PNPC Lt Cmdr Rawlings - Apologize and Visiting time.

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Major Siris

Nov 5, 2015, 7:30:21 AM11/5/15

(( Main Engineering. ))

:: Liz watched as the frighten teen took a bite, she knew Security would be here soon and fingers cross not barge in. ::

Rawlings: So what’s your name?

Timesh: Timesh. I was brought here from the slave ship.

: :Liz was disgusted with the thought of this poor kid being a *SLAVE*. She never understood how people could treat others as slaves. ::

Rawlings: My name is Liz..

Timesh: Hello Liz.

:: The door behind he opened and a gold shirt from security was there. ::

Security: ?

Rawlings: He’s a bit frightened gave him some Chocolate. Can I leave him with you?

Security: ?

Timesh: No! I want to stay here with you.

Rawlings: You can’t you need to go with this Security officers, she’ll take you back with the other that came on board.

Timesh: Please. I won't be a burden. Don't make me go with her.

:: Liz got back down beside the Teen. ::

Rawlings: I promise that. : :She just realised she had no clue who the security officer was. : Jane Doe here will not hurt you.

:: She had thought quickly and just made a name up to the Female Orion and she was sure the Orion would get her back later. ::

Corsetto: <Response>

Timesh: I don't trust green skin. Green skins enslaved my people! They kill O'Racken for sport...

Rawlings: Well Jane here is not going to Enslave or kill you here. How about I finish my work here and then come see you shortly?

Timesh/Corsetto: <Response>

Rawlings: Good. :: She looked at the Orion and could sense she’d be hearing her soon . ::

Timesh/Corsetto: <Response>

:: Liz had several things to check the most important the status of the core. Out of know where the ship bucked wildly for a few moments. Liz moved to the nearest terminal to check the status of the core and other systems. ::

:: The core was fine but an EPS run off had gone offline to the back-up shield generator in the aft section. ::

Rawlings: Can you get a repair team to the back-up aft shield generator.

:: When she returned her focus back to the kid and Security they were heading off. It look like it had ended well. The chief entered just as Security left, Liz walked forward to meet her. ::

Rawlings: How’d it go over there Chief. You get the ship all fixed up?

Ryan: Unfortunately, no but I did get some of their data downloaded. Hopefully we can find out where they came from or where they were headed. What's the ship's status?

:: She watched as the Chief paced the padd and link it up to the computer.

Anyone: Minor damage to the EPS supply to the Shield Generator in the Aft section other than that she just how you left her.

: :Liz watched as the Chief raised her hand to her mouth and gave a small cough.::

Ryan: Okay. ::covering her mouth feeling a cough come on:: Thanks. Keep an eye on in... ::waving her hand:: Don't know why I'm telling you. You know what to do.

Rawlings: Aye Chief

:: Liz left the chief to her work and went back to monitor the core and check on the repairs. ::

((Time Skip, Mess hall. ))

:: Liz approached the mess hall to keep her promise to Timesh but before she could enter she had to Pass *Jane*. She took a deep breath and walked up to her. ::

Rawlings: Sorry about the Name thing in Engineering.

Corsetto: ?


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