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Della Vetri

Nov 4, 2015, 3:18:05 PM11/4/15
to UFOP: StarBase 118 - USS Avandar
((USS Avandar, Bridge))

Vetri: Helm, the moment we've got them back, pick a direction and go in it. Fast.

:: Preferably *before* the ship they were parked alongside immolated itself in an uncontrolled matter/antimatter reaction...::

T’Lea:  I have an all clear on the ship.  Siris and Ryan have transported back safely.

Vetri: ::to the helm:: Hit it.

:: With barely a pause, the Avandar surged into motion, heading in the simplest and quickest direction it could go - straight ahead. It did it with every scrap of acceleration it could muster, too, which meant that everyone aboard could literally feel the surge.::

T’Lea:  Impact in three… two…

:: The hit when the count reached zero was a whole lot more impressive, though. As the deck under her feet bucked violently, the lights flickering as power flow was disrupted for a moment, Della rode out the shockwave and hoped that they'd managed to get far enough away in time...::

:: As things settled, she glanced over at the turbolift as one of the people they'd waited for stepped out of it. He seemed to be intact, which was nice - a damaged XO as well as a damaged ship would just have been annoying.::

T’Lea:  We are out of danger.

Vetri: For the moment... Damage report?

:: When that came back to her, it was mercifully light. Some bumps and bruises, a few singed hull plates, but other than that-::
T’Sara:  Mommy!  Mommy!  Look what I found!

:: The sudden, and *very* unexpected interruption in her thoughts had Della's head snapping around, her expression less than amused as she saw that her dfaughter had not only escaped the holo-nanny (again) but managed to get herself into what was *meant* to be one of the most secure areas of the ship. With company.::

:: T'Sara, of course, simply smiled.::

T’Sara:  Dis is Lice.  She my friend.

Vetri: T'Sara, what the- Actually, I don't even want to know right now. T'Lea, would you mind?

T'Sara:  I bringed her here cos it safe.

Vetri: ::sighing:: I don't have time for this right now. T'Lea, would you mind?

:: She probably would, but this was *not* the time for Della to take a few moments for a little parent/offspring chat. Or, for that matter, find out just where T'Sara had found the rather scruffy-looking urchin she had in tow. Not that it was too hard for her to hazard a guess about the child's origin...::

T'Lea: ?

:: Turning to Siris, the Trill gave him a look that quite clearly demanded some sort of report. What she got instead was less than informative.::

Siris: Guess we escaped the blast.

Vetri: So it seems.

Siris: Do we know much about our guests?

:: He looked over toward where T'Lea was busy with the two kids, and Della shook her head with another sigh.::

Vetri: Nowhere near as much as I would like.

T’Lea/Any: ?

Ryan: =/\= Ryan to Captain. =/\=

:: The engineer's voice sounded a little stressed, not that Della blamed her in the slightest for that. She *had* been through a rather exciting little experience, after all.::

Vetri: =/\= Talk to me. =/\=

Ryan: =/\= I was able to back track their point of origin. Sending coordinates now. =/\=

:: Della glanced around, seeing confirmation sent her way.::

Vetri: =/\= Good work, Ryan. *Very* good. =/\=

T'Lea: ?

Vetri: Is that so...

:: The news that the coordinates were so easily within reach was good. The fact that they now had a lead was better.::

Siris/T'Lea/Any: ?


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