Nurse Rudat - A Noxious Agent

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Nov 9, 2015, 12:58:27 AM11/9/15
to UFOP: StarBase 118 - USS Avandar

((Sickbay, USS Avandar))


::Chief Nurse Bell Rudat was preoccupied with the inventory of narcotics in the locked cabinet when the sound of someone desperately gasping for breath made her stop and spin around swiftly on her heels. She instantly recognized the Chief Engineer and rushed forward. By the time she got to the woman, Dr McGregor was already slipping his arm around her waist to support her weakened frame.::


McGregor: response

Rudat: Yes, doctor!


::The Klingon-Human nurse supported the engineer on the opposite side as the three of them steadily made their way to the nearest biobed. Along the way, she heard the woman utter words in a raspy voice, with long pauses in between.::

Ryan: Fumes... other... ship.

McGregor: response


::Bell glanced over at the doctor and nodded. She knew what she needed to do with her patient. The engineer uttered a few more cryptic words when they reached the biobed, none of which made much sense to the nurse.::

Ryan: Was... rigged... didn't... know.

McGregor: response


Rudat: Running tox screen now, doctor.


Ryan/McGregor: response


Rudat: Unknown. ::She frowned, something she rarely, if ever, does.:: A strange volatile molecule. It’s affecting her respiratory system by causing widespread inflammation of her airways.


Ryan/McGregor: response


Rudat: I don’t think it’s a pathogen. I’m not detecting anything organic, only the mysterious chemical compound.


Ryan/McGregor: response


Rudat: Yes, doctor. ::She moved aside to hail the chief science officer.:: =/\= Nurse Rudat to LtCmdr T’Lea. =/\=


T’Lea: =/\= response =/\=


Rudat: =/\= A strange inorganic molecule is affecting Ensign Ryan’s respiratory system, causing her to be short of breath. I’m unable to identify the agent on conventional databases. I’m sending you our findings. Hopefully you’ll be able to shed some light on what we’re dealing with here. =/\=


T’Lea: =/\= response =/\=


Rudat: =/\= From what few words she has spoken, I gather that she got exposed on the other ship. Perhaps there’s something on the away team’s logs? =/\=


T’Lea: =/\= response =/\=


Rudat: =/\= Will do. Rudat out. =/\= ::She closed the commlink only to open another.:: =/\= Nurse Rudat to Major Siris. =/\=


Siris: =/\= response =/\=


::The Klingon-Human hybrid quickly brought him up to speed with regards to Ensign Ryan’s status, and how LtCmdr T’Lea was working on identifying the noxious agent.::


Rudat: =/\= Are you experiencing similar symptoms, Major? Was there anything in particular that you found on that ship that may be able to explain this? =/\=


Siris: =/\= response =/\=


Rudat: =/\= Aye, Sir. =/\= ::pause, remembering:: =/\= Oh, one other thing. The ensign mentioned something about the ship being “rigged” and that she “didn’t know”. Know what that’s about, Major? =/\=


Siris: =/\= response =/\=


Ryan/McGregor: response




Civilian Bell Rudat (PNPC)

Chief Nurse


as simmed by

Captain Raj Blueheart

Chief Medical Officer

USS Avandar



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