Lieutenant Commander Cadfael Peters: This Had Better Work Part I

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Feb 22, 2022, 1:51:02 AM2/22/22
to chintoka IC

(( Bridge, Deck 3, USS Chin’toka - In geosynchronous orbit over Reskarii deposit, 4th Planet, PTE-2891 System ))


Mei’konda: =/\= Commander Isa tells me that if radiation levels continue to riise at their current rates, the shuttle’s engines will begin experiencing interference in approximately fifteen minutes. If they’re still riising in ten, I want you to lift off and return to the ship. Haviing all of you walking around in double gravity while radiation on the surface is no way to fiind our missing officers. Understood? =/\=


Kiax: =/\= Response =/\=


Levinson: =/\= Understood, Sir. =/\=


Alentonis: =/\= Yes, captain. =/\=


Isa: Captain, I would recommend taking us down closer to enable us to retrieve the shuttle.


Logan: Response


The idea to maneuver closer in order to pick up the shuttles from the surface wasn’t a very appealing thought, since the navigational techniques required to do so demanded a great deal of precision. He knew that Jon Cumar was a decent helmsman who had more experience with this sort of thing, but alas, his friend wasn’t here. However, Cadfael himself had managed some pretty impressive flying since his transtion from gold to red, so it was probably just as well. This would provide a unique experience that would definitely be more challenging than finding parking for an Akira-class in an asteroid field. 


Peters: I can bring us in closer as they lift off, but it will be tricky. I don’t recommend it due to the density of the plasma storm clouds surrounding the LZ, but I can manage it. Power from the non-essential systems rerouted to shields will prevent major damage, but we would likely need to go in geosyncrhonous orbit around the planet until the storm subsides before retrieving the shuttles.


Isa: Understood, but if it would do that to us, imagine what it would do to a shuttle. This way, we minimize the risk to the shuttle. I just think we should be prepared just in case things go awry.


Logan: Response


Peters: Provided they manage to lift off within the window, they should be able to make it back without getting caught in the storm surge. If they don’t, then there will undoubtedly be complications as the engines sieze from the ionization.


Mei’konda: Will they haave time to break atmo, considering the charge building up in their engines?


Isa: We can have engineering monitor the engines and prioritize them. Hopefully, they can find a way to extend that timeframe a bit. Once the shuttle is onboard, we can move out of the area until the storm passes. 


Mei’konda: I know it doesn’t feel riight, Commander Isa. Pulliing back, leaving some of our people down there in an unknown siituation. But sometimes, regroupiing is the better call.


Logan: Response


Isa: I don’t like the idea of leaving them behind either, sir. But if there is native life down there, that life has found a way to survive. And I am beginning to suspect that someone down there has our team. Why and in what condition still remains to be seen, but what it does mean is that our team should be benefitting from whatever protects the native life.


Cadfael nodded slightly and began running calculations in his head while working on the crazy plan that was now forming as a result of the oncoming plasma storm. 


Logan: Response


Isa: Well, that’s going to depend on how long the storm lasts. I think we should have a brief conference once the away team is aboard, but my initial thought is to send a search and rescue team once the storm clears and a second team to resume the search for the reskarii.


The Caitian nodded slightly in return.


Mei’konda: We’ll plaan on the first, as soon as possible. Study of the Reskari alloy will wait until our people are safe, if we haave to make that choice.


The helmsman nodded again as he was busy running calculations as the conversation continued around him. He was plotting out the most likely course, and how close they would have to get in order to shield the shuttle from the oncoming storm cloud. 


Logan: Response


And a moment later, the relief Operations officer spoke up.


Operations Officer: Captain, the Kraken is lifting off. She’s on a return trajectory, but the radiation is getting very strong.


Returning his eyes to the viewscreen, Mei’s ears perked up again as Raga’s voice came through the comms.


Raga: =/\= The impulse engines are full and we’re barely able to keep ascending. It feels like the storms out there cause turbulence in the atmosphere. This aurora is intense. I don’t think we can get out of the atmosphere. =/\=


Kiax / Levinson: =/\= Responses (if any) =/\=


Mei’konda: =/\= This is the Captain. Can you set the Kraken back down? =/\=


The pause was somewhat awkward for a moment, and then Cadfael spoke up from his calculations.


Peters: =/\= Toryn, this is Cadfael. We can swoop in and retrieve you with an atmospheric entry and catch the Kraken with a bit of aerial artistry into the shuttle bay. =/\= 


That was not going to get him many points in popularity contests, but if it worked and he could pull it off, it would likely buy him free drinks for a long time. 


Raga: =/\= I’m nowhere near as good a pilot as you are Cadfael. But if you can get into the thermosphere we can try. =/\=


Kiax / Levinson: =/\= Responses (if any) =/\=


Isa / Logan: =/\= Responses =/\=


Peters: =/\= Get ready for some fancy flying. You got this, Toryn. Fair winds. =/\=

Lieutenant Commander Cadfael Peters
Chief Helmsman
USS Chin'toka NCC-97187
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