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Nov 13, 2015, 10:32:02 PM11/13/15
to UFOP: StarBase 118 - USS Avandar

((Bridge, USS Avandar))


Blueheart: ::to Siris:: Drop by Sickbay after your shift, or sooner if you’re symptomatic, for a full examination. I need to be sure.


Siris: Yes Doc. Whats our next plan Captain.


Vetri: Halo. Drop off our passengers, coordinate with Captain Khaine and see if we can't cook up a plan to do something about this... situation. ::glancing at Blueheart:: And we can see about arrangements for Lupo.


Blueheart: ::nodding:: Aye, Captain. I’ll brief Starfleet Medical right away.


Vetri: Then let's get moving. 


::Both LtCmdr T’Lea and himself nodded and turned to move in opposite directions, the science officer heading to her station, and Raj heading to Sickbay.::


Siris: response



((Flash forward – few days later))


((CMO’s Office – Sickbay, USS Avandar))


::The rescued O’Racken slaves had been transported to the USS Halo. Dr Blueheart was glad that now they at least stood a robust chance of a better life in the future. But one thing he was not so glad about was how Starfleet Intelligence had swooped in unexpectedly, effectively taking over their mission to hunt down the bad guys. Not only that, for the Avandar was recalled for decommissioning, her crew scattered across the fleet! And this wasn’t the first time too that SFI had responded in this kind of highly unconventional manner. The first time was when he was in command of the Atlantis. Now it’s the Avandar.


He began to wonder if he was being unnecessarily and irrationally paranoid, or,.. if there was indeed something else larger, darker, more sinister, out there in the vast black space.::




Captain Raj Blueheart

Chief Medical Officer

USS Avandar



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