Ensign Danny Wilde - What Now?

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David Hemming

Nov 10, 2015, 6:06:53 AM11/10/15
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  ((USS Avandar - Mess Hall))

::After triage in Sickbay, Danny had the task of relocating all the O'Racken to the mess hall. He decided that moving them en mass was too much trouble, so he had them escorted by security in small groups.::

::It didn't take too long, but he was concerned about more individuals slipping away from the group and wandering the ship.::

::He was just grabbing himself a cup of raktejino when the doors opened and his colleagues entered.::

Rawlings: Sorry about the Name thing in Engineering. 

Corsetto: Oh, no problem. 

Rawlings: <Response>

Corsetto: He didn't try and run off, which was good. And since we got here, things definitely seem to have calmed down some.

::Danny nodded.::

Wilde: They seem to be content with the food. Has anyone found anything about them?

Rawlings/Corsetto: <Response>

Wilde: Not much. Most of them won't talk, the rest don't really have much information.

Rawlings/Corsetto: <Response>

Wilde: It depends what the Captain wants to do with them. I can't see us returning them to wherever they came from, like cattle.

Anyone: <Response>


Ensign Danny Wilde
Chief of Security
USS Avandar

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