Lieutenant Commander Cadfael Peters: The Explanation

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OOC: All thoughts & dialogue are the opinion of the character.


(( Chief of Security’s Office, Security Complex, Deck 11, USS Chin’toka ))


With both drinks ordered, Cadfael once again exhaled slowly and tried to formulate the list in his mind. He had to keep his concerns regulated to what he’d actually observed rather than the minor annoyances that he’d noted in the letter, or other stupid quirks. Making his way back to his desk, he sat down in his chair and looked to his fellow Lieutenant Commander whilst blowing slightly at the mug. 


Raga: Well, you wanted to discuss Commander Logan’s behaviour, so, speak freely. 


The helmsman took the mug of raktajino once it was presented to him and nodded in thanks. The permission to speak freely was somewhat unexpected, but given the nature of this discussion it was probably best.


Peters: I suppose it all started with his behavior during our last combat engagement. I found it extremely difficult to trust in a guy who blatantly failed to acknowledge both requests for an angle to shoot at and direct orders from a superior. 


The Al-Leyan took a slow sip from his favored beverage, the mental gears inside his mind apparently considering the words.


Raga: I see. And given the tone of the message you sent me, am I right to assume that this has you worried? 


Peters: I guess I am...more concerned about the effect on discipline throughout the ship and the fact that his professionalism seems to be somewhat lacking. I am not used to Starfleet officers seeing their postings, or the systems they’re assigned to, as a joke; which seems to be the impression I get with Commander Logan.


Again, Raga had a sip of his drink. This time, Peters followed suit. He allowed the flavor of the Klingon coffee to relax him, the tension starting to gradually fade in light of the fact that he was finally getting this frustration off his chest. The truth was simple: when Azorius was supervising their “trust building sessions,” the helmsman put up with Logan’s presence under protest. When he was left to his own devices, Cadfael made sure to actively avoid anywhere Kurt was.


The Al-Leyan sighed softly into his mug, causing steam to billow up in front of his face for a moment before he took another sip, then sat back in his chair with the mug cradled in his hands. 


Raga: Commander Logan has a strange sense of humor. Even for a Human. :: Smiling. :: I’ve always had difficulty understanding Human humor. :: He clarified. :: That being said, I understand your concerns. 


Peters: I wasn’t laughing, and I’d have probably used a lot more colorful language.


Raga: Thank you for bringing this to my attention, Commander. 


The helmsman nodded slightly and had a sip of his drink as the commander held the mug in one hand and the PADD with...what Cadfael presumed were notes on it in the other. He hadn’t had a need to either read upside down or peer across desks in a long time, so he had no way of knowing what was on the PADD that the second officer was holding.


Peters: You’re welcome. Didn’t know how else to handle it.


Raga: You mentioned that Commander Logan made offensive remarks against you? Such as? And there were training holograms that he made to look like you? 


Peters: Ah, yes.  


He gave a resigned sigh and had another sip of his drink as he contemplated the best way to start the narrative. Almost as it had happened yesterday, he once again re-lived that experience.


(( Flashback -- Training Holodeck, Security Complex, Deck 11, USS Chin’toka ))

(( Time Index: SD 239804.14 )) 


As they made their way into the holodeck, Cadfael pulled up a replication of the Chin’toka bridge and made his way toward the tactical console. Though his time as a tactical officer on Duronis was very brief, he felt more than comfortable at the station with a glance toward the other two present.


Peters: Now, Mr. Logan. You seemed to be unfamiliar with some of the weaponry that was used during the last combat.


He hoped he wasn’t coming off as condescending by any stretch of the imagination, though in his mind this entire exercise was a waste of time and Freki was nuts for thinking it’d work. However, if Cadfael did learn anything from this officer, he would buy the counselor one of the strongest BC brews latinum could buy.


Logan: Oooo.....we get weapons ? Most excellent.


The counselor raised an eyebrow, but said nothing.


Peters: Certainly. Tell me which systems you’d like to start with, and I’ll walk you through it.


Logan: Oh do you need a refresher in them as well? I can understand that sitting at helm you don't get much of a chance to practice.


Freki laughed at this. Cadfael fought the impulse to snap at the officer and had to maintain his professionalism. Kurt had claimed when they first met that he’d read up on the helm officer, but hadn’t demonstrated any semblance of being familiar with the skills Cadfael possessed. 


Peters: That won’t be necessary. I possess a tactical major as well. 


Logan: I see :: Slapping the Caitian on the shoulder. :: Training well it just so happens that this is the perfect moment to show you what I've been working on since I received your message Mr Monk. :: Coughing to clear his throat. :: Computer. Play Tactical 001.


