Lt Commander Serala: Planning for the worst and hoping for the best

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Jim Davis

Nov 5, 2020, 8:50:04 PM11/5/20
to USS Chin'toka
(( Bridge, USS Chin’toka, one week into the trip to Tibro ))  

Mei’konda: Understood. Commander Serala, let me know when we’re in communications range with Tibro IV.  I’ll waant to see what exactly Grand Admiraal Dels’an can tell us about this civil war.

Serala: A’ue, Eriov oO Fvadt. Oo Sorry, sir. It’s a bad habit. What I meant to say was, aye, Captain.

He gave her a slight smile of forgiveness, but said nothing of it.

Levinson: I am not detecting any other kinds of weapons discharges as of now. I will report should that change.

Tal’Aura: Tal’Aura: Nor am I, Captain.

Mei’konda: Very good, thaank you.

Serala turned to her scanners and began calculating their ETA to the system. She also took note that Ensign Callahan had taken the helm and allowed herself a brief smile. Last time she had seen him at the helm, he had been so nervous he had nearly collided the Atlantis into an asteroid. After that, she’d had him sent to get additional training in that area. He seemed more confident now, so maybe her action had paid off.

Tal’Aura: Captain, Commander, I am picking up a small disturbance near the debris thanks to the Commander’s program. It is probably nothing but I am forwarding the sensor log to your consoles.

Levinson / Any: Responses

Mei’konda: I see.  Commander, you’re the most experiienced officer here when it comes to this procedure, I assume?  Do you thiink we could have Romulan visitors?

That was a good question. There was no way to really confirm if there was a cloaked ship, but based on her analysis, this didn’t seem to be the case. 

Serala: No, sir. I analyze this as an eddy, nothing more. But good catch, Mister Tal’Aura.

Tal’Aura: Thank you, Commander. Continuing analysis of debris fields.

Levinson / Any: Responses

Serala: Captain, we will be in communications range of Tibro in about two hours.

Serala took note of Toryn’s arrival on the bridge. She wondered where he had been at, but knew he had a good reason for just now getting here.

Mei’konda: Excellent, Commander Serala.

Raga: I get the feeling something happened?

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Mei’konda: I’m afraaid so. We’ve detected a laarge battle a little over three light years from here, between Valcarian Empire vessels. One of them is down already. It seems there’s a bit of a civil war happening here.

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Raga: Not surprising. With the way they struggle for power open conflict was likely to happen eventually. Though, it’s interesting since I thought Del’san had complete control over their navy. 

Tal’Aura: Perhaps the Admiral overestimated or over exaggerated the amount of support they had in order to appear the dominant party.

Mei’konda: In governments such as the Valcarian Empire, the illusiion of complete control is paramount to maintaining a grip on their people. Dictaatorships cannot last once the truth begins to come out. And by the way. Welcome to the Bridge, Commander Raga.

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Raga: Apologies. I’ve spent the last hour holding my door open while it was getting repaired. ::He shook his head and Serala smirked as she wondered if he had been the cause of the damage in the first place :: Long story.

oO I bet. Oo

Mei’konda: You’re here now, Commander. So. I don’t thiink we have to worry about any engagements until we drop to sublight speeds in the Tibro system. After that, we’ll have to be on our toes, so to speak. And we need to estaablish a few things ahead of time.

Serala sat back, prepared to listen to the Captain’s thoughts. 

Serala: What kinds of things did you have in mind, sir?

Raga / Levinson / th’Koro / Tal’Aura / Any: Responses

Mei’konda: Fiirst. We will be in a potentially hostiile area of spaace, and we will haave away teams on the ground. That means that the possibility exists that the Chin’toka maay have to leave orbit in a hurry, before it can retrieve team members on Tibro IV. 

Okay, so that made sense, though the idea of leaving shipmates behind in a potentially hostile situation did not appeal to her, the primary consideration had to be the ship.


Mei’konda: In such a situaation, the ship takes prioriity - I want that very well understood. But that doesn’t mean we won’t giive our away teams every resource they could have in an emergency. Mr. Raga, I want you to coordinaate with Commander Kiax and prepaare a base of operaations that can be set up in short notice near the archaeological sites we’ll be sending our science teams to.  Use a shuttle - one of our laarger ones, so it can be loaded with proviisions, defenses, etcetera.  

Serala: Quite understood and understandable, Captain.

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Raga: Response 

Mei’konda: Yes. I caan sell the shuttle’s presence to the Grand Admiral as necessary due to tools needed for our studies in that location. Questions or suggestions?

Raga / Levinson / th’Koro / Tal’Aura / Any: Responses

Serala sat back and listened to the ideas of the others around her. They all had valid points to make. She was a tactician and strategist. She could be ready for any engagements, assuming the Captain left her in charge instead of sending her to the planet. In that case, her security training would suit her best. But given the nature of the mission, one of diplomacy, she suspected he would wish to lead the team himself. 

Serala: Sir, the VIR ships are inferior to ours in regards to technology, though only slightly so. But numbers could overwhelm us. We should be prepared for that eventuality as well, should a shooting match become inevitable. I think it would be safe to assume our passing was noted and someone on one of those ships is going to report it. I am only speculating here, but that could have some unexpected consequences for us.

Mei’konda: Response

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