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Major Siris

Nov 5, 2015, 11:01:00 AM11/5/15

((Captain’s Ready Room))

:: The doors opened for her as she approached, She entered the room and discovered it was a room with one exit. She ran and hid under the desk not long after she’d entered the room the doors made a swooshing noise. Lice could see the shoes of somebody but not sure who. She shut her eye tight and thought of home.  ::

T’Lea:  T’Sara is my daughter.  A handful, just like you.  Smart, just like you.

:: The voice told her she was in the room with the scary lady, Lice was not sure of the women. Then she had a flashback to the Colony, when 2 men in similar uniform just a gold colour arrived. The Lord then killed one as an example to the other and put him to work in the mine. ::

T’Lea:  I don’t know where you are hiding, but I want you to know that nobody will hurt you.  We pulled your from your ship because it was damaged, and too dangerous for you to stay there.

:: Lice peeked her head out from under the desk to see what the *MOMMY* was doing. She remembered a few of the grown-ups saying the Lord had stolen a device that could make food and water from thin air. ::

T’Lea:  Your people are being well cared for here, I assure you.  ::more silence::  I know this new place may seem frightening to you, but I promise you that no harm will come to you, or any of your people.

:: Lice could smell the food it smelled so nice, she’d not eaten much in the last few days and her stomach was talking to her. ::

T’Lea:  I’m going to leave this here, and if you feel hungry or thirsty it’s yours.

: :Lice kept her eye on the lady she was waiting for her to leave so she could grab the food. The door opened and it distracted the *Mommy* again. Lice grabbed the plate and when right back behind the desk.

T’Lea: ::softly::  Maybe you’ll have better luck.  ::she moved over to Riverview::  T’Sara brought her to the bridge, they must have met up somewhere.

Riverview: ?

:: Lice finished the food she was not sure what it was but it tasted great, she was so hungry she slid the plate out from under the table towards the 2 adults. ::

Lice: More plas.

Riverview/T’Lea: ?

:: She waited under the table for the food to be delivered to her. She heard the notice of the machine that made the food. The plate was sat on the table again this time Lice popped up and grabbed it, her ginger hair was long and ended up covering her face. ::

Lice: Thank you. :: She blow he hair out the way. ::

Riverview/T’Lea: ?

(( OOC: Feel free to try get information out of her about the place
J ))

Frightened 5 year old

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