Commander Jarred Thoran - A Rosewood Box For You, And You, And You

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Jarred Thoran

Oct 3, 2020, 1:58:46 PM10/3/20
to USS Chin'toka – StarBase 118 Star Trek PBEM RPG
((Officer's Mess, Deck 11, USS Chin’toka))

((Time Index: Day 27 of Shoreleave - Early Evening)) 

The evening was going well, with the crew seeming to enjoy themselves. A few of the crew had already been presented with their new pips, signalling their next step up the career ladder. As Jarred cast his eyes around the room, he felt a sense of pride to be commanding such an outstanding crew. Whilst Jarred still had some reservations around commanding a ship such as the Chin’toka, it was a ship the crew wholeheartedly deserved.

After having excused himself from the others, Jarred had made his way back to where the band were playing a rather upbeat tune, and Jarred found himself tapping his foot along to the beat as he waited. With the band having wrapped up the song, Jarred cleared his throat, hoping to get the attention of those present. Once he was confident he had their attention he began to speak.

Thoran: Now onto the second of tonight’s presentations. Those of you who have been following the Atlantis will be aware we were invited to the first trade conference held by the Freeworlds Council. A conference held with the aim of increasing prosperity and helping foster better relations amongst the residents of the Par’tha Expanse. Unfortunately there were some… bad actors… that sought to undermine the conference. Under the circumstances the crew of the Atlantis performed admirably and we are now going to honour their efforts. Commander Serala, would you please join me?

Serala: Response

Jarred watched as the raven haired half-Romulan made her way through the crowd. Once Serala was with him, he gestured to a large mahogany box on a vacant chair near the band, containing a number of rosewood boxes, similar to those Jarred had handed out before.

Thoran: Lieutenant Commander Ishkabella Journs, please join us.

Once the emerald eyed Al-Leyan medical officer had joined them, Jarred continued. Out of all the decorations that he would be handing out this evening, this was the most personal for Jarred.

Thoran: Doctor, had it not been for your swift action after my injury on the surface of Illara Prime then it is very likely that I would not be here now. Your actions and subsequent treatment undoubtedly saved my life and for that I am extremely grateful. It is my honour to present you with the Silver Lifesaving Ribbon. Congratulations and thank you Doctor.

Jarred took the rosewood box that Serala handed to him. He offered his hand to the red-haired women as he handed her the box.

Journs: Response

Serala: Response

Any: Response

Thoran: If you could remain here Doctor. Lieutenant Junior Grade Thalas th’Koro, Lieutenant Commander Toryn Raga and ::he glanced over to Serala, a thin smile on his face.:: Lieutenant Commander Serala, please could you join me.

It took a few moments for Raga and th’Koro to join the trio. With the four officers now standing ready, Jarred continued.

Thoran: Commander Serala, Commander Raga, both of you were responsible for liaising with representatives from the Freeworlds and Caraadians, a task made all the more difficult amidst the chaos at the conference. Doctor Journs, Lieutenant th’Koro each of you were tasked with speaking with delegates to try and gain further information after we had received news of an infiltrator amongst the ranks. For your efforts, you are hereby awarded the Diplomacy Ribbon. Congratulations.

Jarred made his way along the line, presenting each of the officers with a rosewood box containing an orange and purple ribbon, stopping for a moment to offer his hand and congratulations to each of them.

Serala / Raga / Journs / th’Koro: Response

Any: Response

Thoran: Lieutnant th’Koro, out of all the crew you suffered an experience that nobody wishes to go through ::Jarred shot a glance to Theo, recalling the time the man had been kidnapped after taking his yacht, the USS Kumari, out for it’s maiden voyage.:: You are hereby awarded the Prisoner of War Ribbon.

There were no congratulations as Jarred handed the Andorian science officer his third rosewood box of the evening, containing a ribbon that no officer wished to receive, simply an unspoken understanding of what it represented. Whilst the small red and black ribbon was a reminder of the experience, it was also a testament to the officer’s resolve. Jarred was thankful that there weren’t any Purple Hearts being awarded this time.

th’Koro: Response

Serala: Response

Any: Response

Thoran: Lieutenant Commander Kurt Logan, Lieutenant Amuro McKnight and Lieutenant Junior Grade Ilana Ganarvuss, please join me.