Cadfael’s eyes narrowed at being called “Mr. Monk” again with no context or even any definition of what it meant, and just as he was about to open his mouth to insist on Kurt dropping the nickname, he looked at the viewscreen as his own image appeared; looking slightly taller, had longer hair, exaggerated features, and with an over-exaggerated hand gesture accompaniment. A moment later, Kurt shot a glance toward Cadfael.


Logan: Hope you don't mind but I used you for this, but if you’re a bit modest then we can always change it.


The fury was rising. He forced himself to keep a lid on it, his hands clenching and unclenching in his pockets. He did not want to wind up with an assault charge in his jacket, and was trying very hard to keep his expression neutral. Unfortunately, the muscles in his shoulders tensed up. He hoped that Freki wasn’t watching him too closely.


Viewscreen Peters: Greetings to you, and a warm welcome to this the introduction to the tactical console. I will be your guide through the use of all of the wondrous advances both offensively and defensively that the Chin'toka has at its disposal. In addition the security features for the command and control of internal defense of the ship are also at your fingertips.


As the programmed Peters spoke, large gestures accompanied him along with classical poses allowing his chiseled jawline to be easily seen, and appreciated.


Cadfael was silent, dumbstruck by the display. He was furious, and was doing his utmost best to keep it contained. 


Logan: Computer pause Tactical 001. Now I admit that I've made him taller and larger to give him more of a presence when he speaks, more gravitas if you like. 


Determined to let the first video play through, he returned his eyes to the viewscreen with a narrowed gaze as though trying to melt it. While he felt it was perfectly justifiable anger, the counselor may not see it that way. Still, he sat through the first video with his fists clenching and unclenching in his pockets. 


Peters: It’s an abomination, sir. To be quite frank, it is a horrible likeness.


Logan: I've done what you've asked me to.


His voice took on a hint of disbelief, which finally showed through his forced calm exterior.


Peters: Excuse me?


Logan: Oh yes, I have.


Azorius: I believe that you have not followed the training request, sir.


Logan: On the contrary my good M I've followed his message to the letter.


Azorius: Perhaps but I feel the spirit of the concept has been lost.


Logan gave a shake of his head before he spoke again.


Logan: Computer display subject and first sentence from Commander Peters’ message to Commander Logan.


A moment later, a few frozen lines of text displayed across virtual Cadfael’s face.



To: Lieutenant Commander Kurt Logan

From: Lieutenant Commander Cadfael Peters

Subject: Training Programs


Greetings, commander.



Logan continued to speak.


Logan: You see, training program greetings. And greetings you shall have. Now I can understand being a little surprised by seeing yourself up there, larger than life. But you'll get used to it. Just think of all those that will be learning from you. 


Azorius: Interesting that you’ve had so much free time on your hands to craft such a thing…


Cadfael’s fury was rising still, fire burning in his eyes as Kurt continued talking. Determined to let the first video play through, he returned his eyes to the viewscreen with a narrowed gaze as though trying to melt it. While he felt it was perfectly justifiable anger, the counselor may not see it that way. Still, he sat through the first video with his fists clenching and unclenching in his pockets. 


Logan: Now I can see by your  looks that you’re not overly taken with this one, that's fine as I have another one hundred and twenty nine for you to look at so I'm sure we'll all agree on one of them. Computer play tactical 002.


The look in his eyes was one of rage and fire. He was not only enraged by the horrible likeness, but the professionalism, or lack of it, was grating on the nerves. The second video got a few seconds into it before he shot a death-glare at the screen.


Peters: Computer, pause tactical 002.


Logan: That was quick, you didn’t even let him… You start.


Peters: First off, I am perfectly capable of much more detailed instructions than what you have in that video. The resemblance to me is in name only. 


Azorius: Now now, let’s get back on task. The point of this assignment wasn’t to make you both even more aggressive, let’s get back to work.


Memories from their last engagement flashed into his mind, unbidden. He recalled it as clearly as yesterday. Logan seemed to be uniquely under-qualified to even stand at the weapons systems and was staring at it with a display of child-like wonder that almost made Devlin more qualified to stand there instead, coupled by the fact Logan had failed to acknowledge specific orders from Raga about informing the away team at the developing situation, which Peters himself then filled.


He was able to mentally shut them out after a moment or two of silence. Freki had been incredibly patient with him thus far, but was probably not going to enjoy the next words from the helmsman’s mouth.


