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Major Siris

Nov 5, 2015, 7:07:50 AM11/5/15

(( Bridge, USS Avandar. ))

:: He stepped of the bridge as the Avandar took a thump from behind, Siris fell on to the bridge rather than walking. At least he never face-planted, the El-Aurian was glade the shield took the brunt of the impact. He knew right away that it was the ships core that had gone. ::

T’Lea:  We are out of danger.

:: Siris watched as the doors on the other side of the bridge opened and two small kids entered the bridge. He knew one was the Captains daughter and the other looked a bit rough around the edges. Siris wondered if this was a kid from the ship. ::

Vetri: For the moment... Damage report?

:: When that came back to her, it was mercifully light. Some bumps and bruises, a few singed hull plates, but other than that-::

T’Sara:  Mommy!  Mommy!  Look what I found!

:: The sudden, and *very* unexpected interruption in her thoughts had Della's head snapping around, her expression less than amused as she saw that her dfaughter had not only escaped the holo-nanny (again) but managed to get herself into what was *meant* to be one of the most secure areas of the ship. With company.::

:: Siris smiled at the little girl and headed down to where the Captain was, He could hear the Girls voice as he reported to Della. ::

Vetri: ::sighing:: I don't have time for this right now. T'Lea, would you mind?

:: She probably would, but this was *not* the time for Della to take a few moments for a little parent/offspring chat. Or, for that matter, find out just where T'Sara had found the rather scruffy-looking urchin she had in tow. Not that it was too hard for her to hazard a guess about the child's origin...::

T'Lea: ?

:: Turning to Siris, the Trill gave him a look that quite clearly demanded some sort of report. What she got instead was less than informative.::

Siris: Guess we escaped the blast.

Vetri: So it seems

: :He looked at the direction they were heading, the helm officer had pointed them straight towards the Halo. ::

Siris: Do we know much about our guests?

:: He looked towards T’Lea who seemed to have two guests at her station. ::

Vetri: Nowhere near as much as I would like.

T’Lea/Any: ?

Ryan: =/\= Ryan to Captain. =/\=

:: Suddenly one of the girls bloted passed Della and Siris and headed straight into the Captains Ready Room. Siris pointed towards the Girl not the he thought the Captain had missed her. ::

Vetri: =/\= Talk to me. =/\=

Ryan: =/\= I was able to back track their point of origin. Sending coordinates now. =/\=

:: Siris seen the coordinates appear on the helm screen. It seemed they already had that as a direction. They would only need to alter course about 100 degrees. He looked at the time at warp 5 it would only take just over two hours. Plenty time to interrogate the guest. ::

Vetri: =/\= Good work, Ryan. *Very* good. =/\=

T'Lea: ?

Vetri: Is that so...

Siris: Want me to get her T’Lea?

:: He was not the best with kids but was quite happy to stun her and drag her out the Captain’s Ready Room. He unclicked his Aquila holster. ::

T'Lea/T’Sara/Vetri: ?

Major Siris
First Officer/Chief Marine Officer
USS Avandar
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