Lt Commander Serala: You Have Nothing To Worry About

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to USS Chin'toka

(( Conference Room, Deck 3 - Primary Hull, USS Chin’toka ))

Serala watched the officers break up into their little groups as she sat back pondering how she had found herself in the position of leading a mission briefing.

oO It could have been a little smoother, but overall not too bad. Oo

Toryn’s exhale drew her attention and she noticed that he was still sitting at the table reviewing some data on a PADD

Serala: Something troubling you, Toryn? 

Raga: :: he looked up with a smirk before shaking his head. :: Just making sure I’m up to speed on recent goings on in the Expanse and beyond. I want to make sure you have a solid Acting First Officer for the immediate future. 

Serala smiled at him and laid her hand on his shoulder. He had told her once that in his culture the gesture reflected how close to each other they were. The closer the hand lay to the neck, the closer the relationship. Once she had put her hand pretty close to his neck, but now, while still close, it was only that of a good friend. 

Serala: Toryn, relax. I didn’t just pick you to be my acting Number One just because you’re the ship’s Second Officer. Of course, that made the decision a bit easier. But we’ve known each other since we were Ensigns and we have a good working relationship. That hasn’t changed just because I am now the Acting CO.

Raga: You deserve the best from me. And so does the crew, no matter my reservations about whether or not I can do the job. :: He chuckled wanly :: 

Serala: Nor did I feel worthy when Captain Thoran tapped me for the role. After all, you were senior to me and we had the same background and qualifications. But the more I have done the job, the more comfortable I have become with it. Don’t worry, you will be fine.

Raga: Response

Serala: Good. Now, there is one thing I would like to discuss with you since we’re alone.

She waited for him to acknowledge her before continuing.

Raga: Response

Serala: Well, I know that every order you gave were good ones. However, outside of orders to the SOR Team, anything else probably should have come from me.

Raga: Response

Serala: Well, I know you meant well. And like I said, the orders were perfectly valid. However, I hope you can see how that undermines my authority with the crew? Now, I don’t really believe that any of them will read into it. More likely they will understand you were just trying to ensure all the bases were covered. But I am hoping you will get a shot at being a First Officer some day, yourself. And these are the kinds of things you should consider.

Raga: Response

She nodded. It helped that Toryn knew her. Otherwise, this discussion could be taken a completely different way. Serala did have a reputation for being a bit aloof and strict.

oO And probably for good reason Oo

Serala: Like I said, I know you meant well. And it’s entirely possible that when you do get the chance to be someone’s First Officer, they may welcome that kind of direct approach from you. To be honest, I might not mind it so much myself if I were actually the CO of this ship. But I am only filling in, so … Well, you know me. I always try to do my best at my job, whatever that is. And I need to make sure these people will follow me just as easily as they would Captain Mei’konda.

Raga: Response

Lt. Commander Serala
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