Peters: Secondly, I am taking this quite seriously, thank you. When we are on duty, I would prefer you to address me by rank or name. Further, it is very concerning to me how you failed to acknowledge direct orders from the acting captain on the bridge during our last engagement. When you are at that station, you are to act in a manner befitting your rank and duty post, as is expected of every officer around you. Your off duty time is your own, but when you are on duty and through the remainder of this training, you are to address me in the proper way and resist interruptions that are not legitimate questions or concerns directly related to the content of your training course. Have I made myself clear?


Logan: Oh dear, you don’t sound so happy. Do you eat too much salt? :: Turning to the Caitian. :: Too much causes hypertension which is not good for you. Not good at all. :: Turning back to Commander Peters. :: As you say first off I know you can teach better than that program, that was only a greeting to the program as you asked for, and an abomination well that's a little harsh, don’t you think? As I said it's only one of the greetings there will no doubt be one that you like among the others.


Cadfael was seething now, his fists unclenching in his pockets and re-clenching as he tried to keep his anger in check. He felt all that he’d worked toward on Utopia Planetia slipping away with the arrogance and clownish attitude presented before him. 


Azorius: Back on track gentlemen…


Peters: I had hoped today we’d be able to at least get you trained on the helm system, or the tactical system that you seemed unfamiliar with.


Logan: A training course you say... I didn't know I had a training course today ..... oh :: chuckling:: I’m sorry I misunderstood you…


Peters: oO That much is evident. Oo


Logan: You wish to practice your teaching and want me to help you with it, why didn’t you just come out and just say so?


Cadfael’s eyes narrowed. He didn’t care that he was the same rank as the SORT officer, but was almost embarrassed to even be on the same ship as this man who had displayed nothing but contempt and disregard for serious concerns. 


Peters: Because that’s not what is going on here, Mr. Logan.


Azorius: Mister Logan, I have instructed Peters here to provide you with training on systems that he felt you were unaccustomed to. Not the other way around, at least at this stage…


Logan: Well he didn't need to be so coy about asking. :: looking to the Helmsman. :: It’s ok to admit you need some help, you know. :: Looking to the Counselor and back. :: That's what your crew mates are for, to help you out. So which bits are you most concerned with or do you want to start from the beginning and we'll give pointers as you go?


Cadfael sighed and shook his head. It seemed the effort was going to waste, and Logan was making no headway in endearing himself to the helmsman by making false presumptions that Cadfael was in any way shy, coy, cured with salt, or what have you. He didn’t want to lose his temper and was definitely not about to let Kurt ruin his streak.


Peters: It has nothing to do with my being coy about asking for your aid with my presentation skills,  Mr. Logan.


Azorius: I have no problem writing you both up for insubordination, I have given orders as a medical officer onboard this vessel and I expect to see them followed. Do I make myself clear?


Technically speaking, the ensign was right in that it was within his authority to write him up as being mentally unfit for duty which that smug Denobulan fellow Yael attempted to get him with on Ops a few years before because he wasn’t playing nice with others. The threat got Cadfael’s attention, and he really didn’t feel like earning a disciplinary jacket or a mark in his file that would break his 3-year perfect streak of not losing his temper. The fire within was threatening to burn through his calm visage and he had to clench his fists tighter in his pockets to keep himself calm.


Peters: Perfectly, counselor. 


(( End Flashback ))


Peters: To start with, the offensive remarks about me being coy or needing help with my presentation skills were made in front of a junior officer and are in no way related to how I carry out my duties. Not to mention his preposterous medical theory that I suffer from hypertension, which is both not the case but none of his bloody business, since he’s not a medical officer. 


He paused and took a breath, clenching his free hand into a fist and unclenching it before he continued. He’d also forced himself to watch at least the first ten videos to get an idea of what Logan’s “interpretation” was of Azorius’ assignment to the pair of them. As much as Chythar had bragged about his little girl on the trip over, he didn’t remember the name at this moment as his mind was still somewhat reliving the horrible videos, but he did recall the age.


Peters: And the videos...yes. There were 130 of them in total, each one with a heavily accented and nearly Italian flair to it that didn’t resemble me at all except by name. They also took a humorous and quite frankly, downright insulting approach to a Starfleet officer’s average intelligence -- made so a 9 year old could probably interpret how to use our ship’s weaponry.


Toryn listened to the explanations and took a longer draw from his tea. 


Raga: I see. 


He forced the images from his mind, willing himself to let the coffee relax him. His fist unclenched and he had another sip of the drink, much longer than his previous sips.


Peters: I haven’t had a problem with my temper in nearly three years, but Kurt is truly a test of my patience.


Raga: Response


Peters: Any other questions, sir? 


(( OOC: Willing to continue as necessary, Rameses. ))


Raga: Response

Lieutenant Commander Cadfael Peters
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