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Nov 13, 2015, 2:17:14 PM11/13/15
to UFOP: StarBase 118 - USS Avandar

((USS Avandar, Bridge))

Blueheart: Acute pulmonary edema!

Siris: Say what?

:: Both responses would have amused T’Lea had it not been so serious. Oh, who was she kidding, for some reason, especially Siris’s reaction struck her as funny. She didn’t show it though.::

Blueheart: It’s the respiratory system’s way to counter extensive inflammation of its airways – by producing copious amounts of fluids to extinguish the fire, so to speak. Unfortunately, when this protective mechanism is exaggerated, it results in excessive fluid in the lungs, effectively drowning the patient!

T’Lea: Indeed. Nurse Rudat is awaiting an answer.

Blueheart: ::He opened a commlink to Sickbay and spoke aloud with the intention those around him will be able to hear.:: =/\= Nurse Rudat, start Ensign Ryan on high-dose corticosteroids to counter the inflammation. She will also need a low dose or two of the diuretic frusemide. Give her a 100% oxygen until her sats pick up. She should respond to the treatment in no time. =/\=

Vetri: Sounds like you've got that part under control. Now someone give me ideas about how this happened.

T'Lea: The only information available is the composition of the chemical that she was exposed to. Out ship reports zero incidents of the toxin on board.

Blueheart: Are you experiencing similar symptoms, Major?

Siris: No just a slightly dry throat.

Blueheart: What happened on the slave ship? Nurse Rudat told me what few words Ensign Ryan uttered, and judging from the timeline of symptom manifestation from exposure, you were both exposed on that ship.

Siris: As you know life support was failing so Ryan and her team got to work on restoring power to life support. After that we started to see what information we could gather, but before we could do that fully a core breach started. Ryan attempted to stop it and retrieve the data from the ship. But the gases became over powering and then we beamed back. She seemed fine when we returned.

T’Lea: It may have been a delayed reaction.

Siris: Oh and Ryan seemed to think the breach might be a booby trap to stop people stealing the ship.

Blueheart: Hmm.. probably a failsafe created by the enslavers to keep people like us from revealing their secret to the world. Well at least now we know what else to prepare for should we encounter them again, which is something that’ll happen sooner rather than later, I gather.

Vetri: Somehow, I don't much like the idea of bad guys that think. Especially not if they think like *that*.

:: On the contrary, T’Lea was rather impressed with the clever trap.::

Blueheart: ::nodding, then turning to Siris:: Drop by Sickbay after your shift, or sooner if you’re symptomatic, for a full examination. I need to be sure.

Siris: Yes Doc. Whats our next plan Captain.

:: A Vulcan brow lifted ever-so slightly as the Captain considered things.::

Vetri: Halo. Drop off our passengers, coordinate with Captain Khaine and see if we can't cook up a plan to do something about this... situation. ::glancing at Blueheart:: And we can see about arrangements for Lupo.

Blueheart: ?

Vetri: Then let's get moving.

:: T’Lea gave a nod and turned back to her station.::

Siris/Blueheart :?


((OOC: This will probably be my last sim for the Avandar. It has been a pleasure simming with all of you, and I will see most of you on the Invicta. To the rest – Until we meet again…))

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USS Avandar

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