Lt Commander Serala: It Never Rains But it Pours

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Mar 11, 2021, 10:52:15 PMMar 11
to USS Chin'toka
(( Representative Tych’s Manor, Eladar IV [Feladon]  ))

Serala: As do I, Representative, but we shall respect your wishes. We are going to go search for our missing officers and then, if you still want nothing to do with us, we will depart in peace.

Kiax / Zadok: Response

McKnight: =/\= Commander Serala, please come back to the shuttle, we have a situation that needs your immediate attention. =/\=

Taking another deep breath in an attempt to suppress her frustration, she tapped her badge to acknowledge Amuro.

Serala: =/\= On my way, Lieutenant. We were just leaving anyway. =/\=

She closed the channel by tapping her badge once more then looked at the Counselor and Commander Kiax.

Serala: Let’s go. We need to find Commander Rosek and her team. :: turning back to Tych :: I do apologize for the judgmental tone we’ve presented. That was never our intention and I hope you will eventually see us for who we really are. Until then, jolan’tru.

Tych / Zadok: Response

Serala led the others back to the shuttle, curious to see what Amuro had uncovered. When she stepped in, she made her way to the seat he was at.

Serala: What do you have, Lieutenant?

McKnight: Ma'am, I've managed to get a general area of where the other team is. Their commbadages are still working. I can get a transporter lock once the computer has all of them.

Well, that was one piece of good news. She took the same seat she had occupied on the trip down and pulled up the sensor scans. Even as she watched, the blips that indicated the commbadges flipped around and were now in completely different positions. A few seconds later, it happened again.

Serala: I don’t think these are good readings. Their signals seem to be jumping all over the place. None of them are capable of moving that fast. Could we possibly be getting sensor ghosts of the actual signal?

Kiax / Azorius: Response

Serala: Well, Commander. This is your specialty so I will leave you to it. See if you can clean up those echoes and pin down our people.

McKnight: We have another problem. The Chin'toka's in combat right now with the Caraadian ship. According to Raga, it was the Caraadian shot first. No warning.

oO I think there was an old Terran phrase for this…. It never rains but it pours? Yes, I think that’s it. Oo

Serala: Okay. One thing at a time. First. Gentlemen, we are on a mission right now. I am aware that there is a lot of familiarity amongst us, but when we are on duty, I expect proper decorum to be followed. It’s not Kiax, it’s Commander Kiax. It’s not Raga, it’s Commander Raga. When we’re off duty, feel free to call each other as you wish, as long as the senior person has given your permission to use a more familiar term.

She paused long enough for them to acknowledge her before continuing.

Kiax / McKnight / Azorius: Response?

Serala: Very good. Next, we have to find our people. Commander Kiax, once you have their location pinpointed let me know. If you can’t get a solid location, a general one will do. :: turning to McKnight :: You’re the Deputy SOR Team Leader. Although I came from Security and Tactical, I think you have the skills to help us recover our team. I want to avoid as much violence as possible, and especially killing. If we can talk to these Mekra’fari, I would like to go that route. :: to Azorius :: And that’s where your skills will be most useful, Counselor. I am not the most diplomatically minded person.

Kiax / McKnight / Azorius: Response

Serala: Very good. If we can get a transporter lock, that will make things easier, but it’s looking to me like that’s not going to be possible. So, let’s find them and we can plan from there. And …. :: she looked at each in turn :: No more vocal judgements against these people and their culture. I don’t much like their attitude either, but our job here is to present the best face of the Federation that we can. We’re failing miserably.

Kiax / McKnight / Azorius: Response

Zarax: =/\= Shuttle John Lewis to Commander Serala. =/\=

Serala tapped her badge to reply.

Serala: =/\= Go ahead, Ensign =/\=

Zarax: =/\= Sir, I am not sure if you are aware, but the ship is locked in battle with a Caraadian warship. =/\=

Serala: =/\= I am aware, Ensign. Was there a reason for your contact? =/\=

Zarax: =/\= Yes, Commander. I have just detected multiple small craft being launched from the other ship. And at least one of them is on a trajectory for the planet. =/\=

oO Fvadt! Oo

Serala: =/\= Acknowledged. Serala out. =/\=

The channel closed and Serala turned to the others.

Serala: Well, seems we have a new problem on our hands. Input?

Kiax / McKnight / Azorius: Response

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