Lt Commander Serala: Crew Morale is in the Job Description

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Feb 7, 2021, 11:32:05 AMFeb 7
to USS Chin'toka
(( Bridge, Deck 3 - Primary Hull, USS Chin’toka, en route to Uncharted Region, Sector B-10 ))

Serala stepped up to the Operations Console to consult with Lt. Commander Kiax. She needed to know how the sensor upgrades were coming. They could prove quite useful on this mission and she was also hoping they might help improve her own tactical program.

Serala: Talk to me, Commander. How are the upgrades coming?

Kiax: Slow progress, Sir. I spent most of the morning making refinements to the fields and machine learning algorithms that will hopefully lead to an improvement in our sensor capabilities, but without time to properly trial them on a live subject – so to speak – the idea remains largely experimental. I’d be lying if I hadn’t considered shelving the project, at least until we’re stationary for a longer period…

Serala listened to the report, considering what Esa had to say. She was the expert here, so Serala was not eager to dismiss her ideas.

Kiax: Though, given the nature of our mission, that isn’t likely to happen. Given that the sensors – in effect our eyes in space – are limited as they are already, a quick application is not something I’m comfortable rushing into. Not to mention there’s a lot of activity going on right now, with Helm utilising the navigational sensors and the Science Labs using the long range astrological sensors, there isn’t much scope for downtime for me to apply any upgrades. That said, I’ve scheduled a couple of hours around 0100 Hours to take the long range sensors offline, and another hour at 0300 to take the navigational sensors offline, during which time we’ll have to slow speeds and navigate using the astrological sensors – though the upgrades should be completed by the start of the Alpha Shift. After that we can start testing, and within a day or two we’ll have some tangible results to present to yourself and Commander Raga.

Serala: Well, don’t give up just yet. I have every confidence in your skill. After all, you detected that device attached to the core when you had just arrived. And you have never failed to impress me with your skill. I trust you will work this out.

Kiax: :: Jokingly :: Picking needles out of haystacks seems to have become my specialty, huh? :: Beat. :: Rest assured, Captain – they’ll be fully ready by the time we arrive at the end of the Homar Route. Of that, I am confident.

oO I can’t wait until I have actually earned that title. Oo

Serala: :: smiling :: No worries. So, what are your thoughts about the upcoming mission? Excited? Ambivalent?

Kiax: I suppose it’s a mix of feelings really. Part of me wants to run around the ship screaming in excitement… :: chuckling :: This is the first major mapping assignment we’ve been given. But with that comes a strong sense of trepidation… We’re literally heading into the unknown… Who knows what we’re going to run into.

Serala nodded at the pink-and-blue haired Trill woman.

Serala: I have been in the fleet for just over three years and I don’t think I have ever been on a mission like this. I am really feeling good about it. After all, isn’t this what everyone joins Starfleet for?

Kiax: :: Grinning :: Oh, most definitely! After all, we’re explorers at heart. That doesn’t stop braving the new and unknown from being a little bit scary, though.

Serala: Sooo… I noticed you and Chief Davis left the New Year’s Eve party together. Something you want to share?

She couldn’t help it. Serala was a romantic at heart, not that she would admit it to any one. But if her friends could find happiness, she wanted to share in that. And Davis was a good man. They’d make a great couple if they decided to go that route.

Kiax: Uh… Well… :: She let out another small chuckle. :: We left the party, he walked me back to my quarters… :: Beat. :: And then he left the following morning…

Serala only smiled as Esa winked at her as if to punctuate her meaning. She was happy for the woman. Her wife had been suddenly reassigned to only the Elements knew where on some ultra secret mission from which she might never come back. Esa had been as devastated about that as Serala had been about the loss of her own spouse. At least one of them was on the comeback trail.

Serala: So, I take it you like him, then? Could it get serious between you two?

Kiax: I mean, yeah. I enjoy spending time with him, he makes me laugh – I generally feel happy when I’m around him… :: she demeanor changed slightly and Serala knew she was feeling a bit conflicted :: It’s just… Still married…

Serala: I see. Well, have you spoken to the Counselor about it? He seems to be very astute and good at his job. He even set me at ease, and that is not easy to do.

Kiax: Actually, yeah. I spoke to him before coming up here. It felt good to get some of my thoughts out in the open…

Serala: Well, good for you. And how does the Chief feel about it? Have you spoken to him since then?

Kiax: Ahhh… No. We’ve not spoken since that morning… I’ll be honest I feel kinda bad about that, but I’ve been pretty run off my feet with work of late… :: She shrugged a little. :: You know how it is when Starfleet sends out their New Year’s system updates. Madness reigns, Chaos ensues.

Serala chuckled at that. If she only knew the kinds of things she had to deal with as a First Officer. And now she was getting a taste of what her Captain’s had all had to deal with.  

Serala: Oh, indeed I do. But Esa, don’t leave him hanging. Chief Davis is a good man. He served under me for quite some time and I got to know him pretty well. He’s that wholesome kind of guy that everyone wants, but doesn’t know it. And he’s too nice for his own good. He deserves to be treated the same way. You would be good for each other, but that’s your business not mine. I just don’t want either of you to get hurt behind this.

Kiax: Response

With that, Serala returned to her seat to let Esa get back to her work. Crew morale was now part of her job description, so she needed to have those kinds of talks. Besides, she really was a romantic at heart, and if she could only get it vicariously, then she’d take it.

(( OOC: Wrapping this one up as we are about to move into the next part of the mission. ))

She’d barely been seated a minute when her badge chirped at her.

Raga: =/\= Raga to Serala. =/\= 

Serala: =/\= Serala here. Go ahead, Commander. =/\= 

Raga: =/\= Do you have a moment for me to run something by you? =/\=

Serala: =/\= Certainly. Where are you? I will come to you. =/\= 

Raga: =/\= I’m in First Officer’s office. =/\= 

Serala chuckled. She knew the discomfort he was feeling. She was using the Captain’s Ready Room, but it didn’t really feel like hers. Not yet.

Serala: =/\= Very well. I am on the Bridge. I will be right there. Serala out. =/\= 

((OOC: Feel free to continue this, but I’m about to send out the start of the next part of the mission.))

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