Lieutenant Commanders Lael Rosek & Chythar Skyfire: Tearful Reunion

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(( Shuttle -- USS Yahtzee ))

{{Time Index: Day 5 of Shoreleave}}

It felt strange for Chythar to be back on the Yahtzee after so many years, but in a way, it was almost like home. Not quite home, for obvious reasons, but a lot like it was just the welcome mat to something larger. The memories he’d made on this ship were many, and some were even pleasant; but now he was stepping from it to the Chin’toka, where he would actually see his daughter for the first time since her adoption had gone through. He made his way toward the cockpit with Devlin at his heels, where Carter and Cadfael were sitting and talking.

Peters: And then I said “Do they have a Brew Continuum aboard?” 

Greyson: Then you sent a message to Chythar and asked if he’d like to come with you once you realized they didn’t? 

Skyfire: Honestly, lad: the biggest draw is the fact Lael and Maddy are aboard the Chin’toka. So naturally I’d want to go see my wee lass with her mother.

Carter chuckled slightly and nodded before he glanced down at the console, which began beeping.

Chin’toka Shuttle Bay: =/\= USS Yahtzee, you are cleared for arrival in shuttlebay 2. =/\=

Greyson: =/\= Acknowledged, flying her in now. =/\= 

As the line cut, Cadfael effortlessly piloted the shuttle into the awaiting shuttle bay and glanced out the window. Chythar ducked back into the shadows to begin getting his stuff together. The pilot gave a small smirk. 

Peters: Looking to surprise her? Keep Devlin on a leash would be my advice.

Everyone descended to the back of the shuttle to retrieve their gear. Devlin’s new collar was finished, and CD knelt down to secure the chain collar around his beagle’s neck before clipping the leash to it.

((Shuttlebay 2, Deck 7, USS Chin’toka))

As the trio and the dog made their way off the shuttle, Cadfael was first off the walkway. Followed then by Carter, and finally the good doctor and his dog. Both Carter and Cadfael didn’t let their expressions betray who they were concealing behind them as they came within view of Maddy and Lael. 

((Main Engineering, USS Chintoka))

{{Time Index: An Hour Earlier}}

Lael sighed as she realized she was reading the same line for the fourth time in the last few minutes. Her gaze flickered to the holophoto sitting on her desk and she smiled. Setting the PADD down, she picked up the photo and studied the face of the tall man in it, his piercing blue eyes more than a little familiar. She’d looked into them so many times over the years that she could call them to the front of her memory even without the image in front of her. 

She laid the tip of her thumb delicately along the edge of his strong jaw and her smile widened, tears threatening. They’d both known the possibilities when they’d started this. After all, they’d met aboard a Starfleet vessel years ago now and had been, for the most part, inseparable ever since. She’d never met anyone who understood her like he did.

The moment was interrupted by a beep from her console and her brow furrowed at the incoming message. According to the note from the crewman on duty in the shuttlebay, she had a package incoming. What package? She hadn’t ordered anything. Her brow furrowed in concern, worried that Kell had taken it upon himself to come before she’d secured his next stop.

Her gaze flickered to the chronometer on the wall. One hour. That was what the message said. Technically, her shift was up two hours ago and she’d need to stop by to pick Maddy up from her volunteer shift at the nursery. She sighed, abandoning all hope of getting any more work done, she sighed and rose, straightening the hem of her uniform and headed to her quarters to rinse off the stench of the day. She’d get Maddy on the way to the shuttlebay.

((Shuttlebay 2, Deck 7, USS Chin’toka))

{{Time Index: One Hour Later…}}

She’d changed out of her uniform into a comfortable pair of dark jeans, her white cable-knit sweater and her brown boots, throwing her hair up in a hair tie. With Maddy in tow, she headed toward the shuttlebay, lost in thought.

M. Rosek: ::frowns:: Are you okay, mom?

Her daughter’s voice snapped her from her thoughts and she smiled wanly.

L. Rosek: Just thinking of Uncle Kellan and Paĉjo.

She could see from Maddy’s expression that the little girl wasn’t entirely convinced and she was glad when Maddy didn’t push the subject. Rounding the corner, the two entered the shuttlebay and her brow furrowed when she saw Carter. She didn’t recognize the other man and wondered how Carter knew him. Did Carter being here mean Anjar was?

The two men glanced at one another and stepped aside, revealing Chythar and Devlin. The canine attempted to rush Maddy and Lael in greeting, but CD kept a firm grip on his leash as he set the bag on the ground. 

Skyfire: And how are my lovely lasses doing today? 

