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Oct 22, 2020, 8:09:04 PM10/22/20
to USS Chin'toka – StarBase 118 Star Trek PBEM RPG

(( Captain’s Ready Room, USS Chin’toka, just after staff briefing. ))

Making his way through the Chin’toka’s sleek, modern, and efficient Bridge, Mei’konda glanced briefly back over his shoulder as he watched the other officers disperse, either to the turbolift or to their duty stations on the Bridge itself.  Serala, on the other hand, followed a few meters behind him as he made his way to his Ready Room.  The doors slid open, and the two senior officers made their way in.

Serala had not missed the tone or look in the Caitian’s voice and demeanor. She had already earned his disapproval, though she wasn’t sure exactly why. It had something to do with her request, she was sure, but more than that she didn’t know. Deciding she has best clear it up, she followed the Captain out of the briefing room toward the Ready Room.

Mei’konda hadn’t had a chance to unpack yet.  There were still a few small boxes of personal belongings that he’d brought from the Astraeus that he had yet to unpack.  He’d still have to make a stop by the ship’s more heavy duty replicators in order to get a chair that’d be suitable for his tail, as well as a sofa, but for now, the standard issue ones would do.  Mei’konda settled behind the desk, and gestured for Serala to take the seat in front of it.

Serala entered the Ready Room and looked around. She had gotten so used to Ben being in here she half expected to see it here. Her nose was not complaining though. Letting out a small sigh of relief, she proceeded the rest of the way in.

Mei’konda: Commander.  Let me just saay again how sorry I am for the loss of your husband.

Serala: Thank you, sir. It’s been a struggle, that is certain. But I am managing. oO Barely. Oo

Mei’konda: Yes.  I can only imaagine what you went through then.  What you are going through now.  And I disliike askiing my officers to do things that I am not sure that I could do myself.  Do you know why I called you in here?

Serala: I am certain it has something to do with my request, though beyond that, I am not sure.

Reaching over toward one of those closed boxes, the Caitian opened it up and pulled out a photo.  It showed Mei’konda and his husband, on shore leave on Earth several years ago.  They’d climbed the Swiss Alps together, and it was one of his fondest memories.

Serala stole a glance at the photo and noticed a rather attractive looking Vulcan man. If the memory of her husband wasn’t sitting so raw in her mind, she might have found him appealing.

Mei’konda: Yes. I have no doubt that you will caarry out your duties on this mission.  I trust my first impressions, and my first impression of you has been a good one.  My problem was with how you voiiced your request in the briefing.

Serala: I see. Thank you for the compliment, sir. I try my best. Duty is the overriding factor in nearly everything I do. But I am sorry if I approached that request incorrectly. The rest of the officers there were already familiar with the situation, so I didn’t perceive any harm. I apologize if I was out of line.

Mei’konda glanced back up from the picture, set it down on the desk, and met the part Romulan woman’s eyes.

Mei’konda: There are bound to be some growiing pains as we get used to each other, Commander.  In the fuuture, I would prefer you voice any requests liike that to me in priivate.  No maatter how you and I may be feeling about a place, an order… we must provide an exaample of strength to the crew.  Will that be a problem?

Serala: No, sir. It’s not a problem. I just didn’t know you would have preferred that request in a more private setting. I will keep it in mind in the future. But so that I can learn from this, may I ask why you found it inappropriate?


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