Jarred waited as the trio strode towards him, the two former marine officers flanking the Acting Security Chief. Despite her smaller stature, Jarred knew that the Centauran woman was more than capable of holding her own.

Thoran: Commander Logan, Lieutenant Ganarvuss, for leading the investigation into the disappearance of the Freeworlds Security Director, and Lieutenant McKnight for your efforts in apprehending my attacker, it is my pleasure to award you all the Good Conduct Ribbon. Congratulations.

Once again, Jarred made his way along the line, handing each of the officers a small rosewood box containing the blue and orange ribbon. 

Logan / McKnight / Ganarvuss: Response

Serala: Response

Any: Response

Thoran: Next up is Lieutenant Commander Esa Kiax and Lieutenant Junior Grade Lephi, please could you join me?

Both officers had impressed Jarred with the drive and ingenuity, and he could see a bright future ahead for them. For Lephi, this ribbon was likely to be the first of many she would receive throughout her career, while for Esa it would be another ribbon to add to her growing collection. Jarred had noted from her file that it would be her third such decoration.

Thoran: For your efforts in removing the virus from the Illaran systems and in restoring power, helping to prevent further attacks, it is my pleasure to award you the Innovation Ribbon. Congratulations.

Jarred offered his hand to each of the officers in turn as he presented them with their decoration, a small blue ribbon contained with yet another rosewood box.

Kiax / Lephi: Response

Serala: Response

Any: Response

Thoran: Finally, there are two ribbons that is it my honour to present to those who were present on Illara Prime with, the Joint Meritorious Unti Award and the Captain’s Commendation. Commander’s Serala, Toryn Raga, Esa Kiax, Ishkabella Journs, Kurt Logan, Lieutenant’s Amuro McKnight, Ilana Ganarvuss, Thalas th’Koro and Lephi, congratulations and well done for everything you did on the surface. Whilst the infiltrator may have escaped justice, Freeworld’s Illaran Freeworlds Council Member Keseri Weisto wishes to extend her gratitude, as do I. ::He paused for a moment, collecting his glass from the side, and raised it up.:: To the crew of the Chin’toka, formerly of the Atlantis.

Jarred cast his eyes around the room and began clapping, his chest filled with pride. The conclusion of events on Illara Prime had not been the result they had wanted, with the main antagonist managing to evade them, but at least his crew had come home and remained relatively unharmed. For Jarred that was a win. Still, it troubled him that they had been so brazen in their actions and Jarred had a horrible feeling they were only just scratching the surface of whatever was going on, and that it would not be the last they would see of the assailant.

As the applause died down, Jarred was about to merge back into the crowd, when Rear Admiral Kove appeared beside him.

RAdm. Kove: Not so fast Commander Thoran. ::She looked over to Serala.:: Commander Serala, I believe there is one box remaining, may I have it please?

Jarred shot his First Officer a look, wondering what conspiracy had been cooked up with the Admiral. He made a mental note to speak with Serala afterwards about loyalty to her captain.

RAdm. Kove: Commander Jarred Thoran, for sustaining an injury in the line of duty, you are hereby awarded the Purple Heart. I would like to remind you that Starfleet Command does not wish to get into the habit of awarding it’s commanding officers this decoration.

Jarred stepped forward and took the rosewood box containing the purple and black ribbon, before taking the Admiral’s outstretched hand. She had a firm grip, but what Jarred noticed the most was how cold her hands were, despite the warm room temperature.

Thoran: Thank you Admiral. Unless I am mistaken, that ties me with Commander Raga now.

Jarred looked over to the tall, long haired Al-Leyan and smiled. Toryn had a reputation amongst the crew for getting himself injured, and Anath would no doubt argue that Jarred was just as bad, although he would deny it.

Any: Response

RAdm. Kove: I believe Captain Whittaker, you have a few words you would like to say?

Whittaker: Response

Commander Jarred Thoran
Commanding Officer, USS Chin'toka NCC-97187

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