M. Rosek: ::grins:: Daddy!

Lael stood in shock for a moment as their daughter rushed to greet him, hugging him so tightly that Lael was convinced the little girl would knock him over. She felt him reach for her mind through their psionic bond and that worked sufficiently to snap her out of her stupor. As Maddy shifted, Lael closed the distance between her and Chythar, a shaky hand lifting to cradle his face as her thumb stroked across his jawline.

L. Rosek: ::whispers:: How did you--?

Chythar stood his ground when his daughter tackled him and actually knelt down to give her a proper embrace. Devlin nuzzled and attempted to pounce her once she got in range, giving a playful bark of greeting. Cadfael and Carter watched the scene for a moment before interrupting briefly.

Greyson: We’ll let you stay here for a bit, but we should go tell Mei we made it safely. You’ll find us later, I’m sure. :: then, to Lael. :: Good to see you again, Lael. This is Cadfael Peters, our new helm officer.

She turned to greet the two with a smile and nodded.

L. Rosek: Good to see you again, Carter. ::inclines her head to the other man:: Nice to meet you, Cadfael.

Peters: Nice to meet you as well, Lael.

She resisted the urge to question Carter about Anjar. She hadn’t spoken to the other Engineer in some time and she didn’t want to ruin the happy moment in case the two hadn’t had the happy ending they’d hoped for.

Skyfire: Best not tae ask questions, darling. Ah’ve still got friends in high places. :: He stood slowly to give Lael a proper hug. ::

She laughed, wrapping her arms around his neck and brushing her lips against his.

L. Rosek: Even after all these years, you still manage to surprise me occasionally. ::lays a hand on his chest and smiles:: How was your trip?

Skyfire: Long, but that’s to be expected. Earth to here was a bit of a doozy. 

L. Rosek: ::shakes her head:: Knowing you, you brought plenty to keep you busy.

Skyfire: Actually, I spent most of it perfecting a new recipe. But that’s a story for another time. Point is, I made it here. 

Again, her hand went up to cradle his face and she studied him for a long moment, taking him in. It seemed like it had been forever since she’d felt him like this, close enough to touch. They’d talked so many times about this possibility when they’d found out about her transfer orders months ago, but it was something else that this was really happening. Tears threatened and, for once, she allowed them to fall. She let him see her vulnerable and let him see how much she’d missed him.

L. Rosek: ::murmurs in Russian:: Ya skuchal po tebe, moya dorogaya. (I’ve missed you, my darling.)

Cadfael nodded toward the exit, and Carter followed quietly. The two of them didn’t want to interrupt the moment, so made their way out to the corridor. Cadfael glanced down at his PADD as they left the shuttle bay and whispered quietly.

Peters: :: whispering to Carter :: I’ll be on the bridge, since that’s where orders say to report. I’ll catch you later.

Greyson: Understood. I’ll be in the lounge for the moment.

As the two of them went their separate ways, Chythar took that moment to pull Lael into a deep kiss, filled with passion. He had missed being this close to her, and of course the presence of their little girl. He pulled Maddy into the hug, and Devlin via his leash nuzzled at their feet. Once the kiss was broken, he wiped away the tears.

Skyfire: :: to L. Rosek, in Russian :: YA tozhe skuchal po tebe, Lael.

She laid her head on his shoulder and closed her eyes, smiling. The fatigue that she’d been fighting earlier was replaced by an unexplainable warmth that suffused her entire being. She allowed herself to bask in the feelings of security and stability his presence brought to their little family unit before pulling back and meeting his gaze with a smile.

L. Rosek: Are you hungry? Maddy and I were talking about eating in the Officer’s Lounge tonight. ::smiles:: It’s spaghetti night, I think.

Skyfire: Sure. I’m reasonably sure a slight delay in getting my quarters sorted won’t be that big a deal. 

L. Rosek: ::smiles and brushes her lips against his:: Our quarters. 

While technically they were still listed as hers only, a brief stop by Esa’s office in the morning would fix that. In the meantime, no harm would come from asking him to stay with her and Maddy for the night.

Skyfire: Spaghetti is good. Once we get Devlin sorted out, we can go get something to eat. Alright?

M. Rosek: Yay! Spaghetti!

Lael laughed. Maddy didn’t usually like spaghetti, but she imagined the little girl would eat just about anything if it meant getting to spend time with her dad.

L. Rosek: I can replicate him a dog bed without much problem. ::smiles at Devlin:: And maybe some dinner.

Devlin: Raff raff!

Skyfire: He’d appreciate it, for sure. 

He maintained the embrace for a few more seconds before releasing her, then giving Maddy another kiss on the cheek as he knelt down to pick up his bag. As he stood, he passed the leash to his daughter and Devlin barked happily as the family made their way quietly out of the shuttlebay. 



Lieutenant Commander Lael Rosek, Eng.D.

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USS Chin’toka NCC-97187



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