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to UFOP: StarBase 118 - USS Avandar

Lieutenant Commander T’Lea
Chief Science Officer
USS Avandar

Author ID I238301T10​



((USS Avandar – Bridge))

::  Once the damage reports ended there was a quiet lull as Della seemed to contemplate what she’d just heard.  At least, that was the vibe T’Lea was getting from her.  Even with her back turned toward the bridge as she manned the science station, the hybrid knew Della well enough to know what her little silences were about.  She was planning her next move.::


:: But someone had other plans…::


T’Sara:  Mommy!  Mommy!  Look what I found!


:: The sound of T’Sara’s tiny voice had T’Lea’s head snapping around with a faint scowl.  How had she gotten past bridge security?  Never mind that, who was she with?  Was this Mo?::


:: As if to answer that question T’Sara introduced the other child.::


T’Sara:  Dis is Lice.  She my friend.


Vetri: T'Sara, what the- Actually, I don't even want to know right now. T'Lea, would you mind?


:: T’Lea gave a compliant nod, and first secured her console with another science officer nearby before abandoning it to escort the children out.::


T'Sara:  I bringed her here cos it safe.


Vetri: ::sighing:: I don't have time for this right now. T'Lea, would you mind?


:: Heard you the first time, she thought, as she turned and left her duty post.  She could see the expression on T’Sara’s face sink into great shame with Della’s rejection.::


T’Lea:  Come with me.  Let’s get you both someplace safe.


:: All though, the bridge was pretty damn safe – probably one of the safest places on the ship.  Still, it was no place for kids to be hanging around.::


::  T’Sara’s little shoulders slumped in disappointment, and she started to pout as her pointy eared mother gently scooted her off.  She looked back at her Trill mom feeling pretty low about herself, and that’s when she felt Lice’s grip slip from hers.::


::  T’Lea turned to snatch the child back, but the girl was fast, really fast and had vanished into the Captain’s Ready Room.  For a moment T’Lea just stood there with an *almost* smirk on her face.::


T’Lea:  ::to herself:: …just where do you think you’re going…


Ryan: =/\= I was able to back track their point of origin. Sending coordinates now. =/\=

:: She overheard the tail-end of the conversation around the same time as Lice made a run for it.::


Vetri: =/\= Good work, Ryan. *Very* good. =/\=

T'Lea: Our guest has sought refuge in your ready room, Captain.

Vetri: Is that so...

Siris: Want me to get her T’Lea?

::  She lifted an amused eyebrow when he unsnapped the retention strap on his phaser belt.::


T’Lea:  I admire your enthusiasm, however, no.  ::to T’Sara::  I want you to go home and stay with the holonanny, understand, and do not deactivate her again.


::  It was a firm command, one that T’Sara knew meant business from T’Lea.  She gave a sad little nod, and headed toward the door to their quarters, sagging her head and moping as she took the walk of shame.::


T’Sara:  She say she lives in a cage.


::  With a shrug, she left.  She only wanted to help.::


T’Lea: =/\= T’Lea to Counselor Riverview, I need your assistance in the Captain’s Ready Room.  We have one of our smaller guests hiding out in there.=/\=


Riverview: =/\= ?


T’Lea: =/\=  Hurry. =/\=


((Captain’s Ready Room))


:: Just how she got stuck with this task was beyond her.  Since when had T’Lea become the den mother to all the damn kids on the ship.  Okay, maybe she was exaggerating that role, but still, this was quite annoying.  She was comfortable with T’Sara and Gina, but other people’s children not so much.::


:: Entering the room, T’Lea stood there and scanned the area.  It looked vacant, but she knew that was impossible.  There was only one way in and one way out of this room and it was through the same door.  The little girl was hiding, and hiding only in one place T’Lea could think of – under the Captain’s desk.  A shifting shadow on the floor nearby told her so.::


T’Lea:  T’Sara is my daughter.  A handful, just like you.  Smart, just like you. 


:: She casually walked over to the replicator fully aware of the little shadow under the desk cowering in the corner.::


T’Lea:  I don’t know where you are hiding, but I want you to know that nobody will hurt you.  We pulled your from your ship because it was damaged, and too dangerous for you to stay there.


:: She ordered a plate of nibbles and a drink to tempt the child out.  So far she was just talking to the dead air in the room.::


T’Lea:  Your people are being well cared for here, I assure you.  ::more silence::  I know this new place may seem frightening to you, but I promise you that no harm will come to you, or any of your people.


:: She set the plate of food and glass of water on the edge of the desk so that the child could see part of it and smell it.::


T’Lea:  I’m going to leave this here, and if you feel hungry or thirsty it’s yours.


:: Again more silence, until she heard the swish of the door open behind her.  She turned to see Riverview make a cautious entrance.  T’Lea gave the woman a nod, and then nodded once more toward the desk indicating where the child was hiding out.::


T’Lea: ::softly::  Maybe you’ll have better luck.  ::she moved over to Riverview::  T’Sara brought her to the bridge, they must have met up somewhere.


Riverview: ?


Lice: ?





Lieutenant Commander T’Lea
Chief Science Officer

USS Avandar

Author ID I238301T10​

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