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Della Vetri

Nov 7, 2015, 12:20:41 PM11/7/15
to UFOP: StarBase 118 - USS Avandar
((USS Avandar, Bridge))

Vetri: =/\= Good work, Ryan. *Very* good. =/\=

T'Lea: Our guest has sought refuge in your ready room, Captain.

Vetri: Is that so...

Siris: Want me to get her T’Lea?

:: The way he dropped his hand to his holster got him an amused look from T'Lea - and a thoroughly *un*amused one from Della.::

T’Lea:  I admire your enthusiasm, however, no.  ::to T’Sara::  I want you to go home and stay with the holonanny, understand, and do not deactivate her again.

:: T'Sara didn't look overly happy with that instruction, but she nodded and complied. Della could feel the dejection coming off of the little girl, and as T'Lea started heading for the ready room, putting in a call to Riverview as she went, the Trill moved over to head off their daughter before she reached the door.::

T’Sara:  She say she lives in a cage.

:: Kneeling down beside the little girl, Della laid a hand on her shoulder and gave it a quick, reassuring squeeze.::

Vetri: Even if you were a pesky little creature by doing it, you got her somewhere safe. We're trying to work out what happened to leave her all the way out here, which is why we're kind of busy. That make sense?

:: She still didn't look happy, but T'Sara nodded.::

Vetri: Good. Now, whilst T'Lea was right and you need to go back to our quarters, *I* have a job for you to do whilst you're in there. It might prove quite useful, and if it does, then your helping out now will save a lot of effort. Ready to hear it?

:: There was more enthusiasm behind the nod this time, and she could tell that the little blonde head was starting to engage with the idea of being given an actual job to do.::

Vetri: Okay, here it is. Work with Beth and see if you can come up with some sort of game that can be played with Lice and any other kids like her. This isn't just fun, though. We need some way to try and get anything they know about how they got here and where they came from, okay? But it can't be obvious.

T'Sara: Hmmm...

:: The way her face screwed up in thought was almost funny, but Della could see that the idea had caught her attention.::

T'Sara: ::nodding firmly:: I has idea.

Vetri: Already?

T'Sara: Yeah. I go come up with idea.

:: Chuckling, Della gave her a quick hug and watched as she headed for the door with considerably more enthusiasm. When she turned her attention back to the rest of the bridge, she saw that Blueheart had appeared... and frowned when she saw that he'd picked up some damage along the way.::

Blueheart: ::nodding:: Captain. Major.

Siris: ?

Vetri: Walk into a door, Doctor?

Blueheart: Oh this. ::gingerly touching the wound on his forehead:: Just a scratch. 

Vetri: One that I hope has a good story behind it. How are our guests?

Siris: ?

Blueheart: Lieutenant Corsetto managed to defuse the tense situation. Ensign Wilde is now helping with triage. Those not requiring medical assistance will be placed in the mess hall. I think it’s a good idea to keep them in a place where food is readily available. Nothing like food to quiet a restless mob.

:: From her own recollections of the last time she'd had to deal with a panicky mob, she tended to agree. And she trusted Raj not to have made the same sort of error that she'd nearly done in that situation - starving kids and unlimited food stocks were *not* a good mix.::

Siris: ?

Blueheart: Apart from malnutrition and poor hygiene, I don’t find anything seriously wrong with them physically. Even the O’Racken who was on the verge of going into shock has made a remarkably speedy recovery. I think their physiology has adapted to the tough life they had endured. But.. I can’t say the same about their emotional state. All of them were exhibiting paranoia, anxiety and fear to some degree. I’m sure the Counselor will be able to handle this well.

Vetri: I can't say much of that surprises me, and I think Riverview is going to have her work cut out for her... ::sighing:: We'll just have to make sure she gets all the backup we can manage. 

Siris: ?

Blueheart: There’s something else, Sirs.. ..

:: Of course there was... And of course it was going to be bad, as the way his aura and body language shifted to suggest.::

Vetri: Hit me.

Blueheart: Lieutenant Lupo suffered complication following the neuronal transplant. ::pause:: She slipped into a coma. 

:: Della's first response was something that a properly brought up Starfleet Captain wasn't meant to utter on her bridge, or anywhere in public for that matter, but she just about managed not to say anything out loud.::

Siris: ?

Vetri: Not the best outcome, no. I assume you have a strategy in mind to deal with this... development?

:: And there was no way anyone was going to have mistaken that for a question, given the tone it was delivered in.::

Blueheart: As per her request prior to the procedure, I have placed her in cryostasis until I can figure out a way to arrest the growth of her tail. To be honest, I can’t think of any way I can do this without Starfleet Medical’s input. Not only that, but I can’t do it without their facilities either.

Vetri: Which isn't something we can give you right now, unfortunately. 

:: No matter how much she might want to.::

Siris: ?

Blueheart: ::downcast eyes:: Sorry, Sirs. I tried my best.

Vetri: Raj... You did your best. We all knew there were risks... and right now, Lupo might actually be in the best position of all of us about this.

Siris/Blueheart: ?

Vetri: ::smiling thinly:: She's in stasis. *We're* the ones that have to do all the worrying and thinking of ways to fix it.

Siris/Blueheart: ?

Vetri: For now, though... we need to figure out what the hell is going on around here. Siris, how long will it take us to get to those coordinates you and Ryan salvaged?

Siris: ?

Any: ?


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