych / Zadok: Responses

Kiax: Are you really suggesting that the Mekra’fari aren’t evolved enough to have a say in this discussion, Representative? Surely that should be up to them, and not yourself?

Tych / Zadok: Response

Serala didn’t much like the tone Esa was taking, but her point was well taken. It was starting to become quite clear that these two, at the very least, had issues with the Mekra’fari. Was it an isolated opinion, or did all their people share this attitude? Her own people had a serious problem with feelings of superiority. Even her own mother, at times. But Serala had been born and raised on Earth with Federation ideals all around her. But Earth had dealt with its own share of such behaviors. Many wars had been fought behind the idea of supremacy of one kind or another.

oO Bigotry. So they are both proud and prejudicial. This is going to be a problem. I can tell already. Oo 

Kiax: With all due respect, Representative, that doesn’t really seem fair. Surely we should be dealing with a representative from both species governing bodies here? Yourself, and a Mekra’fari.

Serala: That’s enough, Commander. We are their guests here and have no right to dictate to them how they govern their world. No matter our own opinions on the matter.

Esa looked down at her feet as she responded and Serala knew she was not happy. Possibly even embarrassed. But this was a First Contact situation and she needed to implement the highest levels of diplomacy available to her here. Esa’s points were well taken, but for now, she was dealing with the Feladoni.

Kiax: Aye, Commander.

Azorius: We mean no disrespect, Representative. We are just accustomed to a different way of life. As you know, we value all species equally and share our ships, our resources, our lives with every member of our crew. Their race, gender and background are irrelevant. It is hard for some of us to understand your ways as it is for you to understand ours.

Serala: We have had our share of conflicted opinions about others of different species in our own histories. But we have moved past that kind of attitude, and some take it a bit more personally that others. However, it’s not our place to dictate how your world behaves.

Tych / Zadok: Response

Serala: I am curious, however. Why do you view the Mekra’fari in such a negative light? What is it about them that you consider inferior? Our scans seemed to indicate an equal level of development between the two of your species.

Tych / Zadok: Response

Kiax /McKnight / Azorius: Response

Serala: I am confused. If they are so inferior, how is it they managed to develop along the same technological lines that your own people did? I mean, we have detected a third species on this planet and they are clearly at a more primitive state of development. Perhaps you could explain this for us?

Tych / Zadok: Response

Kiax /McKnight / Azorius: Response

Serala: Fascinating. So, how does it work then? What is the exact relationship between the Feladoni and the Mekra’fari?

Tych / Zadok: Response

Kiax /McKnight / Azorius: Response

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