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to UFOP: StarBase 118 - USS Avandar
((USS Avandar))

::Ceilidh kept looking at the little one walking beside her and couldn't help but to think of her nieces and nephews at that same age. It made her angry that people still considered it okay to own other living sentient beings in this day and age. Childen should be free to smile and laugh as much as possible, not cower at the threat of being punished for something so natural. ::

Lice: Can we go see my friend?

Riverview: T'Sara? I think we can.

:: She clapped with tremendous fury that it slightly hurt her hands, Lice got up and grabbed a hand full of the food and shoved it in her mouth. ::

Lice: Mon..t w…e vaiting :: She swallowed the last of the food. :: Come on Come on.

Riverview: ::Laughing:: Alright Lice.

:: She motored to the door as she did she nearly ran right into it as it was not as quick to open as she was. ::

Riverview: ::Looking down at the little guest:: It takes time to get used to how the doors work on a ship like this.

::Totgether the pair made their way through the ship using various turbo lifts and walking down assorted hallways. It was interesting to see how the little one paid close attention to everything around her, absorbing it all. Approaching the Mess Hall, Ceilidh felt guilty at not taking the little one directly to see T'Sara, but it was important that Lice be reunited with her family first, in case they were looking for her.::

(( Timewarp to Mess Hall. ))

: :Entering the Mess Hall, Ceilidh could see that the place was a sea of people, each trying to make sense of recent events. Catching sight of one person,  Lice moved behind Ceilildh's leg and grabbed it tight like her life depended on it.. ::

Lice: Don’t let the evil lady take me..: :A few tears formed in her eyes. ::

Riverview: ::Bending down to Lice's Level.:: Sweetheart, the people in this room are not the same as the bad people you've see before. These people will keep you safe and help you find your parents. Once you're all together, then you can ask to see T'Sara again.

::Ceilidh took the small child with her and nodded an apology to the woman whom Lice was afraid of, and found one of the young nurses instead::

Riverview: Excuse me, but my friend Lice here, is looking for her family. I'm needed elsewhere, and am wondering if you can help her?

Nurse: Of course.

::It took a few moments to pry the young one off of Ceilidhs leg, but with some gentle effort and a lot of promises, the nurse was able to distract the child long enough for Ceilidh to exit the mess hall and continue with her duties.

En. Ceilidh Riverview
USS Avandar
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