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Nov 28, 2020, 4:27:32 PM11/28/20
to USS Chin'toka

(( Bridge, Deck 3 Primary Hull, USS Chin’toka ))

Tal’Aura: Damage reports coming in. Minor injuries on decks seven and nine. Damage to primary and secondary systems nominal.

Mei’konda: =/\= Mei’konda to Chin’toka. Status report. =/\=

She was relieved to hear his voice. Moreso when she noticed that she didn’t hear any weapons fire near him.

Serala: =/\= Serala here, Captain. Is everything under control down there? =/\=

Mei’konda: =/\= Yes, for the moment, we’re secuure down here.  Is the shiip in danger? =/\=

Serala: =/\= Not at the moment, sir. We had a brief skirmish with a Valcarian cruiser. They took the brunt of it. Minor damage to our shields and we are still getting a damage report. =/\=

Mei’konda: =/\= Very well, Commander. If anything chaanges, keep me apprised.  Also, prepaare to beam down emergency supplies, both for medicaal assistance and emergency repairs to this complex. Lieutenants Snow and Lephi will give you the details. =/\=  

Serala: =/\= Acknowledged, Captain. We’ll have the supplies ready to go. =/\=

Mei’konda: =/\= Very good, Commander. Mei’konda out. =/\=

Once the channel was closed, Serala turned to look at the Rekarian Tactical Officer.

Serala: Well done, Mister Tal’Aura. Much better than the first time I went into battle in that position. We almost lost our ship that day. :: turning to Rosek :: And you as well, Commander. Power distributions were perfect. Thank you.

Rosek: I have teams working on the damaged areas. We’ll need everything back at peak just in case.

Serala: Agreed. Let’s get things patched up in case they come back with friends.

She tapped the comms button on her console again.

Serala: =/\= This is the First Officer. Stand down from Red Alert. All hands maintain Yellow Alert and remain at General Quarters. Bridge out. =/\=

Rosek: Ma’am, I’m confident that my teams can handle the repairs. In the meantime, I think it would be to our advantage to study the sensor logs of the battle. I can’t help but feel that was too easy. If they’d really wanted to, they could have put up much more of a fight.

Tal’Aura: Response

Rosek: With your permission, ma’am, I’d like to sit down with Ensign Tal’Aura and see what we can find out.  

Serala: That’s a good idea, you two. Make it so.

She turned her head back to the viewscreen before allowing the crack of smile to cross her face. She’d always wanted to say that, but she didn’t want the others to know. Still, the smile was hard to contain, so the best she could do was try to make sure no one could see it.

Tal’Aura: Response

Serala: I would also like to know why, if this was meant as a warning, they didn’t at least try to contact us to tell us to leave. That just doesn’t seem logical to me.

Rosek / Tal’Aura: Response

As those two set about their analysis, Serala called down to sickbay to have medical supplies sent to the transporter room. Once that was taken care of, she rose from her seat and made her way over to the tactical station.

Serala: What do you two think?

Rosek / Tal’Aura: Response

Serala: Well, I will leave you to it. Just don’t take too long. If they come back, I would like to know what kind of weaknesses they have. And their strengths.

Rosek / Tal’Aura: Response

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