Lt Commander Serala: Returning Home

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Mar 21, 2021, 9:38:47 PMMar 21
to USS Chin'toka

(( Captain’s Ready Room, Deck 3 - Primary Hull, USS Chin’toka ))

// Captain’s Log, Stardate 239803.21

This turned out to be a very interesting First Contact mission. My first, and I certainly made my share of blunders, but I am optimistic for the people of Eladar IV. And I call it that, because I am not sure whether calling it Feladon or not is appropriate.

It seems that there may be some hope for the Feladoni and Mekra’fari. Change is not going to come overnight. But given the General’s shift in attitude after the attack in the caves, I am hopeful that change will come. I am going to recommend to Starfleet that a full diplomatic team be dispatched to make better overtures to these people than I was able to do, and to maybe help them transition to a more unified world. I am also going to recommend a protective detachment be sent to keep other people from invading as the Caraadians tried to do. The planet seems to be rich in dilithium and reskarii; apparently a byproduct from the Mekra’fari. I am sure our scientists would love to study that some more. I am not sure where the Federation Council will fall on all of this, but I am hopeful that they will send some help.

The Vritad finally departed the system after several hours of working on their systems, though from Lieutenant Commander Raga’s report, I think that we should consider avoiding their space until our diplomatic teams can get the situation sorted out.

After seventeen days of travel at warp eight, we have finally arrived at Deep Space Twenty Six. I am sure the Engineering Department is beside themselves with the repairs they are going to have to undertake, but as might be imagined, I was a bit eager to get back to some place familiar and steady to help ground myself again.

The crew’s conduct, while at times understandably irritated, was overall very good. This was a tough situation that tested our Federation ideals and put some of them into conflict. I hope we prove to have ultimately done things as correctly as we could. History will have to be the judge of that. And Starfleet Command.

On a personal note, it will be good to have Captain Mei’konda back. While I certainly don’t mind being in command, I have a newer respect for the decisions he has to make on a regular basis. I only hope I can be as good a leader as him when and if I ever get a command of my own.

Entry Ends. //

Serala turned off the monitor and sat back. Yes, it had indeed been an interesting mission and she hoped she could come back here someday to see just exactly how things turned out for the people of Eladar IV. For now, she was going to go find the Captain and give him his ship back.

(( OOC: Let Shore Leave commence! ))

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