(PNPC) Lt(JG) Delvia Corsetto - A pleasantly easy trip

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Della Vetri

Nov 7, 2015, 1:17:29 PM11/7/15
to UFOP: StarBase 118 - USS Avandar
((USS Avandar, Sickbay))

Rawlings: =/\= Security I have a boy in main Engineering. Can you send somebody down unarmed please? =/\=

:: Silently, Delvia pointed at her commbadge, clearly indicating the message that had just come through.::

Corsetto: Want me to take it?

Wilde: Sure thing. Just remember that he's just a kid. He's never seen a starship as sophisticated as this. 

Corsetto: Hey, I survived the Boss' kids, didn't I? And so did they, I might add.

:: With a sharp look, her attention shifted to Blueheart and the fuss he seemed to now be involved in. Whatever it was, it didn't look like it had anything to do with her, but it *did* have him haring off like his backside was on fire.::

Wilde: So noted. Remember that these people aren't intruders and will not cause any damage to the ship. I don't want security officers rounding them up like cattle. I want them to trust us.

Corsetto: Understood.

Wilde: ::smiling:: Just use your charm.

:: Delvia returned his smile with a sly one of her own.::

Corsetto: I thought you wanted survivors...


Corsetto: Seems like you've got things in hand here.

:: And it was nice to see. The Engineer was obviously making nice to their stray visitor, and even more importantly he was doing the same thing back. Or was so far, at any rate.::

Rawlings: He’s a bit frightened gave him some Chocolate. Can I leave him with you?

Corsetto: One of the reasons I'm here.

Timesh: No! I want to stay here with you.

:: The reaction was perhaps a bit more vehement than the Orion might have expected, but other than that was no great shock. For some reason, folks tended not to appreciate being handed off to security officers without warning...::

Rawlings: You can’t you need to go with this Security officers, she’ll take you back with the other that came on board.

Timesh: Please. I won't be a burden. Don't make me go with her.

:: Yeah, he difinitely wasn't on board with the idea. Luckily, Rawlings wasn't planning to just give up and walk off.::

Rawlings: I promise that. : :She just realised she had no clue who the security officer was. : Jane Doe here will not hurt you. 

:: That earned the engineer a faintly amused look, but Delvia made no other comment on it. Yet.::

Corsetto: I try and avoid it where possible.

Timesh: I don't trust green skin. Green skins enslaved my people! They kill O'Racken for sport...

:: Ah. That would explain it. Yet another instance where her heritage was proving to be a significant pain in the-::

Rawlings: Well Jane here is not going to Enslave or kill you here. How about I finish my work here and then come see you shortly?

Corsetto: Works for me, as long as the young man here is okay with it. I was just sent to come fetch him and take him to the mess hall with the rest.

Timesh: ?

:: With some mental maths, Delvia worked out how long it had been since she'd last dosed up with her 'medication'. Long enough, she figured, for the pheromone suppressor to be wearing off, which meant she'd have to top up again soon... but in the meantime, maybe she could make that bit of timing work for her.::

:: With a casual shrug, she stepped closer, slipping her hands into her pockets and giving every sign she could that she had no plans to do anything to anyone. Purely by coincidence, this also brought her close enough for the subliminal scent she was going off to reach the young male easier.::

Corsetto: It's pretty decent food, and whilst I'm *fairly* sure it's not possible for your friends to eat it all, I suspect they'll be giving it a good try if you take too long. 

:: She gave him an easy grin and slowly, smoothly, took a hand from her pocket and held it out to him in a clear offer to help him to his feet.::

Timesh: ?

Rawlings: Good. 

Timesh: ?

Corsetto: If we get there quick enough, I might be able to lay hands on some of the *good* stuff.

((Mess hall. ))

:: They'd left Rawlings to do her job, and it had been something of a challenge to get the kid all the way to the Mess Hall without him bolting. The fact that they'd got there was a source of some satisfaction to the Orion, and the sight of the other rescuees, looking in better shape already than when she'd last seen them, seemed to be the same for *him*.::

:: It had taken some time to finish helping Wilde check everyone out, and a lot of times it had been easier to do that by simply staying clear since a fair few of the O'Racken were even less comfortable with her around than Timesh had been.::

:: From what she'd already been able to figure out, that wasn't any sort of surprise...::

:: The door slid open and Delvia glanced over to see why, smiling faintly as she saw Rawlings coming in. As she waited for the woman to approach, she pulled her trusty hypo from her pocket and popped a top-up dose of its contents into herself.::

Rawlings: Sorry about the Name thing in Engineering. 

:: Delvia smiled, a friendly, open smile that suggested that any thought of payback had never even begun to speculate about the merest possibility of crossing her mind. Precisely the sort of smile, in fact, that should have warned the woman to watch her back for some time to come.::

Corsetto: Oh, no problem. 

Rawlings: ?

Corsetto: He didn't try and run off, which was good. And since we got here, things definitely seem to have calmed down some.

Wilde/Rawlings: ?


(PNPC) Lt(JG) Delvia Corsetto
Security Officer
USS Avandar
(Simmed by Captain Della Vetri)
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