Lt Commander Serala: Caution Is The Order of The Day

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Jim Davis

Nov 3, 2020, 10:05:32 PM11/3/20
to USS Chin'toka

(( Bridge, USS Chin’toka, one week into the trip to Tibro. ))

Mei’konda: Increase speed to waarp twelve.

Helm: Aye, sir....

Serala watched her display as the speed indicator showed the ship accelerating. This was a dangerous speed in the Expanse, but they were in a known ship channel, so it wasn’t as dangerous as it might have been. She was glad she wasn’t an engineer or she might be more concerned than she was.

Rosek / Engineering: =/\= Responses =/\=

Rosek: =/\= Response =/\=

Mei’konda: =/\= How’s everything lookiing down there? =/\=

Rosek / Engineering: =/\= Responses =/\=

Mei’konda: =/\= Good.  Speed seems to be holdiing steady up here.  Keep an eye on it, and we’ll maintaiin this speed for now. Mei’konda out. =/\=

From her own chair...she allowed herself a brief internal smile at that thought… she watched the Caitian stand and move forward, his hands clasped behind his back. She briefly wondered if that was something they taught in Captain’s school because she had noticed that particular habit from other Captain’s she had encountered. Not all of them, to be sure, but enough.

Mei’konda: I understaand we’re approachiing Valcarian space. Lieutenant Levinson, Lieutenant th’Koro, I would liike you to begin full spectrum scans ahead.  I want to know exactly what we’re comiing up on. The Valcarian Empire is not known to be friendly, after all.

Serala forced herself to not even comment internally. This was going to be a hard enough mission without holding on to bitterness.

th’Koro: Aye, immediately sir… :: pause :: Sir, it appears that the scans are reading a dozen Valcarian ships. The amount of energy discharge I’m seeing suggests a battle of some sorts.

Levinson: Confirmed, sir. No other types of ships within the area of the weapons discharge. The only logical conclusion from the scan data suggests the Valcarian ships are firing at each other.

At that report, Serala quickly looked at her readouts. Sure enough, there appeared to be a battle going on.

oO So, the civil war has begun. That’s unfortunate. I wonder if word of the Emperor’s death has reached the populace yet. Oo

Mei’konda: Distaance?

Levinson: Three point one four one light years. I am unsure if they are able to detect us. 

th’Koro: I... can concur with that statement.

They would pass far enough away that they could avoid the battle, and the two forces were probably a bit more concerned with each other than they would be with one high-speed Federation ship. Their sensors might not even detect the Chin’toka at this range in any event.

Mei’konda: Hm. Troubliing. Lieutenant Ganarvuss, bring us to yellow alert. Mr. Tal’Aura, traack all Valcarian military targets. I don’t want anythiing approaching us without plenty of advance notiice.

Serala nodded in agreement. Those were very sensible precautions, and had he not ordered them, she might have recommended those steps to him. Her confidence in his ability to command was growing daily, though she’d never really had any doubts to begin with. After all, you don’t make it to Captain in Starfleet by being a slouch.

Ganarvuss / Tal’Aura: Responses

Mei’konda: :: pausing briefly :: Track any traffic that could be daamaged, as well.  If any civilian ships are out there that have sustaiined damage, we may need to render assistance.

Ganarvuss / Tal’Aura: Responses

The Captain looked over at her before he spoke again.

Mei’konda: Looks liike this mission just got a little more interestiing.  Any suggestions, Commander?

Serala: Other than the precautions you just took, sir, I would recommend keeping an eye out for the Romulan Empire. The last time we were here, a small task force showed up claiming to be present at the request of the Tibroan government.

Mei’konda: If Romulans are in the area, I would certaiinly prefer to know about it.  That sounds like quite a surpriise.

Serala: Indeed. I was a bit surprised about it myself. Ambassador Dels’an had invited a Romulan Commander to the diplomatic talks she wanted to hold with us. Of course, that all went wrong.

th’Koro: Is it likely this will be attempted again? Unless they take us for fools...

