Ensign Nikki Ryan: This Is Bad (McGregor/Sickbay)

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Nikki Ryan

Nov 7, 2015, 11:44:32 AM11/7/15
to UFOP: StarBase 118 - USS Avandar
((Main Engineering, USS Avandar))

Ryan: ::tapping her comm-badge:: =/\= Ryan to Captain. =/\=

:: She began transferring the coordinates before the Captain even responded. ::

Vetri: =/\= Talk to me. =/\=

Ryan: =/\= I was able to back track their point of origin. Sending coordinates now. =/\=

Vetri: =/\= Good work, Ryan. *Very* good. =/\=

:: As soon as the link was closed, Nikki started having a coughing fit causing her to retreat into her office. By the time she was able to stop and breathe again, her throat and chest were feeling as if they were on fire and the napkin she had used to cover her mouth was spotted with blood. She tried not to get scared... she already had known whatever she had breathed over there wasn't good. She just hadn't realized it would actually cause a reaction. ::

((Sickbay, USS Avandar))

:: By the time, Nikki made it to sickbay, she was finding it difficult to breath. In turn, she was trying not to panic which was a natural response to having difficulty breathing. ::

((OOC: I believe Blueheart went to the bridge.))

McGregor/Anyone: [tag]

:: Nikki was practically bent over by the time the doctor reached her. She reach out her hand in an attempt grab at him as another cough fit seized her. ::

Ryan: Fumes... other... ship.

McGregor/Anyone: [tag]

:: The room spun as he guided her to the nearest bio-bed and helped her lay down. Not that laying down helped in the least. ::

Ryan: Was... rigged... didn't... know.

McGregor/Anyone: [tag]

Ensign Nikki Ryan
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USS Avandar - NCC 80203
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