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Nikki Ryan

Nov 4, 2015, 9:50:59 AM11/4/15
to UFOP: StarBase 118 - USS Avandar
(( Transporter Room, USS Avandar ))

:: As soon as they rematerialized on the transporter pad, Nikki had to catch herself by grabbing the Major's arm which she quickly released. A wave of heat ran up her neck and face, not from embarrassment but from anger. Thirty more seconds... that was all she had needed. Thirty freakin' seconds! ::

Siris: You ok Nikki?

Ryan: Just peachy.

:: The effort to speak forced a cough and until that moment, she hadn't realized how irritated her throat felt. So maybe it wasn't such a bad thing that they were both safely back aboard Avandar. Letting out a sigh, she followed the Major to the door. ::

Siris: Nikki did you manage to get anything from the ship?

Ryan: ::glancing at the PADD, she waved it:: I think so, but I'll have to run a few decryptions to know for sure if I got anything useful.

:: Well at least that was one thing, they had something about the transport ship. ::

Siris: I better get to the bridge.

Ryan: ::giving a sharp nod:: I'll let you know as soon as I find out what I have.

:: She could have easily gone to the bridge to do what needed to be done, but in all honesty, the bridge was the last place she felt comfortable working. As she headed for Engineering, her mind drifted back to what she saw on that ship. She wondered how many slaves they had actually rescued and what would come of them now. ::

(( Main Engineering, USS Avandar. ))

:: As soon as she stepped into Engineering, she could tell her people had everything under control. They were good people, officers and enlisted alike. Some even better than she was. ::

:: She nodded and smiled, though her heart felt heavy, as she crossed the distance to an empty work station. ::

Anyone: [tag]

Ryan: Unfortunately, no but I did get some of their data downloaded. Hopefully we can find out where they came from or where they were headed. What's the ship's status?

:: She had linked her PADD with the computer while she talked. Inputting her access code, she began running the decryption. ::

Anyone: [tag]

:: Nikki nodded as she leaned with her hands on the edge of the console. ::

Ryan: Okay. ::covering her mouth feeling a cough come on:: Thanks. Keep an eye on in... ::waving her hand:: Don't know why I'm telling you. You know what to do.

Anyone: [tag]

:: Before Nikki responded, the console beeped and she smiled seeing the data scroll across her. ::

Ryan: ::tapping her comm-badge:: =/\= Ryan to Captain. =/\=

:: She began transferring the coordinates before the Captain even responded. ::

Vetri: =/\= [tag] =/\=

Ryan: =/\= I was able to back track their point of origin. Sending coordinates now. =/\=

Vetri/Anyone: =/\= [tag] =/\=

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