Ganarvuss/Tal’Aura/Levinson: Response

Serala: No, I don’t really expect them, but it never hurts to keep your eyes peeled. :: Turning to Ensign Tal’Aura :: Ensign, search the tactical database for a program labeled Serala Delta-Seven-Bravo. It’s a revised version Commander Raga and I wrote which takes advantage of the unique properties of the Expanse to help us detect cloaked vessels.

Tal’Aura: Response

Serala: No, it’s not fool-proof by any means. But it has tested to improve our odds at detection by about thirty percent. It works by analyzing the drift patterns of the debris around us to determine the likelihood of a cloaked vessel in the vicinity.

Mei’konda: Good initiatiive, Commander. Ensign, let me know if you pick anythiing up.

Tal’Aura: Response

Serala: No, sir. No signs of any Romulan activity at this time. But then, that doesn’t really mean anything either.

There was a pause before the Captain spoke again.

Mei’konda: Ensign Tal’Aura, Lieutenant Ganarvuss, maintaiin scans and log anythiing that may fit Commander Serala’s prograam.  If there’s anythiing particularly close, especially on an intercept course with either us or Tibro IV, I want to know about it immediately.

Tal’Aura / Ganarvuss: Responses

Ensign Patrick Callahan stepped off the turbolift and looked around the bridge. They had been underway for a week now, and most of the system malfunctions seemed to be working themselves out. Oh, there were still the odd ones here and there. Why, even this morning, his daughter had come out complaining that the sonic shower had suddenly stopped midway through. Fortunately for Tracy, Pat was pretty good with basic engineering type stuff and had quickly fixed it rather than having to summon the already overworked engineering staff. Though, he might have anyway in hopes that the red-haired Rekarian Chief might come to his rescue. As a result of all the hiccups, Patrick had been doing his shifts assisting various teams with repairs. Today was the first day he would actually be able to sit at the helm.

As he made his way down to the helm station, he listened to the conversation going on around him. It seemed the ship had just passed an interesting encounter and he had missed it.

th’Koro: It appears that the Valcarians have just lost a ship. This isn’t a half-hearted fight...

oO A fight? Let’s hope we aren’t going to get involved. We just got this ship. Oo

Patrick relieved the helm officer and took over the station. According to the duty roster, he would be flying the ship into orbit around Tibro and then stay at the helm for the rest of the ship as it orbited the planet.

Mei’konda: Understood. Commander Serala, let me know when we’re in communications range with Tibro IV.  I’ll waant to see what exactly Grand Admiraal Dels’an can tell us about this civil war.

Serala: A’ue, Eriov oO Fvadt. Oo Sorry, sir. It’s a bad habit. What I meant to say was, aye, Captain.

Levinson: I am not detecting any other kinds of weapons discharges as of now. I will report should that change.

Ganarvuss / Tal’Aura / Any who’d like to be here: Responses

Mei’konda: Response

Serala turned to her scanners and began calculating their ETA to the system. She also took note that Ensign Callahan had taken the helm and allowed herself a brief smile. Last time she had seen him at the helm, he had been so nervous he had nearly collided the Atlantis into an asteroid. After that, she’d had him sent to get additional training in that area. He seemed more confident now, so maybe her action had paid off.

Levinson / Ganarvuss / Tal’Aura / Any: Responses

Mei’konda: Response

Levinson / Ganarvuss / Tal’Aura / Any: Responses

Mei’konda: Response

That was a good question. There was no way to really confirm if there was a cloaked ship, but based on her analysis, this didn’t seem to be the case. 

Serala: No, sir. I analyze this as an eddy, nothing more. But good catch, Mister Tal’Aura.

Levinson / Ganarvuss / Tal’Aura / Any: Responses

Serala: Captain, we will be in communications range of Tibro in about two hours.

Mei’konda: Response

Levinson / Ganarvuss / Tal’Aura / Any: Responses

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