Lt Commander Serala: The Aftermath, pt. 2

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to USS Chin'toka
(( Ladonnik Nature Preserve, Eladar IV ))

After a several minutes, the two officers returned with the stretcher and Serala had found herself starting to silently route for the one they had called Katnar. She was fading in and out and Serala didn’t need to be a doctor to know she was close to death. They really did need to hurry. Finally, she heard the voice of Lieutenant Levinson and breathed a sigh of relief, exhaling a breath she wasn’t aware she was even holding.

Levinson: We are here.

Kiax: You’re in charge here, Doctor. What do you need from us?

They quickly opened the stretcher and prepared the Mekra’fari for transport, and much to Serala’s delighted surprise, General Zadok silently lent a hand in that effort. Several of his soldiers also lent a hand. Maybe there was hope here after all.

McKnight / Qalipu’fari / Kiax / Rosek / Snow / Zadok / Any: Responses

Levinson scanned for lifesigns, but given the nature of the crystals here, she would have been surprised if the Vulcanoid woman reported anything other than what she had.

Levinson: I do not detect any lifesigns other than our own that we may cross on our way to the surface. I believe we have a clear path.

Kiax: I’m not sure I’ll be much help carrying the patient… I’ll bring up the rear.

Serala: Looks like the General’s people have that covered. Lieutenant McKnight on point, then the medical team. The rest of us can bring up the rear.

McKnight / Qalipu’fari / Kiax / Rosek / Snow / Zadok / Any: Responses

Katnar’fari: You… why are you here? 

Even in her weakened state, the surprise was clear.

Zadok: Response

Katnar’fari: Why help those whom you’ve relocated?

Again, the tone of her voice was unmistakable. Anger and Confusion. And from everything Serala had seen and heard since she had arrived, she could understand why. 

Zadok: Response 

Katnar’fari: Lofali’jit Katnar’fari. I was nine rotations when you came to move us from our homes… :: She coughed hard :: Why come to help save your pets?

Zadok: Response

Serala was surprised to hear that response from the General. Maybe there really was hope for these people. Before, she had been tempted to note the contact in her log and move on, but now? Now she might just recommend a full diplomatic team be sent here to help these people resolve their differences. She wasn’t sure how the Federation Council would react to that, but it was worth the effort, in her opinion.

McKnight /  Qalipu’fari / Kiax / Levinson / Rosek / Snow / Zadok / Any: Response

Katnar’fari: We cannot protect long as we’re...div...divide 

The Mekra’fari began to convulse, gasping for air and coughing up blood and fell into unconsciousness. 

McKnight / Qalipu’fari / Kiax /Levinson / Rosek / Snow / Zadok / Any: Responses

Together, they slowly made their way to the surface, the medical team in the lead. They would need to beam the doctor and Katnar to the John Lewis and then on to the Chin’toka. The rest could either follow in the transporter or ride up on the Banshee. About the time they cleared the caves, Toryn’s voice came over her commbadge.

Raga: =/\= Chin’toka to Commander Serala, do you copy? =/\=

Serala: =/\= Serala here, Commander. Go ahead. =/\=

Kiax: =/\= Receiving you five by five, Commander. =/\=

Raga: =/\= It’s good to hear your voice, Captain. We just entered orbit. The Vritad is in retreat. =/\=

She assumed the Vritad must be the Caraadian vessel.

Snow: =/\= response =/\=

Raga: =/\= Understood, prepare to beamed directly to Sickbay. =/\=

Serala watched as Doctor Snow and the Mekra’fari female disappeared in the blue transporter beam. At least the woman would survive now under the Doctor’s care.

Levinson: Very well… :: To Serala :: What is our next step, Commander?

Serala: We go home, Lieutenant.

Kiax: I couldn’t agree more. I’ll begin warming up the engines. General, Qalipu’fari – it’s been a pleasure.

Serala: Commander Rosek, you are injured. If you wish, you can beam directly back to the ship as well.

Rosek: Response

Serala turned to the General and the other Mekra’fari who had accompanied them - Qalipu, she thought she had heard.

Serala: If you two would like, you may ride up with us. :: to Qalipu :: It might do her good to have a familiar face there. And :: to the General :: Once she is better, you and she might be able to have a bit of a conversation about the future of your people.

Qalipu’fari/Zadok: Response

McKnight / Rosek / Any: Response

Serala: Very good. Then let’s get going everyone.

They all loaded up into the Banshee - there was more than enough room on the Argo-class shuttle - and lifted off. Soon they were sailing through the atmosphere and broke through the clouds to the stars above. Serala signalled the John Lewis to return to the Chin’toka and they made their way to the ship as well. Several times, she passed clear evidence of the space battle that had taken place. That was another diplomatic matter that was going to need to be settled. But not just yet. As they got closer, she could see the Caraadian vessel standing not too far off from the Chin’toka. It definitely bore the signs of combat. Their own ship looked as if it needed a good paint job, and some minor hull repairs, but otherwise from the outside, it didn’t look too bad. But she knew outward appearances didn’t always tell the whole story.

oO The Captain is going to kill me for bringing back a damaged ship from an exploration mission. I just know it. One of these days I would like to have a quiet, normal mission where nothing exciting happens. Oo

And maybe one day her blood would turn red and she would stop being a Romulan. But that probably wouldn’t happen either.

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