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  ((USS Avandar - Sickbay))

Wilde: That seemed to get everyone's attention. Now, what's the situation Doctor?

Blueheart: They’re scared. This is all new to them. They think this is the Halo. And I think that they think we’re going to enslave them again!

Corsetto: Yeah, *that's* not going to happen.

Wilde: It seems Sickbay isn't big enough. How about we help with triage, and then those who don't need immediate care we can move elsewhere.

Blueheart: Good idea, Mr Wilde! Your team is okay with triaging? 

Wilde: We all took basic first aid, though I'm afraid my bedside manner left a lot to be desired at the Academy.

Blueheart: ::grinning despite the situation around him:: Understood, Mr Wilde. Where do you intend to hold those who don’t require immediate medical care?

Corsetto: Not that many other options.

Wilde: I was thinking maybe the mess hall. Most of these people look like they need a wash and a good meal.

Blueheart: I agree. Mess hall it is.

Corsetto: That just leaves getting them there.

Wilde: I'd be a lot more cooperative with clean clothes and a full stomach. But I see your point.

Blueheart: Okay, so we have a plan. Let’s do this!

::Danny nodded, and picked up the nearest medical tricorder. It was funny, for the all the times he'd been a patient in sickbay, he'd never really had to be conscripted as a medic. He hoped his emergency field medic training wouldn't desert him now.::

Blueheart: Be careful guys! There are many sharp, pointy objects in Sickbay that can be turned into weapons.

Corsetto: ::dryly:: Thanks, Doc, for pointing that out to anyone who hadn't already had that idea. 

Wilde: I always knew Sickbay would be the death of me...

::Danny approached the nearest O'Racken patient and nodded his head in greeting. The man was nervous and shaking visibly.::

Wilde: My name is Ensign Wilde. Do you understand me?

::The man nodded.::

Wilde: We're going to scan your people for signs of illness or injury, and those who need medical attention will receive it first. The rest of you will be taken to our mess hall for food and refreshment.

::He scanned the O'Racken slave and noted his vital signs. Apart from the obvious signs of malnourishment and dehydration, he seemed fine. He noted that there were a lot of old scars and injuries which had healed badly. The conditions this man had lived in must have been unbearable.::

Corsetto: Ensign, I think we may have another concern.

Wilde: What's that?

Rawlings: =/\= Security I have a boy in main Engineering. Can you send somebody down unarmed please? =/\=

::The Orion pointed to her com.badge and Danny nodded to say he had the message.::

Corsetto: Want me to take it?

Wilde: Sure thing. Just remember that he's just a kid. He's never seen a starship as sophisticated as this.

Corsetto: Hey, I survived the Boss' kids, didn't I? And so did they, I might add.

::He nodded.::

Wilde: So noted. Remember that these people aren't intruders and will not cause any damage to the ship. I don't want security officers rounding them up like cattle. I want them to trust us.

Corsetto: <Response>

Wilde: ::smiling:: Just use your charm.

Corsetto: <Response>

::He turned to the man who had tried to defend his people earlier.::

Wilde: I take it you're in charge around here?

Rashes: <Response>

Wilde: Well it looks like someone's going to have to be. I need to get those who don't need urgent medical care to follow me to the mess hall. We'll get some food and warm clothes for you.

Rashes: <Response>

Wilde: I understand, but I need someone like you working with me. So help me I'll beam you all to the mess hall if I have to, but I'd rather take the human approach.

Rashes/Anyone: <Response>


Ensign Danny Wilde
Chief of Security
USS Avandar

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